Friday, March 13, 2009

Eco friendly Friday

Well here it is. Another Friday. We have made it through another week.

This week I want to talk about everything sitting on my desk.

Right in front of me is a box of envelopes. They are sitting here reminding me that I still need to register at a few places so I can pay those bills on line. The joy of paying my bills on line is that I never have to search for a stamp, I don't have to drive anywhere, I don't get a mail box full of bill's and inserts that just end up going into the recycling bin anyway.

I have a fan sitting here. Right now it is telling me that I need to clean it, but it works wonders. We turn it on to cool us down. Most of the year I can get away without running my air, and by using the fan while we are in the room it saves us a ton of money on our electric bill. It is so much less expensive to run a fan for a few minutes while we sit here, then to try to cool an entire house.

I have a stack of empty gift cards. I am going to gradually add money to all of them. I have found these card in the trash or someone has just left them laying around. Gift cards are plastic and we all know where plastic comes from.....oil. Also by filling them up throughout the year it will not be crunch time come Christmas.

I have a stack of scratch paper. Anytime we print something and then don't need it, the paper gets cut up to be reused before it goes into the recycling bin. If we are printing out directions or something that we will only use once then we print it on the back of something else.

Next to the desk we have a box where I put all of my husbands old papers. For whatever reason my husband seems to end up with a lot of news papers. Instead of recycling them all right away I save them until the box is full and then I will I take all the papers down to the local animal shelter.

I have a picture of my mom's cat. My mom's cat was one of my foster babies. When I have foster babies in I try very hard to go green with them as well. I reuse crates, blankets, towels. You name it and I reuse it! The only thing I can't figure out how to reuse are the nipples once the kittens chew through them.

I have a tub of body butter. Once all of the body butter is gone I will wash the tub out and save it. Last year I took all of my tubs and posted a message on craigslist. Some lady wanted them because she was going to make bath salts. That works for me. I would rather something be reused before it goes into the recycling.

That is it for my desk. So what is on your desk?

So what else did I do this week that was eco friendly?

1. I rode my bike to the store.

2. I hung a few more loads of laundry.

3. I dumpster dived for boxes when I was helping my girlfriend pack up.

4. I used some of my scraps to make some pet quilts.

5. I made Nikki find a carpool to go to and from all of her church events.

6. I was not going to stop at the store, but I ended up having to. I did not bring any of my reuseable bags with me, so I searched Amber's car and I finally found two bags in the trunk! Yes! I so did not want to have my items out in my arms.


Traci said...

I love how you go eco friendly!

Missie said...

I save all my butter containers for a family member who makes home made dishes like applesauses and uses those containers.

I reuse all paper that what was printed on. I also tear it up into 4 pieces and use the little pieces for scrap paper etc.

Our newspaper we also drop off a farm who always has a sign up and a big box for used newspapers.

I'm trying, I'm trying!

Gerry said...

I have not trained myself well to take my shopping bags with me, but I am getting better. I am training myself now not to let any dirty dishes sit in the sink so as to attract roaches. But it is amazing how just one person can accumulate so much packing paper, containers, etc, which goes to show that we in America spend so much on packaging it is a shame. I have never run into anyone who was doing all you are to recycle and reuse but I am all for it. I am watching myself closer now that I am reading Ecco friendly gal's blog! Gerry

Paula said...

Kelli you don't really want to know what is on my desk. I'll just say among many, too many things, there is a "damn it" doll.

nancybrownowl said...

hi kelli. got your wee comment i took fergus pics last night and got them downloaded today to show you them and for the recycle i did my old papers shredded them for my friends wee rabbit ok take care to you and all the family and remember your marines as well cheerio for now from nancy fergus and minniexxwoof woofxx

Lori said...

You really are the Queen! All Hail the Queen! All Hail the Queen of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling! I have been making my own cleaning supplies using vinegar, salt, soda, and other things. The only thing I haven't been able to give up is my bleach. I really love my bleach.

a corgi said...

I love paying bills online; all your ideas are great.....I'm trying to think what I did "green" this week.......geesh.....I don't think I did much other than week I'll try to have something.....

love your entries like this; does give me ideas


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