Monday, March 30, 2009


Saturday was so awesome! A bunch of us headed down to the lake for some much need sun and fun. The water was freezing cold, but it also felt good to get in the lake and swim.
Saturday all of us including the marines went to the see the play Beauty and the beast. One of Nikki's friends was in the play, so we all decided that it would be a great evening out, and it was! The cast did such an awesome job. I have not been to a play in a while, but it is something that I love. Ryan is really enjoyed himself as well. It is hit or miss with Ryan, so I was glad to see him having a blast.
Sunday just sucked! I argued with Amber. She is on my last nerve. I found out that she was going to get her nose pierced. Now normally that would not bother me, but I just came unglued.
O.K. Amber lets recap all of this. I am paying your phone bill, your car insurance, your college, your cable, your car registration, and most of all you live here for free! Does this child honestly think that a nose ring is going to help her get a job? Sometimes I think Amber is really pushing me, but I am to the point where I am ready to throw her ass out into the real world.
Amber need to go back to the rich family that once had her. Amber is to good to work fast food, or go around ask people for work. Heck even Nikki asked if she could take down our recycling just so she could pay her phone bill. Amber won't even do that! Oh this child of mine.
Rusty got on my last nerve as well. The tanning bed was acting up so I asked Rusty if he would fix it again. The answer was no because he did not want to put any more money into it. I said a few things that I should not have said, and then I went and listed the tanning bed on craigslist. Some people came and got it. I started cleaning up the garage.
I was out there working out some anger when Rusty comes out to help. I really did not want help. I just wanted to be left alone to work out some anger issues. I can't figure out why when something is important to Rusty we have the money for it, but when it comes to me we never have the money. Why is that?
Last night I just turned in to the ice queen. I will get over it. Maybe I have finally learned my lesson? The lesson that says just stop hoping for things. You will never get them.
I mentioned to Rusty that I have not gone rock climbing out in Joshua tree in a while. ( So I have been asking around I think I have a group that would be game for rock climbing, hiking, and just hanging out. I feel the need to get out and explore the world around me.
Years ago I saw a sign that said "bloom where you are planted". That is so true. I know as a military wife that I have not always liked where we lived but this is a big world so we need to get out there and explore it. I know that we wont live her forever, so I better enjoy southern California while I can.
O.K. it is time to get my day started.


Paula said...

I'm so glad Ryan had a good time. You know my heart always goes out to him. Sorry you're having "it" with Amber.

Rachel said...

I kicked my son out when he was 18. Hard decision, to put it mildly. I cried my heart out, but it was the right thing to do. Now, he's 20 and a father, and doing all the right things, so he's staying here (paying rent) for a couple of months until he gets back on his feet. This crap isn't easy, whether it's kids, inlaws, house guests, or whatever. Hang tough.

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