Monday, December 22, 2008

A few moments of sanity.

Well after several delays, and having to drive down to San Diego, my mom got here. I must say that it was nice to see her.

My mom is out with the girls, and Rusty took Ryan shopping so I actually had some time to myself. I forgot how nice it is to have the house to myself.

Ryan has chores that he has to do every day. He has to unload the dish washer, take out the recycling, and hoover the house. Then every time Rusty gets paid Ryan gets $10 dollars. Ryan really does not have a concept of money, but he knows that he has to have it to buy stuff. Rusty said that Ryan did good this year and that they found some great bargains. Ryan even bought Rusty lunch. I am really impressed with Ryan because he really try's to buy stuff that everyone would like.

We have two ideas for Christmas eve. We are either going to stay home and get drunk on egg nog and have a ginger bread house building contest. Or we are going to go visit a dear friend in the assisted living home. We were going to go visit this friend, but they moved him on the day we were going to hospital. We are waiting to here what home he was moved to, if it is to far then we are not going to try to fight the traffic. So we will see.

The kitten is getting so big and is trying to learn to stalk. It is just to cute. I should wean him, but I am just not in the mood, so I figure I will wait until after the holidays.

Most of the marines have headed home for the holiday's, but they all stopped by to say goodbye and to grab a bite to eat. I swore that I was being turned into a short order cook, but I would not have it any other way. I love cooking for my boy's.

Well I still need to attempt to get my dinning room table cleaned off, and I need to get my bathroom cleaned, so I better get it done. I just wish that some cleaning elves would stop by.....


just me said...

Hey if you ever find the cleaning elfs please send them my way. LOL. I finally got my dinning room table cleaned off today. I had sewing projects to finish up this weekend.

Paula said...

Bless Ryan's heart. He is learning from his mom how to do for other people.

a corgi said...

so glad your mom got there safe and sound!! so glad you were glad to see her! I hope the visit goes well!!

I think eggnog on Christmas Eve sounds like a wonderful idea!! That would be my vote along with visiting your friend

Merry Christmas


Chrissie said...

Glad everyone is ready for christmas now. Happy your mom made it safely.
Take care, Chrissie

LYN said...

send them elves this way would ya?

Merry Christmas!!

Traci said...

You know those cleaning elves could come my way if you ever find them! Have a blessed day no matter what you end up doing!

Melissa said...

if i had elves id send u some

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