Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my cajun boys

Kelli: Amber I just checked the bank and your child support check has not hit. If it does not hit tonight I will take some money out of savings and put it in your account.
Amber: Don't worry about it right now. I have not spent any money. We are going to Mississippi today.
Kelli: Why are you going to Mississippi?
Amber: The boys stopped there to see their mom and she had another heart attack, so we are going to go see her.
Kelli: She had another heart attack even after she had three stints put in?
Amber: yep
Kelli: If their mom dies call either Rusty or I asap! I know the boys know what to do, but they will be to frantic to think. I will walk you guy's through sending red cross messages.
Amber: O.K. I will.
There it is. My poor Cajun boys should be having the time of their lives. The should be planning a bachelor party and getting their uniforms ready for the big day. Instead they are at the bed side of their mom. I just wish I was there to give them both a big hug.
Yesterday our cable and Internet went out. I was so bummed! I did not know what to do. The Internet I can do with out, but I have to have my t.v. as back ground noise. I got some sewing done, and got the kitchen cleaned up, but I was going crazy. I am just glad that everything is up and running again!
Yesterday I was walking around filling up everyone's soft soap bottles. I looked in the shower and discovered that Ryan's body soap wash was not going down. Yep just as I thought, Ryan has not been washing his body. So last night I had to stand in the bathroom and walk him through washing his body. I was hoping that by the age of 13 I would not have to do this any more, but I guess I was wrong. Will this ever end? I think I just need to come to grips with the fact that I will forever be doing certain things for him. SIGH
My day is calling me and it is going to be a bust day. I have to pull something out for dinner, cook it, take Nikki and Chris to school, do some laundry...... oh the joy's of a stay at home mom!


Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Kelli,
Great post and a bit humorous as I think back to my own days of taking care of/ teaching my own 3 kids what and how to do things. Those days are over and now they are teaching and raising their OWN DEAR CHILDREN.
And then we can understand that God is OUR Father who knows what is best for US. How exasperated He must be from watching us... lol


a corgi said...

makes you wonder how we ever lived without Internet and cable doesn't it? I'm always crawling at the walls when ours goes down, briefly that it does and few and far between

wishing you a good day Kelli :)


Lori said...

I was without my computer for a awhile, thanks to nasty old Antivirus 2009, and it was rough. I'm sorry about your Cajun boys' mom. I hope she recovers from this attack and doesn't have anymore.

Melissa said...

i hope the rest of ur day is good, sounds like its already been a hand full

Chrissie said...

I'm so sorry for those boys and pray that their mother gets better soon.
I would go crazy without internet or tv. I'm like you have to hear something.
Well I'm glad that your son has you around to watch out for him and help him do what needs to be done.
Hope you have a great day.
Take care, Chrissie

Jeanne said...

UGH.... I think I might DIE without my computer and/or tv!! REALLY!!! (LOL!!)

What grade is your son in? I have a 14 year old son who is a Freshman in high school this year. I used to have the same problem with him until this year. Now that he's in high school, he seems more conscious about things Maybe it's the girls? That and the fact that his sister is a Senior and they are both in Band/Choir and hang with some of the same kids. She told him he has to be COOL if he is going to hang with her...so she has helped him buy clothes, etc.

If your son isn't in HS yet, give him a little more time. He might actually GET it soon!! (LOL!!)


Pamela said...

Same thing happened to my son. He wasn't using his soap, and I figured out he was not soaping himself all up. Had to walk him through it. LOL! Maybe it's just a teenage boy thing??
Glad your cable and internet is up an running again.
Sorry about the boys mom.

Gerry said...

When I observed my grandparents taking care of my little Uncle Bill born late in his mother's life and slow I thought oh I could never work with really slow person, and when my youngest sister had a nervous breakdown, I had to find the patience and the endurence to work with her, because I came to believe part of her problem was inheriting some slow genes like my little Uncle Bill, no where near as limiting as his, but they still gave her so much trouble because she got so frustrated and angry when she could not keep up with everyone! She was my mother's last child. She still has behavior problems she repeats over and over. I read a book a father wrote about a boy with very severe autism. Boy, that book humbled me. This boy hardly understood anything, yet this father was so remarkable in just not abandoning him as so many might have done. Just talk about Ryan more and problems and don't think we won't be interested because I am very interested. My great aunt also had a slow boy, so I have put a lot of thought into members of the family who aren't born easy for their parents to raise. And I have observed how much their caretakers have to do in teaching them tasks over and over. My grandparents had to help my little Uncle Bill until they died, but fortunately his maker sent a frecklefaced redhaired sweetheart the world would have called ugly who married him without asking for more than he could give. She was wonderfully musically talented and they sang in the choir and most of their kids are musical, so you never know. Gerry

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