Tuesday, November 11, 2008

finally....a slow day

So here I sit. I am finally able to slow down.

We had our Marine Corps Birthday ball and that just about drained me! The ball went well and I still have a lot of pictures to edit.

This year I met a lot of older marines and I really enjoyed talking to them and to thier wives. The older generation has so much to offer and so much to teach us.

Amber bought her computer and she is just so happy. Rusty said that it was a good computer and that she did get a good deal on it. I am just proud of Amber for saving her money and paying cash for what she wanted.

I get the great pleasure of babysitting for one of the marines. Yesterday while we were on base I stopped by their house to see them and it hit me that I should offer to babysit for them. They jumped at the chance. So next Thursday I get to go down to base and spoil this little girl. It will be fun.

What made me offer to do this was the fact that no one ever offered to watch our children. So we would go to the ball and then I would have to rush home, or just not go at all. I don't want this couple to feel like they have to rush through the ball, I want them to go and have a good time.

There is a Veterans day parade today, but I am not sure if I want to drag my bum out of the house. I rather enjoy the idea of not having to do anything today. The children are off school, so I am sure that they will spend a great deal of time bugging me.

Last week I ordered the last of my Christmas gifts. Now all I have to do is buy the little things like stocking stuffers. I must say that I am very please that I have managed to save money and still be able to buy Christmas gifts without going into debt. My zero spending diet has really helped with that. I think Rusty would be proud of me if he knew. All Rusty knows is that we have money in the bank and the bill are getting paid.

This Friday I have to go buy our stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. It looks like I will be serving about 25 people this year. Rusty said that he will smoke the turkey again this year, so that will free up my oven for other things. The last few years we have smoked a turkey and we stuff the cavity with oranges and cranberries. It is so good!

Now I am getting hungry.


Paula said...

So nice of you to babysit for the couple to give them some time to do something they want to.

a corgi said...

sounds like a great Thanksgiving feast!! I don't know if you can beat this price and if you have room to store them, but Albertson's is offering buy 1 turkey, get one free; have to spend $25.00 and use their preferred card, but that could be a savings; I'm thinking with 25 people you will probably need 2 turkeys? so kind of Rusty to smoke them; sounds delicious

so generous of you to offer your services to babysit! I bet they deeply appreciated that!

glad Amber got herself a computer! WTG girl for paying cash for it! you are raising good kids Kelli :)

tell Rusty thank you for serving our country and thank you for allowing him to have served!

(If I didn't have to work, I think I would go to a Veteran's Day service; wish they offered them not in the middle of the day)

enjoy the day


Pamela said...

That was nice of you to offer your babysitting services to that couple. I'm sure they appreciated it. Congrats to Anber for saving for her computer and getting it. GREAT job!
Sounds like a great holiday you have planned. Take pics and share with us, ok?

louise said...

That was kind of you to babysit.
Smoked turkey sounds wonderful.
Take care...hope you arent feeling too bad? Louise xx

Melissa said...

i wish I could have been off today *hugs*

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Sounds like a fabulous crowd for Thanksgiving... I'd love to join you! I am really looking forward to thanksgiving with my family after the disappointment of last year. We have a deal at the local grocery store that if you spend $45 6 times before thanksgiving you get a free Butterball turkey. My friend from church works at the grocery store... I was behind a woman in line on Saturday and that woman didn't have the discount card so my friend got me to give her mine... that gave me an extra $45 toward my turkey! I was all excited... about a free turkey!

Anyways... have fun babysitting... I should probably offer to do that more than I do. There are so many young couples in my church who just never get a break. But... I don't get many breaks myself...

Happy Veterans Day to Rusty... be sure to give him a hug from me!


Traci said...

So sweet of you to offer to babysit for that family. They will appreciate that!

natalie said...

dear Kelli,
I am so glad that you met these Marines and their families and that you had such a meaningful time with them! Way to go!

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