Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Our house is filled with odd conversation's from time to time. Last night was no exception.

Rusty had a V.A. appointment yesterday and for the most part it went well. Rusty's blood pressure and cholesterol are still a little high, so they switched his meds. Rusty is down to 195 pounds, which is not bad since he is 6'2". Right after Rusty had his heart attack is doctor told him to start taking fish oil pills. Did Rusty listen.... NO. So yesterday the doctor prescribed them to him! Oh I love his little Korean doctor. She is all about natural remedies going along with prescription drugs. Rusty will have to be monitored every six weeks to check for his liver function.

Then I find out that Rusty is going to be gone the whole week before Christmas! I am really getting sick of him working all these shows. But I guess there are going to be a ton of people training, so he has to go. So let me get this straight. You are going to be gone the week before Christmas and the whole month of January? Yep.

Then he goes on to tell me that he is giving a marine a ride to the airport on the 20th. What? That vein in my head is starting to bulge. I helped this marine find some cheap airfare, but he said non of it was cheap enough because he was broke. How can you be broke? You just spent 9 months in Iraq, you did not pay your car off, so where is all of your money? I told this marine that the train goes 5 blocks from the airport and that he could then get a bus transfer to the airport, and that they between the bus and train it would only take him 45 minutes. Another marine told him to call the uso because they run shuttles down to the airport.

Oh no that would be to easy. Instead he asks Rusty for a ride. This marine has never given us gas money, and he expects Rusty to take time away from his family, and to top it all off it is Rusty's birthday! Whatever. I spoke my peace with Rusty. I hope they get stuck in a ton of traffic and that the marine misses his flight.

Yesterday I had to buy a belt for the vacuum. It is a good thing they come in a two pack. I blew both of those belts as well. Well that is just dandy. Here it is right before Christmas and I have to buy a new vacuum? Rusty said that he fixed it, so we will see. I am going to go buy some more belts and if they break then I am just buying a new vacuum. I can't go without a vacuum. I have way to many pets for that.

On an up note, over the weekend I saw a tree with names on it. I went over to look. They are usually for children, and we have adopted already adopted our family this year, but I went to look anyway. This tree was different, this was for shut In's. I pulled two gentleman's name off the tree. One guy wanted a backgammon game and a deck of cards. The other guy wanted a soft pillow.

Looking at the tree I was just in shock. Here it was in my face. We have a group of old people right here in our community that are asking for simple things, but I guess when you are on a fixed income there are very few luxuries.

I have bought the game and a deck of cards, and I also bought both men a tin of cookies. I am going to make a fleece pillow case and a matching lap blanket. Then I will buy a soft pillow for this gentlemen.

I was telling my mom about this and she said that every year since my dad has died she has donate to a similar cause. My dad was always scared that they would be old and that they would end up eating cat food. So that got me to thinking. One of my goals for next year is to make 12 lap quilts. Then I will donate them to the shut ins. I can reach this goal. I know my dad would be proud of me.

Last night my mother said "I want a desk clock that tells me the inside and outside temperatures oh and I also want a mouse pad with a picture of the children on it." O.K. this should be an easy request. After a great amount of searching I find out that what my mother wants is a weather station. Mom, you live in Chicago the winters are cold and the summers are hot and humid, what more do you need to know. I did finally find one that was a reasonable price. Last night the children decorated the tree. I told them to come stand in front of the tree that I needed to get a picture for their grandmother. All three of them just looked at me. Finally one of them said "You want a picture of us acting like the perfect little family?" Then they all walked away. So much for that mouse pad.

I am going to go make some juice and go buy a new belt. Maybe the girls will still be sleeping when I get back, and I will be able to wake them up by vacuuming under their beds.


a corgi said...

hey; if it will help Rusty/you especially since its Rusty's birthday and then he is going to be gone the rest of the week, I'll have Mr. Cadillac take Marine to airport. It would be a honor to help out; I'll give Mr. Cadillac the gas money and as long as it is not an early morning flight.....I will convince him to do it; if it will help you all!

I'm glad you are helping the elderly with gifts; our church has the Christmas Angels thing similar to what you described and they do elderly as well as kids; some of the elderly requests were for a gift card for Home Buffet to go out to lunch with their friends; how can you say "no"? we didn't; I grabbed an angel and will grab another one this weekend

If you do simple quilts, like the tie ones, I'll help you with your project for next year; if you do fancy ones, I'll throw some money in for material and your time; let me know after the first of the year when you start workign on it

okay, I got to get to work so catch you later; email me if you want Mr. Cadillac to take marine to airport so I can put it on his "busy" calendar


Melissa said...

everybodys puttin up christmas stuff..I dont think we have a tree

Tightening the Corset Again said...

You know... if we lived near each other we would be a real FORCE because we both have generous hearts, we both take in strays, we both have all these ideas of ways to help our fellow man... you just do a better job of getting it done than me.
I loves ya gurl!

mamaof4qts said...

You sound very busy. Your are always thinking of other peple in your blog. I think for Christmas you should get a me day. I thought I was busy but you beat me...lol

Heli gunner Tom said...

My candid opinion is that you are running yourself ragged and you have a super big, generous heart.

On the vacuum cleaner belts, we have a dog and a cat and they shed big time. The constant hair from our critters balls up in the hose- so we found out from the dealer that it makes good sense to clean out the hose regularly. Hope this helps.


Traci said...

I have half a mind to yell at you! I was misled! misled I say! What an amazing box you sent! Both girls have added their blankets to their beds and Bella drags hers with her everywhere! You REALLY outdid yourself! Thank you!!!! Thank you! Thank you!

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