Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chilling all weekend

Here it is Sunday night and I am finally getting around to writing. Man this has been a crazy weekend for me.
I had to take Amber up to the airport so she could go to Louisiana. One of the marines is getting married, and she is in the wedding. Anyway, we were running late, so I was flying up the freeway, we finally get there, and I told Amber to run. Amber calls me a few minutes later to tell me that they won't let her on! I told her to start crying and to push up her boobs and get on that aircraft! She sent me a text saying that she got on. I am just such a good mom! LOL
One of the other marines is now U.A. Yep, I there it is. If anyone shows up here I know nothing.
Another marine walked in and bent over, put his head on my shoulder and started to cry. His mother just had a massive heart attack. She ended up having 3 stents put in.
Yesterday I just sat in bed and worked on tie blankets. I was so not in the mood to do much else. Today however was very different. I got the cleaning bug today. I scrubbed this house down today.
I discovered that the elves have been in my closet taking in one of my coats. I have an old Navy p coat and I love it! I found that coat at a thrift stores years ago. I went to put it on the other night and it was tight. I need to ask the girls if they want it. Now I am on the hunt for another p coat. I think I will hide this one so elves won't touch it.
I was out with Rusty and the boy's this weekend. We just went down to the VFW, and it was the usual crowd and the usual D.J. Well the D.J. went out to smoke and some young guy that was working all that stuff Say's "Are you with Rusty?" Being the smart ass that I am I said "Well Kinda, I am married to him. I walk outside and I tell the D.J. what that kid said to me. The D.J. just laughed and said "Well I am teaching my son to go for the cougars." I just smiled and said "I will kill your son."
side note. A cougar is a much older women who goes after younger men. Oh no thank you there!
Well the kitten is now playing on the desk, so I better get off here before he starts helping me.


Melissa said...

sounds like a busy weekend

Chrissie said...

LOL you always have stuff going on.
Take care, Chrissie

Heli gunner Tom said...

My best thoughts go to you and your family!


LIZ said...

Im glad she got on her flight...great advice love it!!


Traci said...

Good going on getting Amber on the plane! Tears work every time!

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