Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what the heck?

So this morning I finally looked at my blog. Who moved all the stuff from my side bar? How do I get it from the bottom of my journal, back to my side bar? Oh it is to early for this. I can't think that much this morning.

I have a very busy day a head of me. I have to go to the bank, pay some bills, go to wal mart, go to the 99cent store. Amber requested Shepperd's pie for dinner, so I most likely make that.

I finally got my insurance papers in the mail, so now I can go see the doctors that I need. I am sure this is going to be so much fun!

All of the boy's left this morning, Amber and Ryan are at school, and Rusty is at work. Nikki is till sleeping, so I am just enjoying the sound of nothing. My home has been so busy with action that I have not been able to even think very much.

I thought that babysitting for this couple would be so easy. What was I thinking that something would be easy. It turns out that Rusty will be out of town, and Amber is going to the ball the same night. Nikki will not sleep if there is not someone here, and someone will have to get Ryan up the next morning. So I told Amber that she is going to have to come home after the ball, so that Nikki will sleep, and that she will have to get Ryan up and off to school the next day. That went over like a ton of bricks. Oh well....

My children are so odd. Nikki does not like to sleep in the house without an adult here. Yet she can travel this world and never think twice about it. I wonder what that is about?

Everyone should look for Amber on the evening news. We heard yesterday that Kim and Haggie from how clean is your house.... well they are coming to America to clean it up. Amber wants me to stop cleaning so they can come to our house. I think Amber is going to stalk these two ladies until she meets them. Is stalking still illegal?

I should have hot water by now, so I need to get my bum in gear and get my day started.


Traci said...

Sorry about your sidebar. Can't help there! You are right, no good deed goes unpunished!

Lori said...

If you are signed into your blog, click on "customize" at the top. That should open the "add and arrange" page. Then just click on and drag the gadgets that are at the bottom over to the side. You can rearrange them the way you want. Hope that helps.

a corgi said...

Nikki is too cute!! but of course when she's traveling to all different countries she's with people; at home she's all by herself. I think I can see her point

I read your entry about love and young people; hormones! actually I think its instant gratification; they can't wait for anything;they want it all right away and they can't see waiting for much (at least that's what I think, but what do I know, LOL :)

so glad you got your insurance papers! thank you Lord! been praying they would come through; now hoping you can get that surgery soon so you can start feeling better


Melissa said...

rare anything is ever easy

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