Thursday, March 19, 2009

everyone is home

Yep. I picked him up last night. Rusty and I took him out to dinner and I told the waitress to just keep their drinks coming. Rusty and the marine had so much to talk about. Me? I sat there with a napkin up my nose because for some reason it started bleeding!
Yesterday a group of marines showed up. I am not sure why. I think some of them are on leave but whatever, here they are in the middle on the week. Yesterday we also had a friend from Il. come in. Man it is so great to see her. I need more girlfriends. O.K. I need more real life friends.
I need to go out to the fall's. Yesterday a group of people went out there and they said that the water is starting to slow down. I need to go get pictures. I will add that to my to do list today.
So I am now on facebook and I have found a few friends from way back when. I even talked to one of them on the phone. O.K. the truth is he was my first boyfriend. I actually talked to him on the phone yesterday. It was kinda creepy how much we have or had in common. He sold drugs. I did drugs. We were both in Hawaii at the same time. It is just strange.
I swear Amber does not know how good she has it. Amber has a roof over her head and food on her table. I pay for her to go to college, and I don't care that she wants to major in yoga! I am paying all of her bills. So what does Amber do yesterday? She turns down a job interview. I chewed her ass. She is going in today.
I also chewed Ambers boyfriends ass out yesterday. I found out that he had been pinching her so hard that he will leaving bruises on her. I put a stop to that. I reminded him that I have a .22 and that if he ever lays a hand her except to love her, that I will hunt him down. We now have an understanding.
Life is good.


Gerry said...

Catching up with the Irish. I must say you lead an interesting life. I do see the Irish in you when I read these entries here, or how I have always imagined the Irish to think and act. I used to go with a wild reddish haired guy I imagined was Irish who certainly lived life to the fullest and then some. He died unexpectedly and his live-in girlfriend took everything he had and moved his best friend in to help her sell his fantastic Indian relic collection (before and after it was illegal) He came to me in a dream and said he could not get through to her so he wanted me to call her. I called her in my dream and when she answered I handed the phone to him. He started to talk and she screamed, "If you ever call here again, I will call the police@#$!" That dream made me laugh so hard. He was so funny. But you could tell he was sure suffering over what she was doing now he had conveniently died. And he was a very hot guy, too, too hot, as he got around to too many people for me. Gerry

Melissa said...

im glad u chewed ambers b/f out. he shouldnt be hurting her. i need some friends i can hang out with least one!

Traci said...

I'm with you on the friend thing. Mine are too busy to be friends sometimes.
The bf needed that talk and more! I worry so much for my girls that they will find men who will treat them right. I know you do too. And Amber needed it too! You don't turn down job interviews!

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