Thursday, March 12, 2009

lazy day

Yep that is me. At Sam's cook out last week I just had to have a beer. A beer goes so well with hot dogs. All of the boys were lined up to take a picture of me drinking. LOL
Today I have done nothing. I mean nothing. I did take Rusty his cell phone charger. I do get milk, and I got on facebook. I have not had to clean anything, I did not fold any laundry. I have just felt like doing nothing, so that is what I have done today.
I just looked at that picture again. Why do people only take pictures of when my hair is up? I look like a cancer patient.
Rusty is gone on his trip which means I have control of the remote tonight! Every women should be as lucky as me.
Oh the fighting has just begun. Now the girls are pissed because someone made a mess and the other one has to clean it. Now they know how I feel!
The marine that got back a few days ago is spending the week just chilling and I am happy to be spending this time with him. I have learned so much about him. I never knew that he spoke Spanish! I speak very little Spanish so I find it very interesting when I meet people that speak two or more languages. The marine also wants to meet Popi. Popi will be happy to have this marine in his home and he will also be happy to have someone else to speak Spanish with.
Sometimes I really wish I knew how to speak more then one language.
Well my lazy day must continue, so I am off to do nothing again. Oh I so love having the children responsible for the house. It makes my life so much easier.


Nelishia said...

That's a lot of cleavage there GF! Loving that you're loving life. You deserve to I think. Hide the remote before Rusty gets back or get another one and code it, then have dual remote wars. Ahh the joys of marriage. You are so sweet to home that Marine for awhile. Happy to hear the girls are LEARNING. I don't think you looked like a cancer patient but that the temperature was very hot that day. Wishing you a wonderful stress free weekend.

Hugs, Nelishia

Paula said...

Hey Kelli I bet you could learn to do nothing real well.

a corgi said...

I was just thinking today that it would be neat to speak another language

cute picture :)

lucky you to have the remote!!


Pamela said...

I really would enjoy learning Spanish. Cute pic! Glad you had a lazy day. I LOVE those!!

Indigo said...

I love that picture of you! This post was so refreshing. You don't take a day off to enjoy yourself often enough. It's a true delight to see you having fun in your own sarcastic way (I tend to give anyone the finger who wants a picture of me as well - i.e. not a lot of pictures of me out there *winks*). (Hugs)Indigo

Gerry said...

I am glad your plotting is having results. I raised 3 sons to do nothing at home, so my daughter said she was not going to do anything either since I let the boys get off from kitchen chores. But I was plotting to send them on their way as soon as possible so there would be only one person, me, to mess up the house. Gerry

Melissa said...

thats great that u spent the day doing nothing. i hate taking pics when my hairs not down..but ur pic loks cute..finger and all,lol

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