Wednesday, November 5, 2008

what should I do?

Well. I tried to desmoke the house yesterday. I don't think it worked, but I tried. Yesterday I said "If life is like a box of chocolates, then someone needs to stop crapping in my box."

Yesterday I did manage to get all the carpets cleaned. I got 99% of the laundry done. I even found the energy to go through a few boxes. I did not need any of the stuff so I listed them on craigslist.

Today I feel fine, I just dont want to clean. All I want to do is sit down and sew. Maybe that will motivate me to get done what I need to get done.

Amber and I went and voted yesterday. It was kinda nice to watch my daughter vote for the first time. We agreed on everything except one issue. That one issue is parents right to know. I believe that I have to know if my child (under 18) is having an abortion, and she does not believe that. According to the polls I won.

I got my phone yesterday. Now I have to try to get everyones numbers. I have down load some new ring tones, and I need to find a new background picture. This is all a small price to pay, because without my phone Lewis would never have been able to talk to his parents.

Oh crap I just remembered that I still need to wash my ball dress. That is going to the top of my todo list. I am really looking forward to the ball this year. I was told that there was going to be a wwII vet there this year. I love listening to these old men tell thier stories. O.K. I admit it. I love listening to all olod people. They have so much to teach us.


Nelishia said...

I hope you do get to go to the ball and meet the Vets. They are so full of unwritten history and rich with information. I always treasure anything they want to share. That would be such a highlight of the whole event. I hope you get time for sewing sometimes. I'm with you on the parent's rights to know issue. AND proud of you for being an example to your daughter that it is important as women to vote by being a role model to her. Great Mom you are no matter how you feel sometimes. You just are!

Traci said...

I'm glad you are feeling well today. You may have to paint the walls with Killz. My girls would love blankets. Sorry I kept forgetting to tell you that!

Melissa said...

Im glad u feel fine. I never feel like cleaning

Paula said...

How exciting for your daughter to vote for the first time. I had two grandchildren to vote for the first time and it makes me proud for them to take the responsibility.

a corgi said...

Kelli; if I saw it right on the TV this morning, prop 4 lost; I don't get it; its a no-brainer; parents should have the right to know if their daughter is having an abortion. they get called if their under 18 year old child gets arrested; needs medication at school, etc. Why not for an abortion? makes no sense

go ahead and sew; house cleaning always will be there. a never ending battle

I bet the ball with the WW2 veteran will be an awesome experience; there aren't that many of WW2 veterans around; his stories should probably be written down for the next generation


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