Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what are we thinking?

This morning I was talking with Rusty and told him that I am going room by room and doing a clean out. Rusty just shrugged and said "well it needs to be done."
Yesterday I cleaned out this cabinet in my hallway. I found 3 old puzzles, and old chess set, a portable dvd player that I don't think the kids ever used, and just a bunch of crap. My yard sale pile is growing.
Today I am going to tackle the kitchen drawers. I opened one just to see what was in there and I found kite string. Kite string? I don't even own a kite! Watch out kitchen here I come.
Rusty did say that over Thanksgiving weekend he is going to get all the boy's out in the garage and they are clean it out. Oh bless them if this actually happens.
Today Rusty had to go to the v.a. and get all of his pills refilled, and then at some point we will have to go get his truck. Tomorrow Rusty leaves and he wont be home until sometime Sunday. This will give me ample time to do a lot of cleaning, and controlling the remote.
This morning on the news they were testing water globe's. Now if you have not seen these, you are suppose to fill them with water and stick them in your plant's and they will water your plants for up to two weeks. So that got me to thinking. Our back yard is all dirt and we have very limited sprinklers back there, and living here in Southern California we don't get a lot of rain. So my question to Rusty was "can I take old water bottles, punch some holes in the bottom, fill it with water, and put the cap back on." Rusty thought about it for a few seconds and he said that it would probably work. Then all I would have to do is walk around and fill the bottles, and still have some nice flowers in the back yard. I think I have a mission.
Before I can start on the mission I am going to go clean the kitchen. Oh the joy's of my life.


Lori said...

My mom used to take use milk jugs or some kind of plastic container, turn them upside down, two to a row in the garden to help water when we had had a dry spell, so I'm sure this will work. And she has done it with plants in the house if we were going to be away for a while. When we first saw those globes on TV, Eler Beth was enchanted with them. I told her we could make something that would work just as well, and she was appalled. Mom! But they're so pretty! lol Last night I suddenly got in the mood to clean out a bunch of boxes, and this morning I was in that mood again. After I read this entry I remembered yesterday reading your entry on cleaning, so now I know who to blame!

Melissa said...

have fun cleaning

a corgi said...

I like your idea of watering your plants in your backyard; I think it can work too; you might have something there; a new invention!

happy cleaning out!!


Pamela said...

Nice to get everything all cleared out. Good luck with it all!

Paula said...

There must be something in the air. I actually waxed the bathroom floor this morning. Even scrubbed around the toilet with a toothbrush. I've seen those pretty globe water thingys.

Martha said...

Yes, you can definitely do that with the water jogs, I've seen it on gardening websites!
Happy cleaning! I desperately need some time off work to do some major decluttering - we've been in this house for 14 years, I suppose you can imagine the accumulation of crap!

just me said...

great idea with the jugs. I plan to try that too.
I have been on a cleaning out jag too. Must be something in the air. LOL.

Missie said...

I like to clean room by room, one a day.

Enjoy your day tomorrow.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hope you get all you want cleaned done!

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