Sunday, November 16, 2008


So it is Sunday night and I am just trying to stay awake and it is only 6 p.m.! Today has just been a bad day. I love the anti vomit pills because they allow me, but they also put me out.

Thursday night The transmission blew in Rusty's truck. Great.

Friday I went to work with Rusty since they were having a tent sale down at my favorite base. I love watching the marines graduate from boot camp, and I also met so many interesting people. I also found a place to get Rusty's truck fixed. That only set us back $950. ONLY!

Saturday was a good day. I really did not do to much. A married marine that we do not get to see that much came by. I was so thrilled to sit and play with the baby.

Amber was so cute. She tried to tell me how to be with the baby. Amber would say things like "mom you can feed that baby spaghetti" Oh really? Your living proof that my methods work! I can't wait until Thursday night.

Today I have not done much. I scrubbed two bathrooms down, and finished a tie blanket. I have been trying like hell to be productive, but it is not working.

I think I have our Thanksgiving menu planned out. It will be a little less then traditional, but who cares. This year we will smoke the turkey and stuff the cavity with oranges and cranberries. We will have corn, scalloped potatoes, and mashed potatoes, bread pudding, homemade bread with honey butter. I am going to do one pie this year, but I am also going to be doing some fudge and cookies.

I will also clean off the dinning room table, so we can all sit down as a family. Oh that reminds me. I need to hunt down a high chair. Crap! I don't know anyone with babies.

Tomorrow is another day, and I know that it will be better. I just have to stay awake until 9 and then I am crashing for the night.


natalie said...

Dear Kelli, hi! Smashing entry!
Oh and Thanks a ton for commenting on my teen entry! Most people were too grossed out I think!
I am soooo sorry about Rusty's truck costing so much! how cool that you watched the Marines graduate!(your Marines!)you are so funny about Amber!:) she loves you tons
Best eguards and Get Well Soon1 A tie blanket?wow!

Missie said...

Have a good week!

a corgi said...

when are you going to have surgery?? I hope it will be soon; I know you said last week you got your insurance approved

I always think its neat to mix traditional with nontraditional for holiday meals; yours sound great!! when my friend from Montana came to visit me this past summer, we made do without a high chair for when we ate at home; we just took turns holding the baby while the other ate (he was 7 months old at the time). I don't know anyone with a high chair or I'd help you scout one up

take care of yourself!!!!!!


Melissa said...

ur making me hungry, lol

Michelle said...

Hi Kelli!

I just caught up on your last 5 or 6 entries lol - I don't get alerts at all.

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving Meal!!!

I hate unexpected car repairs!

Good luck with the dr!



Pamela said...

Sorry about Rusty's truck. money money! Hope you feel better soon! Your holiday dinner menu sounds wonderful!! I bet you are such a great cook!
Take care of yourself.
Hugs Pam

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