Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the letter s

Betty from over at a corgi's tale gave me the letter s. So I am going to play along and list ten things that I like with the letter s

1. Sesame street, I use to sit and watch this show for hours

2. sewing. No guessing there

3. sweat. I love watching other people do it. O.K. I actually like seeing marines covered in sweat as the run on the beach.

4. soda. I am cutting way back, but I love soda.

5. shrimp. I love shrimp, so when I get it I share it with one of my cats who also likes shrimp.

6. sex. I love having sex with my husband.

7. sucking. I love watching the baby kittens sucking on their bottles.

8. sweetener. I love anything sweet.

9. sunshine. I can play in the sun all day long. The sun is my friend.

10. shrinking. I would love to shrink my waistline.


Small Footprints said...

Nice list! I'm with you on #10 but ... for me ... I think it's "opposite" day. :)

Small Footprints

a corgi said...

I loved #6; I just knew if I gave you "S", I would see this on your list, LOL :)

I loved Sesame Street too!! I was disappointed when my kids outgrew it.

all great S's; thanks for playing!!!


Paula said...

Nice esses you got there.

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