Friday, January 2, 2009

eco friendly Friday

It is a new year and with it comes a new commitment to reducing and recycling.
Last year I made great strides. I started looking at all of my packaging and really checking to see what else I could recycle. By doing that I have reduced my trash to one trash bag a week.
I have started using nothing but my canvas bag’s and that has really helped to reduce my plastic consumption.
I have started doing some carpooling which really helps save me time and gas.
I have always loved yard sales and thrift stores, but now I am really looking for used items and not buying new items. I am also really trying to find ways to reuse the items that I have and buying doing that I am discovering that my trips to the stores have really slowed down.
I have started buying organic and local food. I have even started asking people if I can pick their fruit. Everyone I have asked gave me the look of please take it.
Over this past year I have really gotten my husband on board with some of these things. The part that my husband likes is the fact that we are saving money.
Last week I was telling Rusty about a show I saw where some people had planted a living wall. These people planed Ivy in their house. By doing this is helped to clean the air, cool the house and it looked really cool.
So that got me to thinking. How can I plant a living wall? In the summer time the sun just pounds one side of the house. After much discussion with Rusty and Warren here is what we came up with.
For the window in the dinning room and one of the windows in the kitchen we are going to plant rose bushes right outside the window. Not only will smell good, but they will also block out the sun.
As for the windows on the back of the house. We have 4 huge windows on the back of the house. Warren suggested that I plant green beans. At first I was lost, but Warren said that once we get a trellis built the green beans will form a natural curtain. O.K. now it is starting to come together for me. I am also going to plant some corn in front of the windows.
Rusty and I have had many conversations about planting more vegetables. So I have my list of everything that he would like me to plant.
Living in California we have a very long growing season, so I am hoping that we will have plenty to eat all summer long. No I do not can and I don’t want to learn. LOL
Rusty just amazes me because he use to laugh at me, and now on certain things he is starting to come around.
I have a few small goals for this year.
1. I am giving up toothpaste and I am going to use baking soda instead. Baking soda is more natural and the box is easier to recycle the plastic.
2. No more tissues at all. Rusty has a ton of handkerchief’s and we are going to start using them.
3. This last one I hope is going to be very easy….. We will buy nothing new for the house or our children….except new undies and shoe‘s. This also falls under my no spending diet.
So here it is. My new goals for this year.


Melissa said...

cool, goodluck with all of that

a corgi said...

I think that is all doable Kelli! I like what you are going to be planting! that's a good idea to do it that way too for multiple purposes; shade and food and beauty!

I stand in awe that you can get by with one bag of trash a week!!! that's great!!!

looking forward to reading your progress throughout the year


Small Footprints said...

Wow ... that is fabulous! First, let me say congratulations on all that you have accomplished in the last year. And second ... I am so impressed with what you plan to do in 2009. Planting to provide food as well as shade is a great idea. What I really like about what you are going to plant is that in the winter, when one would like the heat of the sun, the plants will have died down. Perfect! Food ... shade ... and sun in the winter. What could be better! The no-spending diet is wonderful, too! We only buy new when we can't find it used ... and then, we usually talk ourselves out of it by saying ... do we really need it after all. And usually the answer is: no!

Happy "Green" New Year!

Small Footprints

LIZ said...

Ok now you have me feeling I think I will have to start being more aware of what Im throwing away. And what I can recycle. I think we should all get on Kelli's bandwagon and save our planet!!!!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Very cool, good luck with everything

Paula said...

You have some good ideas in place here, but you always do. I might something about the baking soda for toothpaste. For years I have made a paste of baking soda and peroxide for my night time toothpaste.

Martha said...

I like your New Years goals! I've been getting better and better about green living too. I planted my garden last year for the first time, it didn't do very well. I'll be trying again in the spring.
Hope your holidays were happy - the best to you and your family for the New Year!

Nelishia said...

That sounds so good and so smart and definitely inspiring! I've asked for fresh fruit just hanging off of people's trees before. We have someone down the road that let's their pears go to waste. I should also use reusable shopping bags. That was a good prompt. I used to just roll my eyes too. Not buying anymore tissue is something I haven't thought of since I thought it was biodegradable when wet. I won't skimp on toilet paper like Sheryl Crow. lol The idea about vinings as a window covering sounds very cool and when you do it, I hope you post loads of pictures.

Thank you for being a great, supportive friend.

Gerry said...

Well, I started off feeling sorry for that poor polar bear so you hooked me. I think plantng those vegetables are an especially good idea, being a child gardner. I would always take the garden to the housework. You might try freezing which should be alot easier than canning, but I swore I would can no more after all the bottling we had to do, as kids yet. I do love fresh produce so I try to buy everything fresh, to our farmer's market first and then the grocery stores. For example I have been able to get chunks of banana winter squash to my farmers market the first time I have found it for years. When I eat fresh kale and beets plus their greens, I feel like vitamins are just jumping in me. I think I know how cows feel! Oh, and good idea about the canvas bags. I have got three to take to store now if I can just remember them! Good girl. Gerry

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