Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let all happy dance!

Oh if this is not the truth then I don't know what is! My full maiden name is Kelli Eileen McMahan, and my father was first generation U.S. citizen! I can't get to much more Irish. However I am also a really bad Irish person. You will never see me eat corn beef, I don't like beer, and I will only eat potatoes a few times a year and they have to be cooked the exact way I like them.

Rusty went and checked the mail today. Yep, we have to walk to check our mail, therefore I don't usually check it. Well.... Rusty hands me this huge envelope from social services. Inside are all of my medical bill and a letter saying that I have been approved for medi cal for the next seven months and that all of my past due bills were paid!

I am going to take full advantage of all of this. I am going to go get new glasses, and I am going to go see all the doctors that I have been needing to see. I am going to use our tax dollars to the extreme.

I want another c.t. scan done. I don't believe that my tumors are as big as everyone originally said. I don't believe that they are there at all. Rusty does not want me to have surgery. Rusty said if anything happened to me he would have to kill everyone that was in the O.R. Rusty's mom went in for routine surgery and ended up dieing on the table, so he is very scared that something like that will happen to me.

Yesterday Nikki got her first corp[orate sponsor for her mission trip! Nikki is now $200 closer to her goal. I am so proud of her for getting out there and doing what she needs to do.

Yesterday I took one of the marines over to Nikki's other parents house (deb and poppi). The marine said I need to work on my Spanish because I will be going home, and I don't want my mom to wonder what happened to me.

The marine said that he had the best time just sitting around speaking Spanish and being fed. That is something that I don't understand. Mexican people feed you. But the marine felt at home and said that this is one house that he will visit often. I am so glad that he connected with other people that truly understand him and his culture.

I really have done that much today. I got my bedroom and bathroom SCRUBBED down. I even threw open the window to let a ton of fresh air come in. I want to know how two people can make such a mess. O.K. don't answer that I don't really care.

I have gotten a ton of sewing done, and I still have a ton more to do, but that is o.k. Something I can't figure out is with all the sewing that I have been doing...well my material stash is not going down. I guess that is a good thing.


Gerry said...

I didn't know you were Irish, milady. I thought I was a sixteenth Irish through my great grandmother King my mother thought came from Dublin. It turns out she was from Scotland instead, just like her husband, my great grandfather, so my grandfather was half Scotch, my dad a 4th and me an eighth. The funny thing was I did not feel Irish! But the Irish have always fascinated me and I read about them all I can. I just got through reading a book called "The Wild Irish" (not the drunk Irish) And it was very interesting. My sister took it or I would think about sending it to you! You act just like I imagine the Irish would act, Kelli Eileen, and I also love Irish songs and Irish tenors! Gerry

Paula said...

Well I hope you have a nice green St. Patrick's Day and all that. So glad you can have all your medical thingys taken care of. Don't forget your mamogram and pap smear. You know the fun ones.

LIZ said...

So glad to hear all the bills were paid!!!

Pamela said...

What a blessing about the medical bills!! YAY! I hope you find some good Docs.
So you're about as Irish as they come! You don't eat Irish food?? LOL! Have a good week!

a corgi said...

that is wonderful news Kelli!! thanking the Lord that you got approved for the insurance and past bills paid!!! what a relief!! so glad Nikki got a corporate sponsor too!

Happy early St. Patrick's Day!!


Michelle said...

That is great news! I am so happy for you!!!!

I'm Irish too - my grandmother on my dad's side was from Ireland!



Melissa said...

u seem forever busy. i hope u dont have to have surgery

just me said...

I am so happy that you get your medical bills taken care of. I can see why Rusty is really worried about you having surgery, that would be so scary.
I really liked you saying. I am Irish too and the saying fits.
I need to work on my material stash so I have something to work with. My scrapbooking supplies aren't going down and I have been scrapbooking so I know what you mean about the stash staying the same.
Have a great week.

natalie said...

dear Kelli,
yes you do appear to be one of the few proud and fighting Irishwomen; that is because you fight for your family, your friends and your passions everyday!I loved this entry! Salud!

Lori said...

Love the quote! I'm Irish and Scots/Irish, and I say that your Irish ancestors are turning over in their graves after reading what you wrote about potatoes! Shame on you! I'm so glad you got the medical aid. Be SURE to use it to the full. That's what it's there for, and you do so much for so many others, personally that's what I want my taxes going for -- helping someone who deserves and needs it, (and someday that may be me needing it!).

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