Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can you believe?

I had to take Rusty into work today and I was happy to do so. It gave us time to talk without a bunch of ears around.

I told Rusty that the last time I talked to my mom she admitted that she was depressed to hardly function. My mother is going to work and that is about it. I did not say anything to my mom, I just let it go. I told Rusty that I really need to think about this before I voice my option on this subject.

I have several concerns. I can only imagine the stress that she is under because in the last two years she has lost a husband and a daughter. Now she is taking on raising a 12 year old. I have spoken my peace on that subject, not that it matters. What can I do from here? If my mom does something crazy that what happens to hell child?

Rusty had no real advice for me on that subject. I need to really think this one through before I say something.

Then the subject of my money came up. I have been told by a few relatives that my dad left me some money. To the tune of six figures. I have not seen this money, nor have I asked my mom about this. Rusty would like to know if it is true. So would I, but how do you ask a question like that? Does the money really matter. To me it does not. I would buy my dream car and then put the rest away for the girls.

Rusty said that he is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Since my dad and my sister have died we have done nothing but hear rumors. The one person that would know the truth would be my dad's older sister, but I have not spoken to her in 19 years, so I don't feel that asking her would be the right answer to my questions. I am just leaving all of this alone.

I did tell Rusty that I have feeling once my mom dies that there is going to be a huge mess to clean up.

After I got back from taking Rusty I checked my e mail. I got an e mail from a dear friend telling me that she has a new baby girl. O.K. wait one second. I talked to you a few weeks ago and you were not pregnant! I am guessing that they adopted.

I am to old for shocks like this. I do not have a baby girl blanket ready! Oh my head hurts. I am so happy for them. They will be awesome parents, and now it give me an excuse to go see them!

I think we have everything ready for winter camp. I know Chris is happy to be going.

OH! speaking of Chris. I found today that his sister told his mom that he is not living here. I did not want this women to know where Chris was, that is why we told her that he was living here. Chris is doing awesome. He is going to school and he will graduate this spring. Someone paid for him to go to winter camp and he is looking into going into the service.

Chris is finally getting his life together after his mother tore it apart and now his sister goes and does this. The sister is on my shit list, and I told Chris this.

The rest of my day is calling me. Lets pray for no more surprise babies and no more trouble from Chris's family.


Gerry said...

Surprise babies They do need to tell the quiltmaker some ahead of time. Our family quilt maker has retired, but everyone wanted one of her quilts in her day, just like you. Some swore they could not sleep unless under the comfort of one of her quilts, a whole bunch of adults worried about their baby blanky from Aunt Ann. Blessed are the quiltmakers! Gerry

Paula said...

Hope you do come into some money someday. You deserve it.

LIZ said...

Just stopping by to say hello....hope you have a good weekend!!!

Missie said...

Either your friend adopted or it was the shortest pregnancy ever! LOL

Enjoy your weekend.

a corgi said...

congrats to your friend for her new little one!! both of my babies were surprises (less than a day notice for both of them :)

that would be an awkward situation about the money thingy/your dad. however, if it is not a rumor, it would be nice that those who know for sure about it come out and tell you since it was your dad's intent to have it (if it exists)

hoping Chris/Nikki have a great winter camp experience! I think its neat Chris is on track to graduate! so important to get that diploma


LYN said...

haven't been by in a while so just wanted to say TGIF!! have a great weekend...

Pamela said...

I really hope there is an inheritance for you from your Dad. You deserve it!
Good luck to Chris. Sounds like with your help, he's doing good!

Nelishia said...

Surprise babies! Ha! Here we thought we had a surprise baby and we weren't looking to adopt nor were either one of us fertile! She is so not going to be a hell child as long as I'm drawing a breath in this world though. We were only married a few months when the situation with my grandbaby became so dire that it was emergency. Now we're happy parents to her. I grew up under tons of quilts so I know the importance of the legacy.
I hope that money comes to you and your Mother fesses up and tells you about it. Thank you for steering Chris so he can have a life of his own one day. Dodge the busy body relatives who think they are 'just helping'.


Indigo said...

Is your mom is the type of person who would keep the inheritance from you? It truly doesn't sound like she is of sound mind to be raising a teenager. I think I would be just as pissed at Chris's sister. What the hell was she thinking? (Hugs)Indigo

Traci said...

You are the best. Your giving spirit never ceases to amaze me!

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