Thursday, November 20, 2008

why I love my animals

Every year we donate toy's to the toys for tots drive. I told Rusty that this year I was going to tell all the marines to set a side some money, because we were all going to go to toys r us and buy something. I also mentioned that I would like to help out more. Maybe sort toys or something.

Rusty suggested that I call the local Marine recruiter. So I did. There is nothing going on in our area, but he took down my name and number in case something came up. Then I did a search and I found a place about an hour from us. I called the lady and told her that I would be interested in helping in the warehouse.

This lady lit me up! She said "we do not need any more weekend volunteers, all we need are volunteers that can come during the week. I am sure you don't want that!" I hung up on her. First of all don't be rude to me. Second of all days would have worked better for me, and I could have brought the girls along. She will never know that. I was so appalled.

So I sat down at my sewing machine and I sewed a few pet quilts and finished the back for another marine quilt. Screw that lady. The pets don't complain.

Amber came home in tears yesterday. She and two other girls were fired. I did kinda saw this coming down the road. One of the sister stores, of the store she use to work for is closing and the company said that they would be doing some restructuring. Basically all the teenagers got fired.

Amber is worried, and I don't blame her. Her phone bill is due, she has very little in savings and she still has Christmas gifts that she wants to buy. Amber did say that she is glad that she is still driving the children to school because at least that will give her gas money.

I told Amber that I would pay her phone bill. I also suggested that she just hit the ground running today and take any job even if it is seasonal. It is hard out there for these kids. The economy sucks and no one around here is hiring. Oh pray that she finds a job.

Yesterday the girls helped me clean the man gave. We took out four boxes of stuff that Rusty has not gone through since we moved in here. We also took out two grocery sacks full of trash. We brought in this little table and set Amber up her own little computer center. We even cleaned the carpets in here today. I must say that the man cave looks great.

I don't think I am going to pick a room today. Today I need to just do a general clean up around here and then Amber and I have to leave by 3 to get down to base.


Melissa said...

that was so rude of that lady! I hope ur girl finds a job soon

Chrissie said...

Gosh I hope your daughter finds a job soon. Sorry your offer to help was handled so rudely. This is why people don't offer to help the ones running it usually are rude. I think that is a great idea you have about making everybody buy one toy to donate that is great.
Take care, Chrissie

Heli gunner Tom said...

I like your blog! Just pure truth and facts- not candy coated. A lot like my Journal, but I know that I am too out spoken, blunt and direct. The time will come, and soon, when people will be much more poor and desperate than they are now in the USA. I saw much poverty in Vietnam: 68-70, and have been very poor for a while myself and homeless!
After getting called back to Chrysler and retiring after 30.5 years, plus getting help $$ from the VA for disability, I do |OK now, praise the Lord!

I hope you stop by and comment some time.

Warm Regards,
Tom S

a corgi said...

poor Amber; give her a hug for me; I'm so sorry for her; I've been praying for her; I'll keep praying she finds something soon; can she get unemployment? it is so tight here, you know it; it doesn't see like anyone is hiring much

that was sad the lady with the Toys/Tots didn't treat you with more respect and didn't have good phone etiquette. the good news is that at least they had help; you hear so much that people don't have help and are looking for volunteers; but I think she could have a bit more tact in your offer to help. Don't give up; if you want to serve, look for someone else who needs help


Lori said...

Yes, the job situation is getting really bad out there even for teens. And so many stores are closing now!

Traci said...

Hope Amber can find something soon! And you just keep doing for the dogs and cats...they will always be appreciative!

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