Thursday, January 8, 2009


I had a few comments on my no spending diet, so I thought I would share some things that have been going on with that and how it has changed my thinking and my out look on a few things.
I mentioned yesterday that I so wanted to order a pizza, but I knew that would be expensive. Well, expensive for us. Instead I went out to the garage and looked at my over flow shelf and found dinner.
Yesterday I went into a sporting goods store that almost always has shoes on clearance. I found $60 scatter shoes for $20! They are really cool looking, and Nikki told me that they were top of the line and the must have shoes. I bought Chris (Nikki's boyfriend) and Ryan a pair. Ryan just got new shoes, but he is growing so fast, so I bought them in his next size and just put them up.
The shoes that Chris had were full of holes! Now I told Chris that I would help him out since he is now on his own. However by not buying pizza, I was able to have the extra money to buy him new shoes.
Yesterday for dinner I made bbq pork sandwiches and I had to make the bread for those sandwiches. I ended up using three half open bottles of bbq sauce and everything turned out great. I am learning to use everything up.
My no spending diet has helped to really stretch my mind when it comes to finding new way's to do without. I don't think that we are really doing without. I am banking more money and that has really come in handi when things break, or I do find a good deal and I am able to stock up.
I still do a major shopping once a month, and then I do buy produce every week. I found this place that has three orange tree's and they allow us to pick oranges! So we are eating a lot of oranges and I have started making fresh O.J. in the morning.
Another blogging friend mentioned today that she went to the thrift store to buy some new stuff! I am so proud of her.
I asked Nikki last night if Chris liked his shoes, because he would not put them on yesterday. Nikki said that Chris just felt bad because people are buying him things and he does not have a job yet. I simply said "I told Chris that I would help him out".
Nikki and I had a long talk about Chris and the shoes. It turns out that his mom never kept her word. Chris has never had people step up to help him or do something for him just because it is the right thing to do. How sad. I was also told that his mom would turn people away, because she thought that they would want something from her.
I told Nikki that I am going to teach Chris a lesson and that lesson is that not everyone in the world is out to get you, that people do care, and that I am going to make such an impact on him that he will one day look back and say "I once knew this lady..."
One of my goals for this week was to get my closet cleaned out. I did actually get that done yesterday. O.K. I got my stuff cleaned out. Rusty still has a few boxes that are packed with stuff, but I just shoved them to his side of the closet.
I have this box in the closet that I throw papers into and I have all of Rusty and mine old letters in there. I was digging in the box and I came across a newspaper clipping of me. I had the hair all done and the make up was perfect. I showed Rusty that article and he said "I have never seen this one."
Someplace I also have a tape from when I was on CNN. That was a life time ago. Rusty was in Iraq and I was working in the corporate world. It is so hard for me to believe that it was only about 8 years ago. I look at those pictures and I look at my suits and think that is was a life time ago.
Trading in the corporate life and staying home with the children is the best thing I have ever done!


Linda's World said...

That's my goal for the rest of January (just waiting for Bob to leave for CA so I can get something done.)I also have 2 piece suits hanging in my closet and I know they have programs that help women get on their feet & they take professional clothes to give to these gals. So those will be the first to go. I love finding bargains at the GW and thrift shops. Have also found some clothing bargains on eBay. Linda in soggy Washington state

Amy said...

Y'know....I recycle ALOT. My bin is always full every week.... so WHY is my house so overrun with paperwork?! It's CRAP, I tell you...

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I love a challenge especially when it comes to a "Tonights Dinner". For months I have been using up my overflow and love the new recipes I've discovered in doing so. I think what your doing for Chris is wonderful with hopes he gets it the way you are delivering it. I organize for a living so you can imagin how unorganized I am. Take care and enjoy,

Melissa said...

your always coming up with new ideas :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

First time here. I love the picture you used at the beginning of this post. It's beautiful.

Gerry said...

I enjoyed this entry because I have been able to find so many great buys at my thrift store by waiting until Senior Citizen day 30 percent off or buying something on tag day for $1. I am always trying to think how to cut back on my spending at the grocery store. I do bet your chicken noodle soup was the best. My kids always loved my homemade noodles to go with, but I am not eating chicken now so I think delicious vegetable soup with tofu. I have tofu on the brain now. I try to think of different vegetable delights and the freshest is the best. But the Farmer's market across the street is expensive, but I still shop for some stuff there because it so wonderfully fresh. I do like to read all your ideas about how to recycle and spend less. Interesting to think of you in the corporate world but you know what , I think a woman can get very creative staying home and thinking of projects like you do to make life interesting, and I think a more flexible schedule by some parent is the best for kids, so one can respond to needs. I think both parents working tends to get very stressful on the whole family at times and there is no time to make homemaking a beautiful thing. Gerry

Small Footprints said...

I love your statement that you're not really doing without. That's the key ... not doing without but making smarter choices.

Thrift stores are fabulous places ... it's like a treasure hunt. And you know ... I am so much more excited about the bargains I find ... much more than something I buy brand new.

Great post!

Small Footprints

Indigo said...

I have no doubt you are making an impact in Chris's life. It took me forever to realize, people could be genuinely kind from the goodness of their heart. For me it's important to pay that lesson forward for someone else.

I think I like my Hippie sister just the way she is now. I can't imagine you in a corporate world, somehow I see it as strangling who you are. (Hugs)Indigo

Paula said...

John and I went to our favorite thrift store yeaterday. We go on senior citizen's day and get things even cheaper. We find stuff that is just like new and some is new. Wish there would have been these stores when I was first starting out with a home and when my girls were little.

a corgi said...

that is so sad about Chris and his mother; more sad about his mom; Chris will eventually "get it" and hopefully be a better parent when he is a dad, but sad that his mom just couldn't quite 'get' it to be a better mom to him; so sad....but glad that you are teaching him and showing him by your example on how you live

(you can have the shirt, LOL, Kelli, I also got some clothes
from my MIL for Christmas that won't fit me; she's so kind, she has me wearing a size 10 (never in even my skinniest of days was I a 10). long story why I won't have her return the clothes (she buys them on base; we just take them every year and thank them for what they give us); I'll have Mr. Cadillac bring them over some time next week :)


Traci said...

You are doing such a good job of being frugal yet taking care of everyone! Poor Chris. Sounds like he needs some love. Nikki is going to be just like her momma!

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