Friday, March 13, 2009

I told you so!

Well. I was having a good day. I got a lot of sewing done, took a walk and just goofed off.

My brother in law called me. We have been playing phone tag all week. Well.

It seems that my mom has finally lost her mind for good. About the time my mom told me that she was depressed was the about the time my mom backed a u haul up to my sisters house and took everything that was left. She even took my sister ashes! My mother left my brother in law with a bed.

I knew it was going to happen. I knew it!

However this answers a lot of questions that I had. What am I going to do about my mother depression? I am going to do nothing. My mother has made her bed and now I am going to let lay in it.

My mother has chosen to sit and look at everything my sister ever owned. My mother has chosen to raise the child from hell. My mother has chosen to do so many things. Now there is more light on the subject I can see everything clearly.

I am glad that I chose to keep my mouth shut. I am going to continue to keep my mouth shut. I will not bail my mom out. I will not take part in her pity party. I will not......

I still have no idea why my mom is offering me money. I still have no idea why my mom wants to anchor to me. I still have no idea about a lot of things. What I do know is that my niece is not welcome here, so that means we wont be seeing my mom for a very long time. That is life.

Life and time march on.

My brother in law did mention that he did still have my sisters certificate. I asked him to please mail it to me. He said that he would. Rusty asked my I wanted the birth certificate. That is an easy answer. My mom said that she wanted it because it was hard to replace since my sister was adopted.

Rusty just laughed and called me a bitch. I just laughed back and said "yep I learned it from your mom." Rusty laughed again and said "Yep and we have shoe box to prove it. My mom is smiling down on you right now, You have learned very well."

Before Rusty's mom died she showed me these brass figure the her father had gotten in Cambodia. Now my mother in law has these figurines because she knew that one of her sisters wanted them, and she wanted to piss her sister off, so my mother in law took them. Now with all of that said.... When my mother in law died I went through everything and found those damn brass figurines. I took them long before the family showed up to claim them.

Once I told Rusty the story behind these damn figurines he just laughed. Yep I have learned to be evil and how to plot all thanks to the mother in law! Oh I miss that lady.

Well I need to go mend Nikki's blanket and then I am going to sit in bed and watch t.v. Tomorrow I am going to work in the flower bed and then hike out to the water falls. I might even scale the falls!


Lori said...

I'm sure your MIL would have wanted you to have them! lol You know, if my MIL did to me what your mom did to your BIL I have to say that I would probably report everything stolen and then see about getting the lady some psychiatric help. But I guess it's best just to keep the peace. Oh well! At least, like you said, you hadn't gotten involved.

Pamela said...

I think that it's always better to stay out of drama. Your Mom can take care of herself. I know you want to "fix" things for her. You are a caregiver and giving type of person. Look at all the Marines and animals you help. You are naturally very caring and giving. But, I doubt you can "fix" things for your Mom. She needs to deal with stuff herself. Just my opinion, anyway.
So you're gonna scale the falls? Which falls are you talking about? Wow you must be in shape!! All I'd want to do is LOOK at the falls! LOL! Have a good weekend.

Nelishia said...

Wow on your mother. That's just unfixable and so messed up. Who'd want to repair that mess.
Wow on your MIL too.
Double Wow about you and those brass figurines.

Keep on holding your peace. It's working for you in the long run.

You and Rusty are so funny together. Your dialogue was great to read.

Indigo said...

I thought my mother was messed up, I think your's must be related somehow. I'm glad your getting your sister's birth certificate. I can't believe she left your BIL with nothing but a bed, wow...that's just cruel. (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

should be a nice day to go hiking tomorrow!!

I'm so sorry your mom is having these problems (I didn't know your sister was adopted, not that I need to know every little detail of your life); I guess it should be good that you are over 1000 miles away from her. Its got to be hard for all involved, I do feel for the little niece. I know she has her problems/issues but it must be hard not to have her mom especially at the age she is at


nancybrownowl said...

hi kelli. good to see your still on the trot and going walk about would love to go to but my feet not to good just now you have a nice time get rid of the cobwebs lol cheerio for now frgus and minnie send there love woof woof xxx

Missie said...

People so stupid things when they're greiving. Your mom should never have taken the stuff from BIL, and I think he should do something about that, but I wouldn't want to see your mom go to jail.

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