Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it must be in the air.

I am going to assume from reading all of the comments that cleaning is in the air.
Yesterday I cleaned out the kitchen drawers. Why do I need five junk drawers? I found some tools that hubby was looking for. I must have found a million cell phone chargers. The marines always leave them at the house and then forget that they are there and they go buy more. All in all I took out a grocery sack full of trash, and I filled a shoe box full of stuff for the yard sale.
I am still in shock at all the stuff we have. Keep in mind we have moved twice this year, and twice we have done a clean out. I guess the question is how much is to much?
Rusty left this morning. He warned me not to do to much and to take it easy. I told him I would. It will be strange to go to bed and not have him near me, but then again I will be able to watch whatever I want on the t.v. I am sure that the dogs and cats will keep me comfy and warm.
I think today I am going to try to sort out the man cave. I was just looking around and it is gross. I try very hard to not bother Rusty's stuff but this is just out of control. There are papers everywhere, two set's of golf clubs and just crap everywhere.
I do need to leave the house at some point today and go do some shopping. I need to get some batting, so I can finish some quilts. I also need to make a run to the 99 cent store and pick up a few things. As of late I have just been a house rat, and that does not bother me, but now I have to go do all of my running around.
I heard from my case worker yesterday and he ordered me a new card. So far this man has been a great big help to me and has done everything he has said, so I have no reason to doubt him. Now I am waiting on that and then I can start to move forward with my life.
Tomorrow night I get to go babysit! I am so excited! I can't wait to spoil that baby. I love the baby to death, but I also love the fact that I can send her home. Oh note to self. I must go buy her some more cookies.
My dull day is calling me, so I must get moving. I am thinking a nice hot shower will get me moving, but then again it may send me right back to bed. LOL


Paula said...

What ever you do have a nice day.

Cassey said...

LOL! At the time you posted this, I wanted to go right back to bed myself! OH who am I kidding, it is now noon, and I would STILL like to go right back to bed!!! :-) Have a great day!


Melissa said...

i hate cleaning,lol

Pamela said...

Well, I haven't been cleaning. Nope...been lazy around here!
Hope you had a good day.

a corgi said...

you should put the chargers out at your garage sale; bet you sell them all! (let me know if you need help with the sale)

call me if you need anything with Rusty being gone; I know one thing I "like" when my hubby is gone is getting the remote to watch some things I might want to watch

glad the case worker seems to be working on things; it would be nice if you can have the surgery done sooner than later, but we'll keep praying


Chrissie said...

Those kinda babies are called grandbabies and I love mine yes and the best part is giving them back.
Hope you get what you want accomplished today.
Take care, Chrissie

Martha said...

Cleaning needs to get in my air and fast!! LOL! :-)

Lori said...

I love Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!!!
Yes, I'm in the mood to clean, but I've been sick, so I haven't done as much as I'd like to have done. I'm glad you have a case worker who has been a help to you.

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