Friday, January 9, 2009

get a grip

There are a few things that expect when I go to the commissary. I expect to see old people, young couples, active duty guy's, and mothers with their small children.

I also know that when you marry someone in the military you will have to leave po dunk no where and go where ever the military sends you. Yes, some places are more expensive then other.

I know that the military is getting a raise this year. However let me break this down. We may be getting a pay raise, but lets not forget that taxes will be taken out of that money. We do not pay taxes if we shop on base, but we do pay a 7% service charge for using the commissary. Yes, it can still be cheaper to shop there, but if you look around you can also find way better deals out in town.

With all of this said, I went to the commissary today. I had my general list and I know that I will be walking out of there about $250 lighter then when I went in. *SIDE NOTE this is actually good, because it will last me a month except for bread, milk and produce that I buy weekly,*

I am minding my own business looking for the sales and looking at all the coupons. When I hear this women scream "I hate California the prices just keep going up and there goes our pay raise!"

I walked past her and I just had to look in her cart. Frozen pizza, corn dogs, soda, juice and chips. I so wanted to grab her and say get a grip! You have nothing in your cart of nutrition value and yes lady junk food is expensive! I feed a family of five, two big dogs and five cat's on less then $500 a month and that includes toilet paper and cleaning supplies!

I just kept walking. Then this lady start's yelling at her child because this child is climbing up the shelving! I would have never gotten away with that, and sure as hell did not let my children do that. I would have spanked them right then and there.

I am just amazed at this women. I know her husband would have been embarrassed if he had seen this. Oh this women has a long hard road a head of her.

Other then that my day has been great!


Indigo said...

It's always the ones who screech the loudest isn't it. The ones who shout unfair while stockpiling more than their share. Those are the ones the change the ruales and make it harder for the rest of us. Sounds like this woman could use a few hardknock lessons. We've all been there and know nothing comes easy nor cheap. (Hugs)Indigo

Amy said...

There's always gonna be something for her to bitch about. I've been around my fair share.

LIZ said...

Im sure she complains....but I bet she isnt doing a darn thing to try to help the cause of the problems.

Melissa said...

glad u had a great day...minus that lady

Pamela said...

She's gonna have something to bitch about no matter what is going on. I agree with you about the kid....mine would have NEVER gotten away with that.
I see kids misbehaving everywhere now, and getting away with it. What kind of generation is coming?? Scary!
Hope you have a good weekend.

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