Monday, March 16, 2009

on the hunt

I love this picture of me, but the other day when I was looking at I realized that the hat I am wearing got crushed in a move. I need to go find my a new floppy hat. I am thinking the bigger and floppier the better. I have to go to wal crap today so I will start there.

I got up this morning and realized that half the light bulb in my kitchen were out. I am standing with coffee in hand looking at my ceiling. I don't think I can reach those bulbs. I could put it on Rusty's to do list, but we may end up eating by flashlight for several months. I guess I am just going to have to get the ladder out and try standing on the step that says it is not a step. I will also have to come up with a real good story in case I fall.

One of the marines asked me if I bought in Nitrogen to help my corn grow. Well, no I did not. That got me to wondering. Nitrogen was used in the Oklahoma city bombing, so if I walk into a feed store and ask for some will that send up a red flag? I have always wanted to be involved in an investigation.

I am really struggling with Nikki's trips this year. See on one hand I want her to go and have a good time and explore the world. However one of the trips she wants to take is to Mexico. Hello they are sending American heads back. My husband is selling the body armour and guns. I guess my fear is that my husband and the marines would start another war because something happened to Nikki. I am very open minded, but I have to wonder if I am to open minded sometimes.

It is finally warming up here. I would guess that in another month the lake will be warm enough to get in. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time on the lake. Right now I can hear people out there boating. I love the water!

I have been trying to get some quilts done because I just found that three marines are deploying soon. I am thinking that I am going to have to give up quilting for them and go to tie blankets. I am just amazed at many of my boy's are deploying.

I would like to ask the universe why I was placed around all military. Why does my heart go out to these boy's. Why is it that the marines trust me so much. Just a week ago we were picking up a marine and once we got on the road he said "mom we only had one death...." and then he gave me all the details. Why me? Then again maybe the question should be why not me?

Well the sun is shinning, so I am going to go outside and play in it.

Life is good


Queenneenee said...

Hi Kelli-I had to laugh when you said wal crap. I just call it a dump. I try not to go there, they are terrible to their help. Why don't you go to a scecon hand shop and look for a hat. Now thats eco friendly isn't it?!!! Now don't go gettin yourself in trouble with the nitrogen, I don't need to be reading about you on
Speaking of cnn, yes they are killing everyone in Mexico, especially Americans. I wouldn't let her go there, nope. The government is telling us to stay out of Mexico. Take care and have lots of fun in the sun girl!

Paula said...

John and I used to go across the border about every three months. No more, we don't go near that border. I vote no no no don't let her go. Hope you find that hat and have fun in the sun.

LIZ said...

That is a very cute picture of you I love the hat!!!

Gerry said...

I love this photo of you in your floppy hat. I have bought hats at Walmart One year they had all kinds of fancy red hats and I thought what is this with the red hats, but that was before I found out there was a red hat society. My thrift store is an excellent place to buy hats, but not all thrift stores are, or there may not be a good one for miles. Target has hats, too. I am very interested in this hat business naturally. I hope you find a dream hat. But you do need one for summer. Gerry

Nelishia said...

You are a vision in a floppy hat. So very ladylike.
There has to be a reason that you've surrounded yourself with soldiers. I'd be worried too as a Mom about the Mexico trip. These aren't the best of times to use the world as a playground. Sometimes the fenced in backyard is the better choice.
I just have to stop by and saying hi because I admire you and support you too.


Traci said...

I tried to go to Walmart today but the power was out in the whole city. And I watched tons of brilliant people trying to go shopping!

natalie said...

Dear Kelli,
why you? I know you feel existential sometimes; but it is because you have a huge heart and these Marines need you and they bond with you so much!
Please please do not let Nikki go to Mexico! I am totally with you guys on that! Way too dangerous!
Did you finally get that light bulb changed? love,natalie

Lori said...

That's why I keep my 19-year-old around -- to change light bulbs for me! lol

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