Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying to move on

I got some great news today! I have been fighting with the state over my medical insurance and today I had an angle sent to me. I talked with a man from the state review board and he is willing to help me. One day next week I have to take all of my medical bills down to his office and he is going to make sure that they all get paid....without my outrageous deductible!
This man also suggested that I apply for disability. I told this nice man that I do not qualify, but he seems to think I will. Since I am so young, and the doctors want to take all my plumbing, but the state won't pay for it, I would be limited on what I could do for work.
Rusty said that we should look into it, because at least that way I would also have medical insurance.
The sad thing is this man is seeing more and more people like me. The working poor and veterans dependents with no health coverage. This is a sad but a true fact.
I called Rusty with my news and he was happy for me! I may have beaten down, but I fought the system and I am getting what I needed and that is to get me bills paid.
Today I spent the day cleaning up the house and getting laundry done. I also had to go get a starter for Ambers car. One of the marines put it on for us today. From the time I left to go to Chicago and then came home, the starter went out on Ambers car's and my car is now over heating. So we got Ambers car running today. I need at least one car to run.
Tomorrow I have been invited to join a group of ladies called Daughters of the American Revolution . I am not sure what I am suppose to do there, but my girlfriend is speaking to these ladies on the quilting that we do for the wounded warrior battalion. I guess I should look up and see what exactly these ladies are about. I was thinking about not going, but I am going to go because it will be something different, and I am always up for something different!
As for what is going on with my mom and my niece. Everyone went into court today, and the judge gave my mom temp. custody and then on Feb. 25 she will get permanent custody. I found all of this out from brother in law.
I just can't bring myself to call my mom. Just speaking to my mom causes me to have a lot of stress. I can still feel the stress in my bones!
I was thinking about calling my mom and telling here about my good news, but I know she would not listen, so why bother.
I can't wait to get together with my shrink. I am sick of feeling the stress, and I am sure Rusty is sick of hearing about it.
So for now, I have decided to not have any contact with my mom.
Well, I need to get busy with my sewing. I still need to finish that never ending baby quilt, and I just found out that we have another marine leaving in five weeks, so I have to get a quilt done for him.
You know me....I work better under pressure! LOL


LIZ said...

Isn't your husband retired Marines?? How come you dont have medical coverage. My husband is retiring soon and we already got all the info for our health coverage for after he retires. Well in any case, I sure hope you get the help you need!!!

Nelishia said...

I am so glad you are getting the help you need. I do know what it's like to feel hopeless for so long that you even quit thinking about it.
Something wonderful happened in our house on Friday. I insisted that Dirk call his mother and tell her because it's not like I could call and tell my own mother. She's not able to listen to me either just like your Mom isn't. I knew the conversation would be turned back around to be all about her. His Mom did rejoice with us but as mentally healthy as she is, she's still not willing or able to stay on subject either, but goes right into giving advice asked for or not.
I'm sure you will make the prettiest quilts. I work pretty well under a deadline too. I hope you post pics.
Sorry about the car but am glad you got help with the labor. I hope you are not without a car at any time.


Gerry said...

Sounds like you are getting back to normal the way they used to do it in the old days, a good quilting bee. Oh those ladies had fun, and a good meal was always served with a lot of laughter as busy fingers tore up and down those frames and soon had another quilt to sell for the Relief Society. They would have loved you. My grandma W. was ambideterous and could quilt with both hands. I am somewhat ambideterous and run my mouse and cut cloth and nails with my right hand even though I do most everything else left handed. It's good to hear you talk about quilting as I know you have been through a very sad ordeal. I think you are right until you feel up to talking not to but do what lifts you up. Gerry

Melissa said...

im glad that

ADM DESIGN'S said...

I am glad you are getting the help you need.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Your post piqued my interest of my own struggles with my abusive father and other negative family that I cannot name... No mater how nice and civil you try to be-- they seem to lay in ambush to pounce and pick you apart with all sorts of negativity and reminders of your past mistakes. In that case, I would just avoid those who seek to hurt and tear you down. Pray for them to find the Lord.

Warm Regards,

Chrissie said...

Hey I decided to check in on you. I'm so happy you're getting that stuff taken care of and if you can get on assistance even better.
So sorry about your mom and I too think it is best that you not talk to her.
Take care, Chrissie

A Bishops Wife said...

I was shocked when ny sons SSI came in just 2 weeks after we applied. I had heard horror stories and was afraid to do it.

I hope things get better with you and your mom.

Daughters of the American Revelution--Join'em. It is a honor they asked you. I wish I could quilt.

I dreamed of brand new sewing machine is till in my closet and is now 5 years old and never used. Can you teach me how to thread it? What do I do with that bobbin thingy? LOL

Pamela said...

I'm glad you are getting the help you need. I hope it all works out. Have fun in the quilting group. Sounds fun to me! It's always good to get together with ladies.

Indigo said...

That was one of the pluses for me finally opting for disability. I was having balance problems up to the ying with my oncoming deafness, not to mention all the CAT scans, drs., medication to try to level off the headaches. It was getting out of hand.

As soon as I went Deaf, most of the ailments left. I still get disability, because this backwards area I live in can't see me as a functioning human being. I now have Medicaide. I didn't apply for coverage of my medication, in the end they give you less disability for more me it's screwy. So I pay the $150 a month out of pocket for inhalers and one pill I'm on for life because of damage done to my stomache lining.

Still, something is better than nothing dear one. It can't hurt to apply and get a little extra money coming in the house. Your in my thoughts my hippie sister. (Hugs)Indigo

Traci said...

I'm glad you found someone to help you through the red tape. I'm glad you are listening to yourself and not communicating with your mom for now. She isn't in a healthy place and you don't need the stress.

Lori said...

I think you'll enjoy the DAR meeting. I am SO GLAD you've got someone to help with getting your medical help. I hope he can push things through for you quickly.

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