Friday, November 21, 2008

what a night

Last night was a blast. I just loved babysitting. We went for a walk, played in the tub, and then she was down for the night. I forgot how much fun 9 month old babies are.
I had a strange moment last night. I went to put the baby in her crib and there was the blanket I had made for her. I just stared at it, and it took me back to the time when I made that blanket.
Moose, the babies dad, asked me if I would make his daughter a quilt. There was no question that the answer would be yes. At that time I had never Moose's wife, so I knew nothing about her. All I did know was that the baby was born while Moose was sitting on the east coast waiting to go to Iraq.
I guess I never really thought that the quilt would be used. It turns out that the quilt her is favorite, and that Heidi liked it from the very beginning. The quilt is getting very worn, so I will need to make her a new one for her birthday.
I got home about 2 a.m. and my bum is just dragging. I should not be sitting here blogging. I should be cleaning the house, or finishing a quilt. I think instead I am going to go back to bed. I don't feel all that great today and I know it is my body telling me to slow down. I will go lay down when this load of laundry is done washing.
Next week I need to start gathering all the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. One of the reason's I have been pressing myself to get so many quilts done is so we can eat at the table. I will have to clear all of my sewing stuff off the table anyway. Why can't everyone just stand and eat?
Well Life is calling me, so I better get to it until the laundry is done and then I am going to go take a nap.


Nelishia said...

I am glad you didn't get baby fever after watching the sweety baby. At nine months old they are so adorable and fun. You truly are a blessing to so many families.

I have not been posting or commenting regularly for many many weeks. Don't write me off. Me and my whole family has been totally out of commission. I'm coming back though but have to take little Katie to the Dr.s this afternoon.

Thank you for being sweet enough to come and visit my journal today. I really appreciate it since I haven't felt well enough to be around very much. I promise to do better in the future.


Paula said...

Sounds like you had a good time with your baby sitting duty. Don't feel bad for resting you do so much for others you deserve it.

a corgi said...

so neat you enjoyed babysitting and the parents had a chance to go out and do something fun!! what a nice thing too to see the quilt you made as a favorite of the little one!! you make wonderful quilts! you are so talented!!

sorry you weren't feeling well today; hoping you are all tucked in bed sleeping by now


Heli gunner Tom said...

Be happy in your work and thank God for His small mercies and pleasures. We can still find good, free joy and satisfaction in life's simple things in a commercial, greedy world. I am happy for you!

And thank you for your recent comment on my heli-gunner tom Journal!


Martha said...

Glad you enjoyed babysitting, it does sound like fun, been a long time since I've had any babies around.
I like your idea, I think everyone should just eat standing up so you can continue working on your quilts :-)

a corgi said...

morning Kelli; come visit my journal when you can; I left an award there for you


Indigo said...

When your tired, it's your bodies way of saying...hey you, sleep give me a reprieve. Listen to it hon. Everything else will get done in due time. Take care of you always first!

I get wishing for a grandkid every time I walk by a baby aisle. They have so many wonderful things they never had before.

I think it's awesome they use the quilt you made and it's the babies favorite. (Hugs)Indigo

Lisa said...

Kelli, I found you again, Love Lisa

Lori said...

That has to give you a wonderful feeling, knowing that the quilt you made is not only being used but is her favorite!

Gerry said...

I do think you should make sure you don't overdo, and get rest. I have found out that rest takes care of a lot of ills in time, at least it is the best thing you can do to help! Endearing story about the quilt, reminds me of my sister Ann's quilt making for kids who ended up loving their 'blanky' so much they, too, wore it to shreds. I wore out a quilt she made for me. It was in shreds before I could let it go. I am reading about how they live in Bombay. It would cheer you up, but it is 900 pages so I can't send it to you. The poorest of the poor. And start thinking day and night I am going to live no matter what! I love life which I know you do, and I will live. Gerry

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