Monday, November 3, 2008

A very busy weekend

O.K. Here I sit on a cold Monday morning. This weekend was such a blur. Lets see if I recap this. Put your seat belt on.
Friday Berry called me to tell me that the water pump on my car blew. Great. So Rusty, Lewis and I load up and head down to base. The new water pump was not expensive at all, and the water pump is very easy to get to. This is a job that should not take to long.
It took longer then expected. It six marines 2 hours to replace the water pump. The first mistake we made was allowing so many marines to do one job. The second mistake was someone brought out a case of beer. I thought we were never going to leave base.
We finally go the car fixed and then a group of us stopped Japanese. It was very good and I have not had Japanese in a long time!
We finally get back to the house. Amber had taken Ryan trick or treating for us, so that was a big help.
Everyone started rolling in. So we are all kicking back and enjoying everyones company. Then Amers ex boyfriend Sam and his new girlfriend walk in. Sam is messed up! So they head back to grab a beer.
One of the other gals and I decided that we wanted starbucks. So we went and got some, and we took our time doing it. We get back and some of the marines look worse then Sam did.I go out back and ask everyone to please tell me a story.
Sam got jumped by some Mexican gang members. So when the marines found out about this, they all decided to go jump the Mexican gang. As the story goes on they mention that one of the Mexican gang members pulled a gun. So one of the marines pulled his.
By now my head is hurting. O.K. let me see if I have this straight. My gang of boys jump a Mexican gang and they had gun out. The Mexican gang made one huge mistake. They pulled an empty gun on a guy with a loaded gun, who is a harden vet who would shoot them and walk away.
I guess I can't leave my boy's and my husband unsupervised.
Saturday was our anniversary. We did not do anything special, but we did have sex twice. It was nice to have a sex drive again! I bought Rusty an ice cream maker. So I made him so homemade chocolate ice cream. These new ice cream makers are so quick and easy! According to one of the marines the ice cream was off the chain? I think that means that he liked it.
Sunday Nikki got baptised. I was thrilled to see this! After we got home from church I went and laid down. I was feeling so sick and tired. I got in a little nap and then Nikki walks in and hands me her phone. It was one of the marines was calling to tell me that he was home!
What? That is right he was home and one base. Now I have to get up and get moving because I have to go get my marine.
One problem. I am worn out, and I need to find someone to go to base with me. Rusty has to work on Monday, so he can't go. I call Jake and Berry, but they are getting their hair cut and wont be back for a while. I finally call Sam. Rusty was very glad to hear that Sam was going to go with me.
Rusty was worried about me driving the car because we had not driven it far since the new water pump was in. Rusty also knew I was not feeling good so he wanted someone to go with me so they could drive.
Sam and I finally get to base but we can't find Miles (the marine that just came home). I just started asking around and someone actually knew where he was. So I finally get up to Miles room and he is not answering his door. It is a good thing that I know how to break into the rooms. I get his screen out and I get the window open when Miles comes walking out of the shower.
It was so good to see him. I must admit that he smelled better then the other marines that have come home. We ended up taking Miles out to to get some stuff and then we went to the outback for dinner. I splurged and bought all of us dinner. O.k. I had a salad, some carrot cake and some anti vomit medicine!
So here I am on Monday morning. My feet are cold. I need to go buy some fuzzy slippers. I am so worn out. I so want to just go to bed and sleep a few more hours. But first I need to go order two marine ball cakes, I need to go buy some stuff for dinner, and clean up around here a little bit. Then maybe I can rest.
If there is no rest for the wicked, then I am very wicked!


Indigo said...

I've been saying the same thing lately..there is no rest for the wicked. I think we can both add up all our wickedness and get a free pass out of hell. The only difference with my weekend is I didn't have my bunch of...of furr kids get into it with some Mexicans *winks*...Only one of us have the strong athletic filled testerone house. (Hugs) Indigo

louise said...

Good grief I feel dizzy reading all that. Glad you enjoyed your anniversary(wink wink) Take care Louise xx

Melissa said...

yay! sex two times!lol...I hope u do get some rest. *hugs*

Paula said...

"Off the chain", huh? Maybe I should get one of those ice cream machines as much as I like chocolate ice cream. Take care of yourself.

Traci said...

Yikes! I'm tired reading about it!

Traci said...

I forgot to say that it is wonderful that Nikki decided to be baptized! Yeah for her!

natalie said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you guys had a blast ..what with the ice cream maker and know...:)
Congratulations on Nikki s baptism!
Wow you Marine families really do a lot at once! (grin)
ummm...your boy and your husband scared me about almost killing that guy in the Mexican gang.
Gee Kelli those drug gangs are scary and very connected to one another so please tell them to watch out!
I can't believe that Amber's ex showed up with a girl..what ajerk.
Amber was soo sweet to take her little brother trick or treating!

just me said...

Happy belated anniversary.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Sex and ice cream on the same day? Now that IS a treat!


a corgi said...

wow, you did have a busy weekend!! so glad another marine is home safe and sound; thank you Lord; dinner at Outback sounded like a wonderful thoughtful thing to do!!

awesome Nikki got baptized; that was such a turning point in my relationship with the Lord

so sorry its been such a uphill battle for you to feel better and get some help/relief; you are in my prayers

that ice cream maker sounds delicious!! I bet it gets a lot of use!! so glad you/Rusty had a nice anniversary :)


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