Sunday, March 8, 2009


Don't you just love mother Teresa? Several years ago I saw a book of all her saying, but I did not buy it. Now I wish I had.
Anyway, I don't think my life can get any crazier. My car still is not fixed. What we were told was going to be an easy fix has turned into us needing to put a new engine in Rusty's truck.
So we are down to one car. That means I have to take Rusty to and from work everyday. That is 4 hours out of my day. We will get the truck back just in time for Rusty to leave for one of his trips.
Oh Friday I was kinda involved in a high speed chase. The cops were casing someone, so everyone started pulling over and that caused a few fender binders. Then out of no where more cops passed me. I kept looking up because I wanted to see the po po in the air. I was hoping to be able to call the girls so and tell them to turn on the news and see me. But that did not happen.
Saturday I did a ton of yard work. It was so nice to go outside and get some of that stuff done. Today I am going to finish up and get some flowers planted. I do have some corn seed's so I am also going to get a row of corn in.
I think Ryan has lost his mind or he is just getting super lazy. Today I treat him like he was two and walk him through all of his chores because he could not be bothered to do them correctly. The thing that gets me is that these are not new chores these are chores that he has been doing for a few years now! I just made him re do everything. There is never enough time to it right but there is always time to do it again.
Today Rusty is cleaning out the garage. I was going to go help him, but I decided not to. I have asked and asked Rusty to go through all of his crap and he has not done it. Now all of a sudden he has a wild hair up his ass and wants that garage clean. If I was a betting women I would say 90% of the crap in that garage is his. Rusty still has not gone through all of his parents crap, but he did go through some of it today, I am happy about that.
I just asked one of the marines if we could borrow his car for two day's but he said that it would be to big of an inconvenience for him. O.K. how about all the times we put ourselves out to let you borrow our car. Note to self: do not loan this marine a car ever again.
My last foster kitty went to his new home yesterday! It is kinda strange not having him around, but it is nice to know that he went to good home.
O.K. I need to finish putting everything back in the kitchen, and then I am going to go plant my flowers.


Queenneenee said...

Hi Kell-I see you had some excitement on the highway huh? Get the hell outta their way-we don't need you gettin hurt now do we?
Don't you just love that people tend to forget when you were there when THEY needed a hand?
Have an awesome day in your yard!

Paula said...

With all you do for all the marines any of them should be ready to help you out at the drop of a hat. Shame on him.

a corgi said...

good thing you got out this weekend to do some yard work seeing how its misty and sprinkling this morning (oh wait sun is trying to come out)

sorry about the car troubles, anything I can help with?


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