Friday, March 27, 2009

eco friendly friday

We seem to have a ton of pill bottles around, so I went on the hunt for some of the best ways to reuse them. I hope that you guys find at least one ides for all your old pill bottles and as always leave me your idea!
1.The easiest way to reuse pill bottles is to store household odds n' ends in them, such as nails, nuts and bolts, thumbtacks, or paperclips. Organize your kitchen "junk drawer" this way, and write the items' names on the outside of the bottle.

2. When traveling, store only the vitamins and supplements you'll need during your trip in an empty pill bottle. You won't have to take along a the whole container for each supplement, thereby saving room in your luggage for souvenirs.

3. Make a goofy, ironic Christmas tree ornament (or several) out of empty pill bottles: carefully punch a hole in the lid of the bottle with an awl or icepick, then thread a loop of twine, ribbon, or fishing line through the hole and knot it on the inside. Replace the cap on the bottle. Quite a statement about holiday stress, no?

4. Give a basket of pill bottle filled with different candies to friends on their "milestone" birthdays--30, 40 or 50. Be sure to remove the original labels (see step 1) and replace with homemade labels--such as "Over the Hill Pills." You could even make a birthday card resembling a prescription pad to go with the theme.
5. Make a baby's rattle by filling an empty pill bottle with a few dried beans. Just be sure to glue the lid on the bottle so the child cannot open the rattle.

6. Store your spices in a collection of empty pill bottles, and write the name of the spice on the lid. This is a great solution for storing herbs that you have grown and dried yourself. You could even build or purchase a wall-mounted spice rack to display your collection.
7. use them to start your seeds in.
8. glue the cap on and make a cat toy out of them. If your cat is like our cat's they will play with anything!
9. Use them as coin holders. I am going to have to put on in my laundry room and in my daughters car! We always have a ton of change there.
10. Make a pocket sewing kit. I really should do this! I am always needing to sew something for someone when I am not around my sewing machine.
Don't forget that tomorrow is earth hour! Check my face book for more info.


LIZ said...

Where do you come up with all your ideas???

Have a great weekend!!!

Small Footprints said...

Wonderful ideas ... I use the spice idea all the time. I'm always mixing up blends of spices and those little bottles work great ... and, since they are the same size, it keeps my spice cabinet nice and tidy.

I really like the idea of filling them with candy as gifts and tiny little sewing kits.

I contacted my pharmacy to see if they had a recycle problem ... I mean ... wouldn't that be brilliant. But no ... they won't do it ... something about any residue from the previous contents and all that. So ... haven't they heard of soap and water? Oh well ... I'm still a believer in asking because the more we ask, the more likely they'll respond.

Wonderful post ... just love your Eco Friendly Fridays.

Small Footprints

It's Just Katie! said...

Alot of great ideas I'll put to use. Take care and enjoy your weekend ahead!

Paula said...

Being of the pill age we have a lot of bottles too. I have been throwing them in the recycle bin. I like the idea of organising my junk drawer. Think I'll do that when I get around to it. Thanks for the suggestions.

nancybrownowl said...

hi kelli, i enjoy reading your recycle tips but my hubby just tips my rubbish drawer in the kitchen, into the bin when im not looking :( I have put a special pic for you on my blog take care love from fergus and minnie and me xx god bless

Lori said...

Great ideas!

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