Monday, November 17, 2008

a good day

I am so glad that I am feeling good today, and so far it has been a productive day. I got a pot of chili on, got the carpets cleaned and I even turned into my great grandmother.

Years ago my father and I were sent to Kentucky to pick up the biggest cast iron planter I had ever seen. My mom had sent us to get this thing from her grandmother, because my great grandmother wanted it gone.

I thought it was cool to take a trip with my dad. It was just him and I. We spent a few day's with my great grandmother, and then it was time to load this thing. Guy's came from all over to load this huge pot into the back of our pacer. Do you remember those cars? I think we drove home with only the back wheels touching the ground.

My dad and I had gotten up early on Sunday and we were trying to sneak out of the house with out waking my great grandmother. Oh no she caught us. She told us that we could not leave until she made us breakfast. In no time flat my great grandmother had a nice breakfast sitting before us. I remember thinking that there was no way I could eat all that food.

Today Barry left to go to his new duty station. So over the weekend one of Barry's uncle came in.

Anyway this morning everyone got up and got moving. I told the guy's that they could not leave until I cooked them breakfast. I made sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. (I used buns left over from the weekend) I was told that the food was the bomb.

Then it hit me. I turned into my great grandmother.

I was watching Oprah last Thursday and she is starting a new series called "clean up your house, America"

Last week they talked about going through stuff and getting rid of stuff you have not seen or touched in six months. So I am starting that....again. We have been here for six months and I am finding a ton of stuff I have not seen or touched in that long.

I have only gotten as far as the living room. I found dvd's that the children no longer watch. I found a stack of vhs tapes! We do not even own a vcr. Those have to go into the yard sale pile.

Today I am going to tackle this cabinet in the hallway. We are suppose to keep our towels there but we can't ever seem to get them in there because of all the other crap. I swear this going to turn into a treasure hunt.

I was asked when I am going in for my surgery. Well here is the deal. I got the papers saying that I was approved. I went down to the clinic with papers in hand and asked if I just leave a note for the doctor to please put in my referral. Oh no! That would be to easy. I have to wait until my actual card comes in the mail. Then if it has been longer then 30 day's I have to make yet another appointment to see the doctor, which will take another two weeks. So once I waste mine and the doctors time he can then put in the referral and that will take at least another few before I can even make an appointment! My mother just laughed and said welcome to the insurance game. I am hoping to have surgery in Feb. but who knows.


a corgi said...

geesh, such a run around to get the surgery!! February is months away!!! isn't it funny how we do turn into our parents or grandparents, or great-grandparents? I know I catch myself saying these my mom used to say or doing things she used to do. so glad you sent the marines out with a hearty breakfast; sounded delicious!

yep, I remember what a Pacer looks like; I wanted one at one time

good luck sorting; good way to make some extra money with decluttering and having a garage sale :)


Indigo said...

I find myself doing the motherly thing quite often anymore. I'll yell at Paul to put a knit cap on his head before going out. Checking to see if he's dressed warm enough..Ugh..I sound old.

I can't believe the insurance company is giving you yet another run around. Your in my thoughts dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Tightening the Corset Again said...

I am definitely loving having insurance. As big of a headache as it beats not having it!

I don't really think I'm either of my grandmothers or great-grandmothers... that I know of...

Happy monday!

Martha said...

I think it's really cool that you are like your great grandmother, I'm sure she'd be proud!
Good luck with the insurance game - been there done that! ::sigh::

Paula said...

I can picture you and your Dad in that car with that heavy thing in the back with only the back wheels touching the ground. Thats how we feel when we haul mineral tubs etc. in our little Ford Ranger. lol Good luck with your surgery.

Lori said...

Loved the story of picking up that planter. I find I'm turning into my mom in a lot of ways. I hope they get their stuff together so you can have the surgery soon and put it behind you.

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