Monday, November 24, 2008

busy busy busy

Here it is a chilly fall morning in southern California. I will not complain about that. I want chilly weather for Thanksgiving, but after that I want it to warm back up!

Rusty made it home late Saturday night. It was so nice to sleep next to my husband. I do worry about him. Rusty worked all last week and then had to work the weekend and now he is back to work today. I think the man works way to much.

Over the weekend I made out my shopping list. I have a ton of stuff to buy but it is all little stuff. So I have to go hit all the stores today. It looks like we are going to have a good size crowd this year.

I hear people talking about spending the holidays with their family. Rust and I really don't have that option. All of Rusty's family is dead. O.K. he does have a brother in England who has not seen in over 13 years and has not spoken to over 6 years. He does have some aunts and cousins, but they only call when they want something.

As for me. Well I have my mom. She will be spending Thanksgiving with my sister and hell child. I have not spoken to my sister since my dad died and they live all the way in Chicago anyway.

So Rusty and I make our family. We bring in all the marines, feed them, and then after the long weekend we send them home. It works for us.

This morning I told Rusty that I wanted an orange tree. He just looked at me like a deer looks at head lights. Then he said " When I was growing up at El Toro we had an orange tree in our back yard. I was about 17 when I finally realized that you could buy orange juice in a carton. I still don't like orange juice from a carton."

I did not tell Rusty the real reason I want an orange tree. I want to plant a tree to help soak up all the carbon. Then I thought well I should plant a tree that will give us food. So this year while I am pealing oranges I am going to save all the seeds and try growing a tree from seeds.

I had thought about just going out and buying an orange tree, but I am still on my no spending diet. So I am going to take all the orange seeds and plant them myself. I have potting soil in the garage, and I am going to cut down some milk jugs, and use them to start the seeds in. I have never tried to grow a tree before so this will be a huge learning curve for me.

Amber is still looking for a job. I sure hope that she finds one. Amber could use a big boost to her ego. Last night Amber was looking at classes on line and she is so scared to sign up for anything. Amber is scared to fail. Last night Rusty talked to Amber for a little bit, but I don't think it really helped. Rusty told me that he is going to suggest that maybe she go to a trade school. I don't care what Amber does as long as she keeps moving forward and keeps trying. I don't mind failure as long as you get up and try again.

My to do list seems to keep growing so, I need to get my little bum in gear. I have not gotten out of my p.j.'s all weekend, so I am going to try to get dressed today. Can I go shopping in my P.J.'s?


a corgi said...

yes, you can. if kids can go to school in their PJs, you can go to the store in your PJs

(((Amber))) I truly feel for her; praying for her

family is those who love you and support you and are there for you and vice versa; you found a wonderful family who loves you and supports you (you know those Marines would do anything for you/Rusty) and are there for you. How blessed you are!!!

enjoy preparing for your Thanksgiving meal

and I can't wait to see how that orange tree comes out; if anyone can grow it from seeds, I believe it will be you!


Indigo said...

I can't see why you can't go shopping in PJ's everyone else does these days *winks*....As for Amber, I agree that need to move forward and at least try. I'm having my own little sit down with my daughter soon. A little harder when she's a married adult.

Paul and I always celebrate Thanksgiving alone. Skye has always spent it with her grandparents on her dad's side. It's kind of romantic. (Hugs)Indigo

Paula said...

Good luck with your orange tree.

Chrissie said...

I was gonna say don't worry about spending holidays with your family. Your family is what you make of it. My family to me is me, the kids and my grandson because we don't live close to any of my family and well the outlaws don't have anything to do with my kids much.
I'm sure all those marines you have over will love that you cooked them food. I know the army guys that use to stay at my home didn't have anywhere to be. It's nice to be their home away from home and sometimes they didn't really leave much in the first place which is sad.
I would love to have some orange trees, but around here I don't think they'll grow in snow.
I don't know if my kids even realize half the stuff grows on trees. We had apple and cherry trees in the backyard. My neighbor had grapevines in his backyard. That was as much fruit that was growing around here.
I got a little of my shopping done today, but still have some things to get.
Take care, Chrissie

Pamela said...

Good luck with the orange tree. Years ago my brother planted an avocado tree from a seed. That thing lived for years and gave us great fruit! I hope yours grows well!
Good luck with Amber. I know how hard it is to be that age and kind of "wandering." Maybe a trade school would be good. She'd always have something to fall back on. I can't wait to see what she decides.
I hope you have a good holiday. I don't have much family either. My son and brother. So I usually spend it with friends.
Enjoy your evening!

Melissa said...

some ppl go shoppin in their pjs,lol

Heli gunner Tom said...

We went shopping today and bought a 20 pound turkey, etc. We hope my 2 nephews make it to our dinner on Thursday. I called my mom and she just doesn't want to leave her apartment... so we will bring her a plate of food the next day and celebrate there. I think that old mom is losing her memory. Sad.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Warm Regards,
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

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