Friday, January 23, 2009

back home

I am finally home! It feels so good to wonder around my home and know that it is mine. Last night I got to sleep next to my husband and my dog got to sleep on my legs. Life is good.
I called my shrink today and we are going to sit down and have coffee next week. I have a lot to process and any decisions that I make will have a huge impact on my children. I need to start to process all of this, but it will have to wait for another day.
Today it is back to the grind for me. The house is in great shape. My girls did an awesome job! Amber and Nikki were so happy to see me, and Amber even said "I am so happy that you are home, you can have your job back!"
I pulled some pictures out of my suitcase and the girls grabbed them. They were having fun looking at all the pictures until they got to the one's of my sister in the coffin. They thought that was just creepy. The dead know one thing and that is that it is better to be alive.
I do not feel like doing anything today. I just want to curl up next to Rusty and feel his arms around me. Rusty is not just my husband, he is my best friend, my protector, and my rock to lean on.
However I need to start to get back into a routine. I need to go run a few errand's, and I am thinking about taking the girls out to lunch. I should cook dinner tonight, but I am just not in the mood. Maybe Rusty and I will go get something to eat.
My day is calling me.
Life is good


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I'm glad your back. Welcome home. Take care of you and yours always,

Indigo said...

Welcome home dear one! You were missed. I'm so proud of the girls for keeping everything together for you at home. Relax and enjoy some time just being back in your own surroundings. Sometimes we need to quiet the noise in our heads for a while and just listen to the beat of our hearts. (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

glad you arrived back safe and sound; so glad Nikki/Amber were of big help to you when you were gone in keeping up with the house things; I'm sure they appreciated what you did before, but now doubly appreciate you and all your hard work

let me know when you want to do coffee; I'm good on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursday mornings; just need to be back to start work at 11:30 (but can't do it Monday, just remembered I have a doctor's appt). I'll put Nikki's check in the mail this weekend; was afraid to do it without you there; not sure if it would get shuffled around

welcome back!


Linda's World said...

Glad to hear your back in the comfort of your home. Remember what Dorothy said in "The Wizard if Oz?" "There's no place like home." Just take your time in adjusting to being back where you belong. Linda in Washington state

Melissa said...

glad ur back. its good to be missed huh?

Paula said...

Glad you are safe and snug in your home with Rusty.

Traci said...

Yeah for home. Nothing can replace that feeling when you get home. I'm glad your girls held down the fort for you.

Nelishia said...

Welcome home. You deserve the rest and the attention and TLC. After what you went through, if I were you, I'd need to talk to someone too. I'm so glad to hear that you didn't come home to a huge mess and a lot more stress to deal with. What Amber said really meant a lot. Just know you are appreciated. I have been blessed with a husband who is also my best friend too so I know where you are coming from. I couldn't breathe without him.

Take it one breath at a time.


Chrissie said...

I'm glad you are back home. I know you had a lot to process, but you're back where you belong. I'm so happy the girls did a good job for you.
I'm sure your husband is very happy to have you home too.
Take care, Chrissie

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