Tuesday, March 3, 2009

way to early

I have no idea what I am doing up this early. Why would anyone in their right mind get out of bed at 3:30 a.m.?

A ton of random stuff happened yesterday. We had to put Rusty's truck in the shop. At least it is a cheap repair and it will be done today. I am so glad for that because we are now down to one car and that just sucks!

Yesterday while I was at the store I saw a very scared pitbull She was so thin and so scared. I just wanted to take her home, but I know I can't. Then it hit at some point last night. I should have snatched her up and taken her down to base. At least they are a no kill shelter and they will feed her and make sure she gets adopted out. Note to self: go see if the dog is still out on the streets.

I called Sam and asked him to come over so we could talk. I asked Sam to talk to Chris about joining the service. I figure if it comes for someone closer to his age it might be better received. The sad reality is this. Chris is homeless, the people that he is staying with are expecting a baby. Chris as no money, no job and he can't afford to go to college. I just hope that Sam can point him in the right direction.

Amber is about on my last nerve. I so understand that jobs are hard to find right now, but her just being bithcy is really getting to me. She needs to find something before I strangle her.

Our cat George is a very good hunter. All weekend long she was bringing us mice and lizards. Then she brought home a rabbit! O.K. a rabbit is just to cute to bring home, and George is not much bigger then the rabbit she caught. One of the marines said that when she starts bringing home small dogs he will be impressed! Oh lets hope that does not happen.

On Sunday I told Chris to make sure he got a list of supplies that he will need for summer camp. Nikki comes home from church and says "Well our youth pastor has not made up a supply list and we leave this Friday." So yesterday Nikki and I sat down and made a list of things she has taken before. I think I have Chris covered. I am just going to let him use a lot of our stuff, and one of the marines left a pair of boots here, so Chris will wear those. I swear I am getting less impressed with this youth pastor as time goes on.

My index finger is killing me. I guess I have been doing to much knitting. Oh wait there is no such thing as to much knitting!

Yesterday I just cleaned the house, and did a ton of laundry. I still have a ton to do. Where does it all come from? I don't so much mind doing laundry, as much as I hate putting it away. Poor Rusty has gotten so use to just looking through all the piles of clothes to find his clean stuff.

I spoke with my mother yesterday. It was her birthday and she liked the gift Rusty and I got her. I am not sure if my niece has moved in for good, but she has been there a lot. Then again she is the white elephant in the room that we don't talk about.

Rusty will be getting up soon, and then it will be time to start our day. Oh good! I get to do everything I normally do while listening to Amber moan about not having a job, and I get to do all of this while my ass is dragging.


Pamela said...

I hope you find that doggie. Glad your car will be ready quickly. Being without a car is a DRAG!
Have a good day!

a corgi said...

(((Kelli)) so sorry about the truck being in the shop; these are testing times for sure! did you get that link I sent you for the job at the animal daycare place potentially for Amber?? I do agree that the military is the best option for Chris; hoping he sees that too and its not like he has to be in there for the rest of his life, but at least for a few years to get things going, save some money, and then move on with plans.


Gerry said...

The bad part about waking up at 3:30 is getting tired way too soon, about when it is really time to be up and at 'em. There is a big presence of students down town now. Seems quite diffeent to be walking among the young. but I like having all ages around me. It is downright unnatural to be in complex this big with no kids. These dysfunctional adult kids can get on my nerves and they are tough to argue with! Amber is not alone in her search to find a job. It's just going to take longer. Gerry

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

If that would of been me waking up at 3:30am I would of been walking on my behind by now. I hope everything works out for all. Take care of you and yours.

Traci said...

You are right. There is never enough knitting!

Melissa said...

the only reason i get up @ 3am is to pee

Melissa said...

the only reason i get up @ 3am is to pee

Paula said...

Not unusual for me to get up at anytime. I just read or get online until I get sleepy again. Hope your day was good.

just me said...

I totally agree with the laundry,putting it away is the worst.
I am glad the truck repairs will be cheap, mine needs to go in asap, it won't be cheap and I'll be driving Gordon's pickup.:(
I hope she finds a job before you ring her neck, listening to someone moan about things you can't change is even worse than putting up the laundry.

Small Footprints said...

Hi Kelli ... this is off subject but I was wondering ... you left a comment on my blog about Marcal paper. I have heard about it and have gone to their site a few times but it always says they are under construction. Have you actually purchased their products? And if so ... where?


Small Footprints

Indigo said...

I love that graphic. I hope Chris takes Sam's advice. The job market isn't going to pick up any time soon.

Sorry I haven't been around I had my hands full trying to save a stray with pneumonia. Thankfully I think we are over the bump. I've got her camped out in my bathroom the warmest room in the house. I've had to dry cup thump her lungs to get her to spit up some of the fluid. It's working, it's nasty...but whatever it takes to save her. She's the most loving beautiful creature. (Hugs)Indigo

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