Wednesday, December 31, 2008

awesome day.

Today was such an awesome day. I made egg salad for our picnic, I grabbed extra bread so we could feed the birds, and I just grabbed whatever chips we had open. Nikki and I loaded up and headed down to base to pick up George.
We picked up George and headed for the beach. It was a little chili, but there was not a cloud in the sky and the ocean was just perfect.
As we were eating we asked this one lady if she would like to give her son some bread to feed to the birds. She said no. So we started breaking up the bread and tossing it into the sky. I am not sure what type of birds they were but they were beautiful. Nikki reminded me that there was a bird refuge just down the beach, so who knows. Anyway it was so cool watching the birds hover over us. Everywhere we looked there were birds! It was just so cool!
As we were getting ready to leave the lady came back up to us and asked us if we any bread left. I did not but we did have two bags of corn chips left, so we busted them out. One of the boys came up next to me and I handed him some chip and started talking to him. The lady said "he has Autism and is none verbal, but his name is Warren".
Warren and I had a great time feeding the birds. By the end of our 10 minutes together he was smiling. Warren made the day at the beach a blessing. Even if he was none verbal I knew he was having a good time.
Then we headed to the art museum, The quilts were just awesome. It was different from what I was expecting. Not all the quilts were "quilts". A few people had actually pained on the material. They were very nice and very creative. The handi work that went into these quilts was just amazing.
Then Nikki said lets go to the thrift store. Nikki scored so great deals today. We found two formals, a shirt and a pair of slacks for her. I scored this awesome dress. I am not sure what country it is from, but I just love it. I would say I will have to take a picture of it, but that really does no good since I cant load the pictures right now. Anyway, $75 later we finally got out of there.
Then we headed home. I am going to go down to the VFW for a little while. They are having free food, so that is a good price. I am not going to be gone to long, because Nikki is having friends over tonight.
The last time I left Nikki home alone with friend she ended up needing stitches.
I do hope that everyone has a safe New Years Eve and remember that the best is still to come.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

we as parents....

I just got off the phone with a girlfriend that I do not speak to nearly enough. I heard through the grape vine that she was having a hard time. So I picked up the phone and called.
My friend Kim is having issues with her son Garrett. He has not been home in 12 day's, he is running around with some "less the desirable" girl, and Kim does not even know what else.
Kim is not alone in this. If you have raised a teenager, you know all about teen rebellion. I guess what really hit me like a ton of bricks was the fact that Garrett comes from a very well off family.
Every year Garrett goes on the mission trips with Nikki, and every year the money just appears for him. Last year Garrett wanted to go to Fiji, so his parents just gave him the money to go. Garrett wears the best clothes and shoes. If money can buy it Garrett has it.
What struck me was the fact that it really does not matter what your economic status is, teens are just hard. I guess I just always assumed that if you had the money to give your children everything, and they wanted for nothing that they would be grateful little shits. I guess I was wrong.
I told Kim that I would be calling her every day until she is o.k. I will be her rock to lean on, and if I see Garrett I am going to kick his ungrateful butt!
On to a happier note. Today I was flipping through a local magazine and I discovered that the Oceanside museum of modern art is having a quilt expo! I called Rusty today and I was just so excited about. Rusty finally said "Do I have to go?" I told him no that this was girl's day out and that he was staying home with Ryan.
So tomorrow Niiki and I are going to go get George (female marine) and we are going to quilt expo. The price is right too! It is free. So I am going to pack us up a lunch and after the expo we can go have lunch on the beach.
I am so looking forward to this!

nice weather

Yesterday was an awesome day for me.
The weather was nice, so I got outside and trimmed all of my rose bushes back. I must say that the house now looks bare, but I know that in the spring they will start to grow, and by the end of summer they will be almost to the roof top.
I went to the 99 cent store and bought a ton of conditioner. They actually have this expensive conditioner that is only sold in beauty shops. So I stocked up on that.... o.k. I bought 20 bottles of it. But the girls are happy.
Then I took Nikki and Ryan out to McDonald's, and we went to the lake and had a picnic. We had not done that in a very long time, so it was nice to spend that time with them.
I got my next quilt cut out. I have never done this pattern, so I hope that it turns out! I am doing a black cat with a purple back ground. This quilt will be going to one of the marines babies. I made this little girl a quilt when she was born, but she has grown since then. I know go figure. But I figured since her birthday is in February She will get a new quilt from me. I really hope that quilt turns out because if it does then I am going to make more of them.
Nikki cooked dinner last night. I must say that she did a good job! I was very proud of her.
Last night Rusty and I curled up in bed and we watched the bucket list. I can't remember the last time Rusty and I watched a movie together. We both have very different taste in movies.
Rusty and I even had old people sex last night. Everything was great and then Rusty got a leg cramp! LOL I just had to laugh. I am so glad that Rusty and I can laugh about these things.
Today it is suppose to be nice again, so I need to get the garage cleaned up a little bit more. Most of the Christmas stuff is already put away, but there are still a few items left. I know that soon we will have another storm blow in and then I wont be able to get outside, so I better take advantage of the nice weather now.
One of the marines is looking for a cable or something, so that I can hook up my camera and download the pictures. But until then I want to talk about a gift I got that just made me laugh.
We need to go back about six years ago. My in laws had just moved back from the middle east, and that year we all went to Sea World. My father in law must have bought one of everything that Sea World sold. We were almost to the gate when my father in law grabbed Rusty's arm and said "I forgot something".
Rusty said "What could you possibly have forgotten?" So off they went. My father in law came back with a stuffed manatee and a manatee key chain for me. He over heard me mention that I liked the manatee.
I still have my stuffed manatee, and the key chain is very dirty. This year for Christmas Nikki bought me a manatee cup and a new manatee key chain. I just laughed. It brought back so many memories.
I use that cup everyday. It hold one can of coke, and that is all I am allowed to have anyway.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Much to do?

I am so shocked that I really don't have a lot to do today. I need to trim my rose bushes, go to the store, and that is about it.
I can't believe I have all the laundry done, the kitchen is clean, so there is really not a lot I have to get done today! I am so amazed.
Last night was just so tired that he came home and went right to bed. So I packed his dinner up for lunch. I am just so blessed to have a man that works and provides for us very well.
We know two couples that are getting married and I have been really thinking about what to get them. I wanted to buy them something useful. So I asked both couples and neither of them have a cake server set for the wedding. So I went down to the base and I bought one set. I did good. I was able to buy a Lenox set for $50! The price tag on it said $58 per piece, but that was retail and not the military price. I am just glad that I found something nice and something they will use.
We are finally getting some nice weather and Ryan has actually been outside playing! I told Rusty that it is nice to see him playing with other children and doing something other then sitting in the house.
This morning I watched the bucket list and that was an awesome movie! I have a few things on my bucket list, but I can't go and do them unless Rusty dies first. I want to spend a Christmas in Bethlehem. Rusty said the only way I am going to the Middle East is if we go with the protection of the marines. I know that area of the world is not safe, but I still want to go there.
Well my rose bushes are calling me.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

back to normal

I should not be sitting here, but I am. I should be cleaning up the house, but I am not. Instead I am sitting here with a sleeping kitten on my lap. I guess if you have a full belly, a dry bottom and a warm blanket, you think it is nap time?
I was going to load all the Christmas pictures today, but that won't happen. Last week some time our computer took a crap, and now we are using one of our daughters computer and this computer does not have a slot for me insert my card. I guess I will have to wait until Rusty gets home.
Everyone had fun building gingerbread houses. Rusty even whispered in my ear, "this was a good idea!" I am just glad that everyone had a good time. I must say that some of the marines got very competitive. But I guess I should have expected that from the marines.
I am finally getting our house put back together. For whatever reason I just could not stand to see the Christmas stuff any longer, so it all came down yesterday. Now I am trying to get my house back to normal. However normal is a relative term.
My mom is upset with me. She bought me a Vera Wang night gown and robe. I have no idea who Vera Wang is, but I have been told that she is a designer. Anyway, I love the robe and night gown, but I am still wearing my old robe. I just don't want to ruin the new robe. Maybe once the kitten leaves I will wear it.
The girls are made at me. I happened to mention that my mom wanted to buy them a WII. I told her no. So Amber called my mom and said "Don't ask my mom if you can buy us a WII, we want one!" So I have a feeling that my children will be getting a WII.
Rusty had to work today. I told him that I would go with him, and help him do inventory, but Rusty very nicely told me no since I really do not know the gear. So instead I am going to do a few little things for him. I am making him hamburger helper for dinner. I don't know why, but he just loves hamburger helper. I am washing all of our bedding. Rusty just loves clean sheet night!
Well, I am going to guess that if I do not get back to cleaning, that it will not get done. I just wish those cleaning elves would show up!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

the spirit of Christmas

I am sitting here tonight with my ever faithful dog right next to me. Rusty is watching t.v. and everyone else just left to see a movie. I house is still.
This year the girls have finally gotten why I love Christmas so much. Both of the girls have told me that over the years they use to hate it when I would make them pick out a toy, or some clothing, just so I could give it away. Now they are looking back and laughing.
My Nikki is called a mouse. My dad has always called her that, so it is still sticking. Back in the summer Amber found some mouse fleece, so she bought it and made a blanket for Nikki. All day Nikki has been saying "Look what my sister made for me".
My mom cried when I gave her the scarf that I made out of my dads old ties. I am so glad that she liked it.
Warren cried when he got his quilt. He was so happy that someone actually thought of him.
Nikki's boyfriend Chris had a nice Christmas. He did not want to spend Christmas with us because he said that he was intruding. He did not even want to come watch us open gifts. My mom finally told him to get his ass down stairs. To his surprise he had gift's waiting for him. I bought Chris a pack of socks, since all of his old socks had holes in them. My mom bought him an air matres since he has been sleeping on the cold floor.
Tonight I am so proud of Chris because he has learned that Christmas is not about the price tag that hangs off something, but rather it is about knowing that people care.
Tonight I am proud of Nikki, for never being to good for a homemade Christmas gift.
Tonight I am proud of Amber, because she really put time and thought into Nikki's gift, and that is worth so much more then any gold coin.
Tonight I am proud of myself because I have influenced these lives and I am getting to see what wonderful young adults they are becoming. So I as I sit here drinking out of my new Winnie the pooh cup, I am so thrilled.
It is time for me to slip into a nice bath and just smile at the fact that my children have finally gotten the meaning of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas eve

So, here it is Christmas eve. I am not going anywhere today, but I do have a lot of people coming here. Tonight's numbers should top around 20 extra people. Some will stay for Christmas and some are are leaving to go home. I still can't believe that two of the marines are driving to Montana on Christmas day!
Tonight we are going to drink home made eggnog...spiked! My mom makes the best eggnog ever. We are also going to make ginger bread houses. This should be very interesting.... drunk marines trying to make ginger bread houses. Yes, I will get pictures.
My mom and daughters are on my nerves. My mom can't just "be". She thinks that if the dishes sit in the sink over night that we are all going to die. I just don't care.
My mom does not recycle, so I have to dig threw our trash and pull all the stuff out.
My mom babies Ryan. I do not. My mom caters to his every whim. Once my mom leaves I will have to reprogram Ryan and remind that he can do certain things and that I am not his waitress or maid.
The girls just follow my mom's lead. So I am trying not to cause waves. I am just letting it all go. I keep reminding myself that she leaves on Friday..... if Chicago is not snowed in.
I do need to go get some last minute cleaning done, oh.... I went to the islands last night!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I wanna go to the Islands

So here I sit. I have gotten our bedroom cleaned up, got some carpets cleaned, and I finally have a sex drive again.
Rusty is on vacation this week, and I told him that I want to go to the island of comeonawannalayya. So I go to our bed room about 9 last night and he is fast asleep. It has been the same all week! I am married and I want sex damn it!
O.K. off my soap box.
My mother is an eco disaster! I swear this lady is increasing my foot print by being here. My mother goes threw a roll of paper towels every other day! I go threw a roll every month. My mother keeps buying things that she is using once and then throwing it away. I throw out one bag of trash a week! Oh I can't wait to have my eco life back.
Well, I still have stuff to do to get ready for Christmas. I still have not gotten my table cleaned off. Oh one of the guy's that is coming up asked me if I liked fresh fruit. He said that since he got stuck working at the chow hall he will bring me a ton of fruit! Cool. I am thinking fresh orange juice. Yummmm.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A few moments of sanity.

Well after several delays, and having to drive down to San Diego, my mom got here. I must say that it was nice to see her.

My mom is out with the girls, and Rusty took Ryan shopping so I actually had some time to myself. I forgot how nice it is to have the house to myself.

Ryan has chores that he has to do every day. He has to unload the dish washer, take out the recycling, and hoover the house. Then every time Rusty gets paid Ryan gets $10 dollars. Ryan really does not have a concept of money, but he knows that he has to have it to buy stuff. Rusty said that Ryan did good this year and that they found some great bargains. Ryan even bought Rusty lunch. I am really impressed with Ryan because he really try's to buy stuff that everyone would like.

We have two ideas for Christmas eve. We are either going to stay home and get drunk on egg nog and have a ginger bread house building contest. Or we are going to go visit a dear friend in the assisted living home. We were going to go visit this friend, but they moved him on the day we were going to hospital. We are waiting to here what home he was moved to, if it is to far then we are not going to try to fight the traffic. So we will see.

The kitten is getting so big and is trying to learn to stalk. It is just to cute. I should wean him, but I am just not in the mood, so I figure I will wait until after the holidays.

Most of the marines have headed home for the holiday's, but they all stopped by to say goodbye and to grab a bite to eat. I swore that I was being turned into a short order cook, but I would not have it any other way. I love cooking for my boy's.

Well I still need to attempt to get my dinning room table cleaned off, and I need to get my bathroom cleaned, so I better get it done. I just wish that some cleaning elves would stop by.....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

homeless in America

I know have talked about this homeless man that hangs around a few stores that I go to. Yesterday I ran into him again. I got behind him in line and the cashier asked him if he had any money to buy his cookies and milk and he said no but I am hungry. I told the cashier that I would buy his cookies and milk.

I have done this for this guy several time's, but yesterday, he turned and looked at me and said thank you. That was the first time the homeless guy ever spoke to me.

Later that evening I told Amber that I had run into this guy again. Amber said "I wonder if he has any family? Do they know he is homeless?" I don't know the answers to these questions.

What I do know is that it is getting cold here and this man does not even have a winter coat. We do not have a homeless shelter here, so I have no idea where he is sleeping, or what he is doing to stay worm.

Then I remembered an entry that I wrote some time last year. It was called women unite.

So I am going to raise challenge that I gave to everyone else. I am have a nice warm sweatshirt that I am going to give him, Rusty has some really nice cold weather sock's, so I know he wont miss one pair, and I going to do my best to get a tie blanket done for this man.

I still have a few last minute things I need to get done today. Today is Rusty's birthday and he is already gone. He had to take that marine to the airport. This afternoon I have to go get my mom and then the real fun will begin.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Eco Friendly Friday

Here are some pictures of my eco friendly gifts.

The rug is made out of plastic bags. I made my girlfriend a ball of plarn and she made a rug out of it! I love this. I am going to put it by my door. It can be washed and lets face it.... it will never break down.

Next our my tea cup ordainment. I found all of these cup and saucers at a yard sale. I had the glue and ribbon. So far everyone I have given them to have loved them. I love them because the are unique and everyone knows how much I love tea.

I have an idea for next Christmas, so I will have to start looking for all the yard sales and thrift stores!

Just remember to think outside the box, and you will be amazed at what you can come it up.

Reduce, recycle and reuse.

Busy, Busy,Busy

I was just a little busy yesterday. I had a long to do list, but I did not get it all done, so today I need to finish up. I am trying to get everything done before my mom comes in. I don't want to have to be cleaning while everyone is here for the holiday's.

At some point yesterday afternoon I suggested to Amber that she go get Ryan from school and go up in the mountains and play in the snow. The girls wanted to go, but Amber did not want to drive up there.

Then it hit me. I know why she does not want to drive up there. She has never driven on snow or ice before. I grew up driving on that stuff, so I just assume that every can. I will need to ask Rusty to take Amber up there and teach her how to drive in the snow, how to get out of a skid, and all that fun stuff that goes along with winter weather.

Sticking to my true white trash roots. I drove the children up there, but I never even got dressed. Yep, I stayed in my pj"s and my robe all day, so that is what I wore to drive the kids up the mountain. I really did not care, after all I was not getting out of the car. I have no desire to play in the snow. I hate being cold!

All of the children had fun and I know that is the important thing. While I may hate the snow, I need to remember that my children have not grown up in the snow. I need to remember that it is the little things like a snowball fight, that kids enjoy.

The quilt at the top of the page is the quilt that I was asked to make. This quilt is going to Warren. Now there is a story behind Warren, so go grab a hot drink and settle down.

Warren was in the military, I can't tell much more then that, I met him at the VFW. Warren tends bar and often cooks dinners.

Then it happened. Someone found out that Warren is HIV positive. The old people started raising hell about all of this. They wanted warren fired from tending bar, and they did not want him cooking anymore. This battle came to a head at a post meeting. When Rusty came home I asked him what the out come was. Warren gets to stay.

I was very glad to hear that. The next time I saw Warren I said "Warren, I am not a member of the post, so I knew it was not my place to go to the meetings, however I am so glad that you are still here. You can make me a drink and a meal anytime." Warren cried.

Over the years Warren has been in and out of the hospital for a lot of different things. I make it a point to go see him. I am the only one that goes and sees him. I guess I am the only one who knows you can't catch HIV from visiting someone in the hospital?

I found out that no one invited Warren to Thanksgiving dinner. I could not believe it. I told Rusty if I had known that I would have invited him. That was when I said "People can be so cruel to him". Rusty said "Yes, and they do it on purpose."

When Warren found out that I was in the hospital he pulled Rusty aside. Warren said "I hear Kelli was in the hospital?"

Rusty: "Yes she was, but she is home now and doing much better."

Warren: "Do you this shovel? I am going to shove this up your ass sideways the next time you do not tell me that Kelli is sick."

Rusty: "I will tell you next time"

So Warren is coming to Christmas dinner. I will make it a point to invite Warren to every holiday event we have. Also Warren has wanted one of my quilts for a long time, so here it is. Warren has no idea that it is coming, so I am hoping to get a picture of him when he sees his quilt.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

an award?

I got this award, so I am going to do my best with this. I am not good at making links, and having to choose so please be patient with me!
The Rules:
♥ list 10 honest things about yourself
♥ pass the award onto 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design
♥ link to the blogger who gave you this prize
♥ link to the blogs receiving the prize
♥ notify the recipients
1. I love to sew
2. I wish I would have known my in laws better before they passed
3. I miss my dad everyday and I wish he was still alive.
4. I love the rain and the ocean.
5. I hate snow and being cold.
6. I hate clutter.
7. I am trying to become the crazy cat lady.
8. I love my husband more then anything in the world.
9. I love to take a bath
10. I am a hippy at heart.
O.K. now I have to pick 7 people?
1. Liz is waiting for husband to come from Iraq and he should be in soon. So I think everyone should go over there and thank her and her family for the sacrifices they make so her husband can defend OUR freedoms. WELCOME TO THE BLOG OF A USMC WIFE
2. Mellisa is a young lady that seems to be finding her way in the world... and doing a great job at it. Mellisa works at a school and can't wait for Friday to come because then she will be on Christmas break! Somewhere 2 Hide
3. Reduce Footprints is a journal about simple things we can all do to help save our planet. I love this journal because it help me be aware of the world around us.
4. This gal is from Scotland and is just a riot! She loves her dogs and we all know what a big pet lover I am. the adventuresofminnie&fergus
5. Paula is just so much fun. I want to be like her when I am her age. She has some awesome tales about living in Texas. Last year on our road trip when I stopped to pick Paula up she said "I will be the old lady in the center of town with my cow." paulinescountrytales
6. Betty, is a dear friend that is always there for me. She has helped me through some really tough times. She has also been a cheerleader for our daughters! Thanks Betty a corgi in southern california
7. And Last by not least, Lyn over at Brits blog Brits blog . Lyn has been very helpful. Last year when Amber lost all of her money in Rome I called Lyn and asked he several questions. She gave me all the answers. I wished she lived closer because I told her that one day we are going to grab our passports and go to Mexico, and get lost on the beach for a few days!

Can I brag?

There are a few rules in my house. The number one rule is do not wake me from a nap unless someone is dead. Which did happen a few years back. Anyway, Nikki came in and woke me up and said come on mom we need to go. I just stared at Nikki.

Chris, the boyfriend, got kicked out again. Great! So while I am getting my shoes on Nikki is on the phone calling some people from church, and trying to find a place for Chris to live. Amber is cleaning out both of our cars.

So off we go to get Chris. Both of the cars are ready to be load with everything he owns.

Nikki gets a call back that Chris can live with another young couple from church. O.K. we now have a place for him to live. Then Nikki asks me a question about the mother from hell. The best way I can describe this women is like a chocolate Easter bunny. They are both hollow and have nothing inside. The mother from hell may look good on the outside, but wow, watch out because you get past her shell,... well it is really sad.

Amber, Nikki, and Chris start loading all of his belongings into our cars. Then he was told to take his cat, or she (the mother) would have it put to sleep. So we grab the cat.

Amber went home and I took Nikki and Chris to a job interview. ( Thanks Betty...she helped find this job) After that it was back home to grab some dinner and then they went to youth group.

After youth group Amber and I loaded up the cat and we went and got Nikki and Chris and took Chris to his new home. There are a few ground rules that Chris needs to follow. As long as he stays there he must go to church if the doors are open, he must finish high school and he must find a job. Chris agreed to those rules.

Last night the girls got on craigslist and looked for some stuff for Chris and they even posted an ad for some stuff that he needs.

Here I sit this morning. I am very proud of the girls for pulling together to help someone out. Amber even offered to take Chris along to pass out flyer's and make some extra money.

Now I have a few tasks at hand. I am going to take some food over to Chris and that will help everyone out. I need to look for a bus schedule, so that he can take the bus to and from work, once he gets a job. I will need to teach this child how to budget his money, do his laundry, and other little things that his mother should have taught him.

Oh, I almost forgot, I told Chris, and the people that he is living with, that I did not want any trouble for them. So if anyone asks where he is living he is to tell them that he is living at my house. I know that they mother from hell will not come over her and confront me! Rusty Laughed and said "Well if she did that would be the biggest mistake she ever made. But I could sell tickets and make some money, while everyone watches you pound her into the ground."

Yesterday was kinda crazy around here, so today I need to get that quilt done, but since it is raining I am not seeing me leave the house, so lets hope I can get it done.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

one is easy? LOL

I do believe that a few entries back back I said that I could do one kitten in my sleep. Well, this little guy is going to keep me on my toes! I go up this morning and he was sitting on my dirty laundry. He has already learned to scale the crate! Then I fed him his breakfast and put him down for a nap, well... he got out of his blankets and climbed up on the sofa! Oh he is such a boy.

I did finish the quilt top! I love this quilt. I just hope the gentlemen that is getting it loves it as much as I do. I am going to send Amber to the store to buy some batting, so I am hoping to get it quilted today.

I think I see the sun. I better look at it because we have more rain on the way. Someone should build me an ark.

Yesterday afternoon my chest started feeling tight. I know that it is caused by this crazy weather. So I went and bought some stuff to help me cough up this crap. Now I can't stop coughing. Oh the joys that are my life.

The boyfriend went home last night. I do feel bad for this kid. He is trying to get a job and once he gets a job, he is moving out. We did tell him that if he gets kick out to give us a call. We won't let this kid sleep on the streets. I still don't get it. However I am going to lead by example. I am going to teach the girls how to have compassion, and how to help others. I am going to make this a teaching opportunity without saying a word.

Rusty is taking next week off. I can't wait to spend a whole week with him! We will be able to sleep in, have morning sex, and just chill. Rusty so needs this down time, so I will have to pamper him.

Well I need to go find speed racer the kitten and then I need to get my day started. I am trying to get everything done before my mom arrives on Friday. I also have the carpet guy coming on Friday, so I have a lot to do.

Can someone clone me?

Monday, December 15, 2008

quick update

Rusty had to pull off the road and put his truck in 4 wheel drive! nI can't believe it was snowing here. Anyway, he jumped in behind a convoy of hummers going back to pendleton, so he made it home.

Here are some pictures of our flooded yard, and one of the new baby. We are guessing he is about 3 or 4 weeks old now.

I got a baby

Here in southern California we are getting hammered with rain. Some places are suppose to get snow, but I don't think we will see any of it. I am not going to complain about the rain, because we really need the rain. The sad thing is our ground is so dry, and the rain is coming down so fast, that most of the water is running off.
I got a new foster kitten this weekend. He is just so cute! I only have one baby this time, and he is about 3 or 4 weeks old. I will have to take a picture of him.
Rusty is coming back from 29 Palm early, so he should be in sometime today. I so want to see him. When Rusty left he was feeling really bad and he just wanted to curl up and sleep. Poor guy, I will pamper him tonight.
Well, Nikki's boyfriend spent the night last night. His mom kicked him out of the house......again. I do feel bad for this kid. He is a good kid, his mom is just strung out on booze and pills. So I don't know how long he will be here, if his mom sobers at all day I am sure she will call him. I keep telling this kid, you know you just have get your diploma and then I would join the military and never look back.
I need to go get some bread started, and I need to get the chili in the crock pot. Rusty loves this meal. Laundry is on my list and I have to work on that quilt. However since it is raining, it will be a good day to stay at home and get everything done.

Friday, December 12, 2008

it is Friday

I am glad that it is Friday. Not that I really have anything planned for the weekend, but at least Rusty will be home early.
Last night was one of those nights when I should have slept on the sofa. All Rusty did all night was toss and turn and talk. I have never heard that man as much as he did last night. Sometimes I can figure out what he is saying. One time he was yelling at someone to get down, another time he was yelling because there was not enough fuel. Last he was just rambling. So to say the least I did not get much sleep.
Today I need to work on a quilt, get dinner started (bbq beef sandwiches) and do all the things that a stay at home mom does. Yesterday, Tom asked me what vitamins I take. I do take vitamins, but I am not sure what I run on. Could it be my a type personality? Could it be that no one knows what momma does until momma don't do it? Could it be that I am an over achiever..... my old teachers would disagree with that! I don't know, I just do it.
I talked to my mom last night and she will be here on the 19th. She will arrive in San Diego early in the day, so she is going to take the train to Oceanside, and then Rusty will pick her up. It will be nice to see my mom, but I know that by the end of her visit I will be glad to see her go.
Why is that? Why do mother get under their daughters skin? I am trying so hard not to be my mom.
Yesterday one of Amber's friends was over and he said that he has to be out of the house by Feb. I was like what? Yep his parents told him "You are 18, so get out". I am hearing that more and more. I don't get it. Now that the girls are older I love having them around. Trust me when they were two you could have taken them! Now I can actually have a conversation with them, they help me out more, and I love hanging out with them.
I will say that as far as the girls go my parenting has changed. I am not longer teaching I am more guiding. I love the age that they are at now.
Amber thought she had a job, but that job fell through. She is just so bummed. Amber did finally figure out how to apply for unemployment. I told her not to worry that I would help her out. Amber just feels like such a heal because she is use to being able to provide for her own needs.
Yesterday Nikki and I were talking about way's for her to raise money for her missions trip. This year she will be heading to Fiji. We need to raise almost $3,000 and I know that Nikki can do it. We have about $500 in her account now. So we made a list of people that have sponsored her in the past and we also added in a few business. We will be having a lot of yard sales and then the mission group always does fundraisers. I would like to say that everything should go well this year, but it never does. One year our bank account got frozen, last year we were in the middle of a move when she came up short. However the Lord has always provided for these trips even if satin does not want her to go.
I think Rusty is happy that Nikki is heading to Fiji this year. I know the marines are happy, because Fiji has less issues then Nicaragua. The marine told Nikki that if anything happened to her they would be going to get her. And since they were in Iraq with weapons, they would just have to steal an aircraft. Rusty said "I will be there waiting for you. How hard can it be to find a blond hair blue eyed child?" Nikki did say that it was kinda scary seeing the communist up close, but she made it. here is the link to some pictures from last year.
I stink, I need a shower, I need to get dinner in the crock pot, I need to go have my morning juice, and then try to do whatever it is that stay at home moms do.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

eco friendly friday..... socks

For the past few weeks I have been reminding myself that I need to go buy Ryan new socks. But every time I went to the store I would forget.

Today I was sewing away and that is when it hit me. Why am I buying Ryan socks? I have a drawer full of mens socks that I got in a box of stuff. So I went and pulled out seven pairs and wrote a big R on the bottom.

Now what to do with all the old socks. I must say that the socks are very worn, so most of them wont be of much use. Or could they?

I am going to gather up all of his old sock and take a look at them. I will throw some in Rusty's rag box ..... I have no idea what he does with them, but I know he uses them. I will throw some in my rag box. They are good enough to scrub the toilet with or they can clean up pet barf.

So one the hunt I went for ways to reuse old socks and here is what I found.

1. When dusting or cleaning, simply slip the sock over your hand and use it to wipe down anything in the home.
2. Fill a sock with rice or wheat, heat in the microwave for a few seconds, and use it as a heating pad.
3. You can certainly make a sock puppet, or two, or three ...
4. Put a ball inside and tie off the end to make a tug toy for a dog. Or fill with catnip for a kitty.
5. Fill with leftover soap pieces and use in the washing machine for washing delicates.

6. Shoe Polisher. Rather than ruining one of your good rags for shoe polishing, employ an old sock. The soft fabric is a good buffer and will give your shoes a nice shine.

7. Tidy Pedicure. Use old socks to protect your bedding while giving yourself an overnight pedicure. Rub Vaseline or another thick cream on your feet and cover them with old socks. Overnight your feet with be moisturized and softened, all without getting anything sticky on your bed sheets.

Please feel free to leave me your suggestions on some other way's to use old socks.

Just think today I saved green by going green, and using what I had instead of buying something again.

a good day

Yesterday was a good day. My first stop was the wounded warrior center. Once we got the quilts inside, we met a marine that was just checking in. So we used this marine to hold up all the quilts. This marine actually chose three quilts. He chose a big one for his bed and a small one for his son, and he chose a Christmas quilt. He looked like a kid in the candy store.
I called Rusty and told him that I got to meet one of the warriors and that he chose two of my quilts! I just couldn't believe that he liked my quilts. Rusty said "well isn't that a good thing?" Yes, it is. I am just always amazed. Last year when I made the quilt for the missionary... the missionary was crying in the pictures. She just could not believe the kindness of strangers. I do need to be reminded that quilts are special and that not everyone lives with a quilter.
Then I headed over to the animal shelter to deliver their quilts. Someone from the base decided that the shelter needed a face lift. They are getting a drop ceiling put in, new sky lights, and Central air and central heat. I was very happy to see all the work being done.
I went up to the exchange to grab some lunch. While their someone turned a bunch of sailors loose, and they were all in dress uniforms. They looked so nice. I love the blue cracker jack uniform. It just looks so crisp. I once told Rusty that I think it looks better then the marines dress blues, but he had to disagree.
Then I went on the hunt for a Christmas gift for Rusty. Nothing I saw spoke to me. I usually have his Christmas gift picked out in January so I have to to work on it all year. This year I have nothing. Rusty and I don't really exchange gift's, we try to do something for each other, or if we do give a gift we try to really shock the person.
In the past I have:
* made him a marine corps quilt, which he still sleeps with.
* the fist year we had Rusty's china, I broke it all out and served him a full meal on it.
* I bought Rusty his mini medals. Now that was not easy. I had to go gather up all of his medals, drive down to the base. Fight every other person in the exchange, and then I had to find all the stars that go on them.
Over the years, the look on Rusty's face has been priceless. This year I am at a loss.
I have started cutting out another quilt and I will somehow get it done before Christmas. I don't really have a lot going on today, so my goal is to get about half the quilt done.
I do have a ton of little things to get done, like clean our bathroom, and do some laundry. Oh my day's are just filled with excitement.
I better get moving if I hope to get everything done.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


BRRR is all I can say about our weather here. I live in Southern California so I expect it to be warm all the time, but not this week. BRRRR there goes the gas bill.

So yesterday Amber ended up with three bottles of pill's. I wrote the street name on all the bottles, so she would know what she had. Then I started reading all the side effects. Amber took her pills and placed then on the counter. She said "the side effects are worse then what I have!" Oh yes my dear.

This morning woke up a few minutes before the alarm clock went off. The alarm finally went off and Rusty beat the clock up trying to turn it off. I said "Well good morning sexiest man alive".
Rusty just grunted and went to the bathroom. He came back and crawled into my half of the bed. He put his arms around me and said "You really should put your glasses on."
Then both of the dogs jumped in bed with us.
I asked Rusty if need me to wash an of his cold weather stuff since he will be outside working all next week.
Rusty said "I was watching the weather channel last night and they said that we are getting snow as low as 1000 feet."
I said "So it will be snowing in 29 palm while you are there?"
Rusty replied "Yes, and we need to move, I hate snow"
I quickly said "well I can pack a bag, lets move back to Hawaii"
Rusty just glared at me. He loved Hawaii while we were there, but he said that there are way to many people there.

It looks like I might be heading out to Palm Springs on Friday. There is a very young marine we know who is getting stationed at 29 palms and he will be flying in. This poor kid does not have a clue about the marine corp yet.

Today I am going to go deliver all my quilts. I have 4 going to the Wounded warrior center and 10 going to the animal shelter. Man I have been busier then I thought. But there is no rest for the wicked. I did go buy some blue material and I will get another quilt done before Christmas. It is going to simple squares, but it will be a quilt and it will get done.

While I am down at base I am going to look for some more last minute gifts. I still need to find one or two small things for Ryan, and I have not bought Rusty anything yet. Why are guy's so hard to shop for?

Well, I have a few things to get done before I head out for the day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my children

Yesterday would have been a good day for someone to remind me that children are a blessing.

Amber and Nikki went at it all day long. I was waiting for them to start punching each other, but that did not happen. The last time they came to blows I made them go fight in the front yard. If they are going to act like white trash then at least everyone could watch the fight.

Ryan's teacher still can't figure out how to give him a calculator. So I had to call the principal again. Once again it blows my mind, there are only five children in his class!

Then we got a call from someone at the school asking us if we needed help with some Christmas gifts for Ryan. I listened to this lady babble on. I understand Ryan needs new shoes and he is getting them for Christmas. I just got him new shoes 2 months ago. I am so sorry that my child is hard on his shoes. Yes Ryan does have several winter sweatshirts and a coat. The problem is he wears them to school and never brings them home. So I had to tell Ryan that if he did not bring home all of his crap that he could not play video game or watch t.v. for two day's. That is the only way we can get through to him. We have to take away the two things that can do. I swear if you have not raised a handi cap child you have no clue what goes on behind closed doors.

Today I have to take Nikki to school and go pay my car registration. I am going to go look for a pair of shoes for Ryan, and then it is back home to do the same old routine.

Amber is not feeling well today, so she has a doctors appointment today at 2. This poor child is just so miserable.

As for me. I have taken some radical steps as far as my health goes. My friend Deb told me that she had been praying for me and that she just knows that I am not going in for surgery. I had to laugh.

I laughed because for a while now I have been really thinking and researching all of my options. Which are very limited when you have no insurance and no money. I went to the hippy store because I needed some more herbs and some ear candles. I got to talking with the lady and she suggested that I use raw wheat grass, on top of juicing and everything else I am doing.

So when I was over at Deb's the other night I had to laugh at what she said. I told her that I did not want to have surgery. I do not want to have to take hormone replacement's for the rest of my life and that I was looking into other options.

As it turns out one of the pastors uses wheat grass because he had cancer and he did not want to go through chemotherapy. HMMM.... I have also stopped taking my birth control pills.

I have been on a strict Herb regiment for almost two months now. I have been juicing for a couple week, and I just went off my birth control a few days ago. I am feeling so much better.

I know that most people do not believe in the healing power of food, and herbs, but I do. Now all I have to do is avoid this subject with my mother. Which will be very hard since she will be here for Christmas. i do trust my mother as far as my medical goes and she knows all about any drug. But my mom does not believe in the healing power of herbs and food. This should be interesting.

The never ending pile of laundry is waiting for me.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I am finally done! So here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy them. I will have to give a final count later. I am off to get some shut eye.


Saturday I ended up having to take a marine down to airport. I asked everyone else in house if they wanted to ride. Only one Marine said yes. So I grabbed Rusty's pars pass card and we headed down.

After we dropped the marine off we headed to Point Loma. That is my favorite spot in SanDiego. The marine that went with me had never been to Point Loma, so I had a blast showing him the base, the light houses, the history and the cliffs. I just love standing high above the ocean and watching the waves crash in.

I said "watch out, the rocks are very slippery". I had just spoken those words when my feet came out from under me. Boom right on back and bum. Yesterday and today I am feeling the pain from that fall. I am scared to look in the mirror. I just know that my whole right side is going to bruse up.

After we got back to town I dropped the marine off at the vfw. Everyone was down there watching the fight. I was heading home when it hit me. I was going home to an empty house. That is a good thing, but then I thought, you know what I am going to go to my girlfriends house. We do not get to spend enough time together. Deb (my friend) had all three of her grand babies, so I set all of them up at the breakfast bar and we colorede paper plates while Deb and I talked. It was so nice to just be able to talk with her.

Then the children were done coloring the plates, so I got out some "magic beans" and we put then in the middle of the plates and stappled the plates closesd. We also placed the "magic beans" in some water bottles. Deb kept laughing at me. She said "only you could take my pinto beans and make instruments and keep those three happy."

That was the best evening I have had in along time. I got to spend some time with a very dear friend, and I kept her grand babies busy while she cooked. For me it was more then that. I was reminded that you dont need anything fancy to make children happy. all we hade were markers, paper plates and beans. The little things are what matters.

Sunday I spent the day wrapping Christmas gifts. I must say that I did very well this year. I limited myself to only four gitfs for each of the children. I do still need to go buy Ryan a few things but that will finish making his four gifts.

I told Rusty that Ryan will be disappointed this year, but there is not a lot we can do about it. Rusty and I both said that we are not going to buy Ryan a bunch of crap that he will never play with. It is getting hard to shop for Ryan. He is 13, but is still functioning low in almost everything. The children here on the block don't play with him, so Ryan spends most of his time either playing video games or watching video games. My mom did buy Ryan a bike, so I am hopeing that he will actually go out and ride it.

Today I have to finish two more quilts. I should be able to get this done, but we all know how that goes. I have no choice but to make the time to finish them since I have already scheduled to drop them off on Wednesday.

Rusty came home the other day and informed that someone we both know would like one of my quilts and asked me if I could just whip up a quilt for him for Christmas. Sure Rusty let me just pull the material out of my bum and let me get with mother time and ask her to give me a few more hours in a day.

I have been quilting for a very long time and I still don't think that Ruaty has a clue as to how much material cost and how much time goes into a quilt! But we all know me. I will some how and some way find the time and the money to get this quilt done.

I will be sure to take pictures of all the quilts so you guy's can see my handi work. I think if I ever lost my fingers I everyone else would cry.

I should go get in a shower and get moving. This day is going to happen weather I am ready for it or not.

Friday, December 5, 2008

my clothing

Tom got me to thinking. And we have been e mailing back and forth all night. He is a great guy and he got me to think. Which I should not be doing, because it is late I have not had dinner yet, and I still have two quilts to get done.

I think this woman's Sari is just the most beautiful thing I have seen. I am in the process of trying to get my hands on one of these Sari's. One of our marines is from India and I told him that I wanted one. So he said that he would work on it for me. I told the marine that I would wear it to the marine corps birthday ball if he got me one!
I also have clothing from the middle east. My in laws lived there for 20 years, so I have a lot of really nice clothing from that part of the world. At my mother in laws funeral I even wore one of her middle eastern coverings.
This year to the ball I wore a traditional Mexican dress. I loved that dress, and I think I am going to take the dress up, so that I can it all the time.
I wear the clothing because I love it. Why was I born Irish/Native American? I don't like their clothing.
Just for some laughs let me share with you some of my other clothing.... all of which will push the limits.
1. I have a tee shirt that says toughest job in the corp.... marine wife. The single guys laugh, and the wives want to know where I got it.
2. My children were kind enough to buy my a t shirt that says mean people need to be loved too.
3. I have another t shirt that says this is a war... a war of ideas.
4. then there is my favorite outfit. That would be my husbands p.t. gear. Man his sweats are just so comfy. Nothing screams take me baby I am yours like puke Green clothing. I once wore that to the store and some dude chased me down and told me that I was not allowed to wear that in public. I just looked at him and laughed. That little marine was just way to cute.
5. my hats always turn heads. I have a black one and a maroon one. I always place a huge dragonfly pin on them. I think hats are very classy, but people still stare at me.
6. then there are my bib's. I love them! they are so comfy. Now granted I look like farmer fred in them, but hey, they hide the fat.
I guess this year for Christmas I should add to my list "normal clothing". That would be kinda funny since the other item I asked for was a wagon with moster wheels!
Now we all know why my husband has no hair.

eco friendly friday

Yesterday morning I was standing around watching Rusty unbolt a fuel tank. Now that did not keep my attention for more the a few seconds. I started looking around the parking lot, and I saw a ton of trash.

I went to the warehouse and grabbed the biggest broom I could find. I then started sweeping the parking lot. I found a broke car stereo, lot of beer bottles, some cd's and a ton of just trash.

One of Rusty's co workers came out and said "you missed a spot". O.K., so he is not a tree hugger like me. Even Rusty said "Why bother?"

Well, that is a good question. Why bother cleaning up a parking lot that is off an alley? Will anyone really notice? I noticed. I ended up fill a trash bag with all the crap I swept up.

While I was throwing the trash away another one of Rusty's co workers said "the wineo's will just leave more bottles there tonight."

Today while I was running around I really looked at my community. The parks were clean. The stores I went into were clean. However, there was a lot of trash on the sides of the roads. Does every just see the trash so often that we no longer think about it? Or does everyone just assume that someone else will clean it up.

Now I know that picking up trash out of a parking lot is not as popular as a beach clean up, but why does something have to be popular before it can get done?

Is our community just a public trash can? Since when is it so hard to place your trash in a trash can?

This is the only planet we have and I would like to know who gave everyone the right to trash it.

People need to learn to not only throw their own trash away, but to take a little bit more pride in the community in which they live.

This week I challenge everyone to pick up just a grocery sack of someone Else's trash. That will make a huge impact on our environment, and our communities.


Rusty called me Wednesday night to tell me that the fuel pump on his truck went out. So I drove down to get him. Thursday morning I had to drive Rusty to work. I spent the day at Rusty's shop, just waiting for the truck to get fixed. I was not about to drive home and then have to go back if the truck was not fixed.
What I am about to to you happened about four hours before we left Rusty's shop. For the record let me say that Rusty sell's guns and gear for the military, and to anyone who walks in the store.
I was in the back room and I noticed a dummy that was dressed. The dummy had on a head scarf that the guys can wear while in Iraq or Afghanistan. You wrap the scarf just like any other head dress and it will help keep the sand and other crap off of you.
I took the scarf off the dummy and placed it on my head. That scarf was warm and I was getting cold, so I kept it on. Rusty walked in and he just looked at me. I said "I am going for the middle European peasant look". Rusty was like whatever. It is me, so nothing shocks Rusty any more.
I walked out to the store front to see what was going on. That was when one of Rusty's co works said "Oh look Grumpy (another co worker) has lost his mind. First he hired a hippy and now he hired a Muslim women."
Suddenly two marines look up from the gun case and they just stare at me. The look they shot me should have killed me. Then one of the marines picks up a fire arm, and slides the chamber back. He did this while never taking his eyes off me.
I just stood there. I know that fire arm was not loaded, so I knew that he could not hurt me. I also know that I made that marine feel very uncountable. So I stood there. I wanted to see this marine be uncomfortable.
It was in that moment that I felt hatred leave that marines body and be imposed upon me. It was at that moment that I learned what it was to be hated just because of the way I dressed. It was in that moment that I decided to not take the head covering off. I was going to wear the head covering the rest of the night.
I went and got the glass cleaner and started to clean up the display cases. People came and went, but no one spoke to me. Then two men walked in to pick up some guns that they had bought. I went to the front of the store to clean the doors. There was this big beautiful dog and he was just barking his head off. One of the guys came out to see what his dog was barking at, it was me. The guy did not say a word to me. So I spoke first. I asked him what type of dog he had. Once that was said he warmed right up to me.
It was finally time to leave. The truck was running! I told Rusty that I was going to drop the car off to one of the marines and that I would just ride back him with him. I got to the main gate and the guard at the gate just looked at my sticker and looked at me. I grabbed my i.d. card, but the guard never asked for it. He just kept staring at me. Finally he let me go. I know that poor guard was wondering weather or not to question my head covering.
Rusty and I ended up at Denny's. We were seated and given menu's. Our server would not look me in the eye. I was as nice as could be. I got up to go to the restroom and several women just stared at me. On my way out of the restroom I noticed one women in a particular who just would not take her eyes of me. Have you never seen a women wear a head covering?
I went and paid our bill and I left the waitress a nice tip. The waitress walks by me and says "You have a nice evening and happy holidays". I guess you can only look at me when I give you money?
Maybe I should have explained to the marine that I am married to a retired marine, and that the head scarf is an acceptable uniform item. Maybe I should have taken the head covering off before I entered the gate. Maybe I should have taken it off when we went to eat. Maybe.
What I really wanted to see was how people would react to me. Well I found out. They are mean and rude. Yesterday, what started out as Innocent joke in the back room opened my eyes to the way people view other people. Yesterday I was discriminated against just because I had a head scarf on. A simple head scarf made less then human in many peoples eyes.
I will never forget that feeling, and I have decided to push my boundaries even more. I will wear the head covering again. Maybe not that particular one, but I have more. I want to watch people react when they are lost for words.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It made me smile

So yesterday I stopped at target to see if they had they belts I needed. Now I am not suppose to shop at target because they are owned by the French and they do not support the military, but I had no choice but to look there. I pulled into the parking lot and it is full of the special ed buses. I walk into the store and there were a ton of special ed children in there shopping for Christmas. I just smiled because I know that in a few years that will be Ryan in there shopping. Not only were they in there shopping but the target employees had set up a wrapping station and they were wrapping the gifts for the children. It just made my heart melt. These special ed children were so proud of the fact that they had a very nicely wrapped present to give.
On the way home from Target The traffic report came on. "Please avoid the 215 north as there is a military convoy taking up the freeway and they are moving slow". Yep. My husband will be seeing them out in 29 palms. I love seeing the convoys. I will pull off the road and sit on the hood of my car and just wave to them.
I was a sewing fool yesterday. I do not know what got into me, but I just sat down at my machine and started going to town. That is a good thing since I have a ton of sewing I need to get done before next Wednesday.
Today I am have to get into Ryan's room and go through some boxes of clothes. Over the summer I had two ladies give me a ton of clothing for Ryan and all the winter stuff I just shoved into a box, well I guess it is time for me to look at everything and figure out what exactly he has and does not have. Once I am done with that I am going to go back to my sewing.
I went on my no spending diet several months ago and I have to tell you that I am still keeping up with it, and it is really paying off. If it were not for me questioning every purchase and making do with what I had on hand.... well we would be in trouble. By watching every purchase I had the money to buy a new vacuum and to pay Amber's phone bill this month. I am just amazed at much money was wasted on stupid stuff.
I talked to my case worker yesterday and he told me to go ahead and file my appeal. He said it would actually be good for my case. So today I am going to file for an appeal hearing and I am going to try to get in touch with my congressmen. I may loose this whole case, but I am going to go down fighting!
Yesterday I found out the boyfriends mother had tossed the boyfriends cat outside. No what pisses me off about the whole thing is that cat has been an inside cat for over a year, and they (Nikki and the boyfriend) were telling me how scared this cat was. I do understand that they cat sprayed, but there are ways to solve that..... get the animal fixed. The boyfriend told me that he wants to get the cat fixed but that his mother is making him pay for it and the boyfriend does not have a job.
So I am going to call our animal control and get a hold of the low coast spay and neuter clinic. They do it for $10. Heck I am even going to offer to get all three of the cats fixed. I know this family would just let the animals keep breeding out of control, and then people like me end up having to foster the kittens. Oh don't get me started.
I better go get my day started. I have a lot to get done.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Our house is filled with odd conversation's from time to time. Last night was no exception.

Rusty had a V.A. appointment yesterday and for the most part it went well. Rusty's blood pressure and cholesterol are still a little high, so they switched his meds. Rusty is down to 195 pounds, which is not bad since he is 6'2". Right after Rusty had his heart attack is doctor told him to start taking fish oil pills. Did Rusty listen.... NO. So yesterday the doctor prescribed them to him! Oh I love his little Korean doctor. She is all about natural remedies going along with prescription drugs. Rusty will have to be monitored every six weeks to check for his liver function.

Then I find out that Rusty is going to be gone the whole week before Christmas! I am really getting sick of him working all these shows. But I guess there are going to be a ton of people training, so he has to go. So let me get this straight. You are going to be gone the week before Christmas and the whole month of January? Yep.

Then he goes on to tell me that he is giving a marine a ride to the airport on the 20th. What? That vein in my head is starting to bulge. I helped this marine find some cheap airfare, but he said non of it was cheap enough because he was broke. How can you be broke? You just spent 9 months in Iraq, you did not pay your car off, so where is all of your money? I told this marine that the train goes 5 blocks from the airport and that he could then get a bus transfer to the airport, and that they between the bus and train it would only take him 45 minutes. Another marine told him to call the uso because they run shuttles down to the airport.

Oh no that would be to easy. Instead he asks Rusty for a ride. This marine has never given us gas money, and he expects Rusty to take time away from his family, and to top it all off it is Rusty's birthday! Whatever. I spoke my peace with Rusty. I hope they get stuck in a ton of traffic and that the marine misses his flight.

Yesterday I had to buy a belt for the vacuum. It is a good thing they come in a two pack. I blew both of those belts as well. Well that is just dandy. Here it is right before Christmas and I have to buy a new vacuum? Rusty said that he fixed it, so we will see. I am going to go buy some more belts and if they break then I am just buying a new vacuum. I can't go without a vacuum. I have way to many pets for that.

On an up note, over the weekend I saw a tree with names on it. I went over to look. They are usually for children, and we have adopted already adopted our family this year, but I went to look anyway. This tree was different, this was for shut In's. I pulled two gentleman's name off the tree. One guy wanted a backgammon game and a deck of cards. The other guy wanted a soft pillow.

Looking at the tree I was just in shock. Here it was in my face. We have a group of old people right here in our community that are asking for simple things, but I guess when you are on a fixed income there are very few luxuries.

I have bought the game and a deck of cards, and I also bought both men a tin of cookies. I am going to make a fleece pillow case and a matching lap blanket. Then I will buy a soft pillow for this gentlemen.

I was telling my mom about this and she said that every year since my dad has died she has donate to a similar cause. My dad was always scared that they would be old and that they would end up eating cat food. So that got me to thinking. One of my goals for next year is to make 12 lap quilts. Then I will donate them to the shut ins. I can reach this goal. I know my dad would be proud of me.

Last night my mother said "I want a desk clock that tells me the inside and outside temperatures oh and I also want a mouse pad with a picture of the children on it." O.K. this should be an easy request. After a great amount of searching I find out that what my mother wants is a weather station. Mom, you live in Chicago the winters are cold and the summers are hot and humid, what more do you need to know. I did finally find one that was a reasonable price. Last night the children decorated the tree. I told them to come stand in front of the tree that I needed to get a picture for their grandmother. All three of them just looked at me. Finally one of them said "You want a picture of us acting like the perfect little family?" Then they all walked away. So much for that mouse pad.

I am going to go make some juice and go buy a new belt. Maybe the girls will still be sleeping when I get back, and I will be able to wake them up by vacuuming under their beds.

Monday, December 1, 2008

you asked

I had one person ask me via e mail for a picture of my Grinch and to see a picture of me in the red dress. Lyn, also asked, so here you ladies go.

Yep that was me about five years ago. Look at how skinny my arms are. Last night I told Rusty what I wrote about. He said that he loves the women I am today.

I was just settling into bed last night. I had some anti vomit medicine, so Tylenol p.m., I had all my favorite blankets and I was watching the Amazing race. Life was good.

Then Nikki comes running into our room just crying. She jumps in bed between Rusty and I. Nikki puts her head on Rusty's chest and she won't stop crying. O.K. I can't handle this. My head hurts. Whoever made my daughter cry is going to get their ass kicked.

Once we got Nikki calmed down here is what we heard. Nikki was over at the "boyfriends" house and she made him a birthday cake. Well the cake did not turn out. So everyone in the family made fun of her. Even the "adults" in the house. Nikki was so heart broken.

O.K. I have issues with this whole family, but now they have put my daughter in tears. Then we hear the "boyfriend" walk in. Rusty gets out of bed. I said "Tell the marines to kick his ass".

Rusty walks out into the living room and says "Listen here you little fuck head if you or your family ever puts my daughter in tears again I ...."

This morning we are waiting to see if the "boyfriend" shows up. Nikki is/was going to make him homemade donuts for his birthday.

This morning I asked the marines why they did not kick the shit of the "boyfriend". They all looked at me and one finally said "because you did not tell us to. But now he is 18, so the next time this happens we will take care of it."

So why do I let this "relationship" go on? That is an easy one. I have tried to talk to Nikki. I have stuck up for Nikki when the family runs her down. I have tried to show Nikki that there is no pleasing a women ( the boyfriend mom) who is addicted to pain pills, and booze. I have tried until I have nothing left to try with.

The big picture is this. Nikki is not pregnant. She is not having sex, She is not doing drugs. She gets good grades. She brings joy to a room just by walking into it. So I figure arguing over the boyfriend is getting me nowhere. This is a life lesson that she will have to learn.

Nikki will have to learn that "love" does not hurt. Nikki will have to learn that they are hypocrites in this world. The boyfriends mother is often the first to criticize everyone else and she will put herself on a pedestal. But the reality is that she is a drunk who is addicted to pills.

These are life lessons that I can't teach Nikki. I know that the fall will be a hard one, but I have told her. Like good parents Rusty and I will be there when she falls.

Let's face it. The only guy a teenage can count on is her dad.

Oh great the little fuck head just walked in.

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