Sunday, November 30, 2008

some light bulb moments

Here I sit on Sunday evening. I should be sewing, but my eyes are hurting so bad, so I thought I would come stare at the screen and make them hurt even more!
Thanksgiving was good for us. We had a nice meal and I am thankful for everyone that showed up. I do not mind getting the china out, and doing all of that. I figure it is least I can do for the marines.
Over the weekend a bunch of us helped Rusty clean out the garage. I am still amazed at all the crap we have gotten rid of. One of things I found this weekend was a tub full of beach toy's. It has been at least two years since I even hauled those toys down to the beach. We even found old ice cream containers in there. You would think with as much as we moved this year that there would not be any crap left, but we are still finding it.
I also found some pictures that were in a frame. There is a picture of me in this beautiful Oriental red dress. I was so skinny then! I use to straighten my hair and I would get my nail done. I would even get up and put make up on. I must wonder what happened to that lady.
Is that really me in the picture? Why have I let myself go so much? That picture was only taken five years ago. I know I am not the same women I was back then, but I do wish that I had body again.
Another picture I found was one of Rusty in his dress blues. That picture was taken the same year as the one of me in red dress. Rusty stood so tall in that picture, and he looked so good in his uniform. Rusty would never be able to squeeze into that uniform now.
I guess we both have changed a lot in five years. I wonder if Rusty wants me to be the woman I was five years ago.
I really did not feel like decorating for Christmas this year. I knew it would have to get done because Ryan would not understand why we were not having Christmas. Amber said that she wanted to decorate, so I let her.
Then I went out to the garage to look for a candy dish, and I started looking through all the boxes of Christmas stuff. I think only one of 50 nativity scenes got put out this year. None of the stuff animals got put out. None of the Christmas books. All the stuff that I thought made Christmas was still sitting in boxes. I guess my idea of Christmas and the children's ideas have changed. What I hold of value, my children do not.
Now we have the Christmas tree issue. Amber is sulking because she wants a real tree. Rusty asked me if I was going to go buy a new tree and not use the charlie brown tree. NO! we are using the damn charlie brown tree! First of all a real tree is not tin the budget, and neither is buying a new fake tree.....even if they are only $20.
So one of the marines put the tree together for me. And yes in true redneck fashion, we are missing one leg, so we used a brick instead! I even picked out a few ornaments to put on. Later this evening I will let the children pick out the ones they want to use.
One of the ornaments that I picked was a light bulb that was painted like the Grinch. As soon as I hung it up I call my girlfriend Linda and said "guess what I just hung up?" Linda just laughed and said "I just hung up the marine and the flag you made me!" I do hope that my children will have friends like Linda and I. We don't speak a lot but when we do we always laugh and make a memory.
Oh my head hurts. I should go eat something and take something for this, but tonight I have to watch the amazing race. So I have to stay awake until that is over.

Friday, November 28, 2008

eco friendly Friday

Well here it is black Friday. This year I did not brave the store's. Instead this year I have shopped yearly and made a lot of gifts.

In my search for some eco friendly gifts, I can across an awesome web page. There must be a 1,000 store listed and they have everything from baby to home furnishing. When I have time I sit here and look at the different stores. If I find something that I like then I am book marking the page. This will my shopping a lot easier in the upcoming year.

This year as we all rush around to buy gift's I challenge you to buy just one eco friendly gift. If we all bought just one then we could make a huge impact on our world.

While I would love to be able to make national news or be given some award for all of my hard work, I am satisfied just being able to impact my own home. I know that there will be a ripple affect. By teaching my children, and sending them out into the world, they will also be able to impact whomever they meet.

This holiday season we CAN make a difference just by changing the way we buy one gift. Check out this link for awesome shopping.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

fighting back

I have a lot to get done today, and I feel good. So that is a plus. I need to get some wheat ground, I need to go buy a turkey, I still need to go pick up chairs.... oh the list is long. However that is fine with me. I cant wait to have everyone here and I can't wait to have my house filled with laughter.
As far as the insurance issue goes, Rusty said that we are fighting back. On the back of one of the papers it says that if we disagree with the out come of our case then we can ask for a hearing. So that is what Rusty and I are going to do. Yesterday I talked to Rusty's vet rep and he printed out the FEDERAL law that says Rusty's veterans benefits can not be counted as income. I know it is the same with social security. I am going to take all of that paper work down to my case worker and say "Look here is the law. If you can't fix this then I am requesting a hearing." I don't think any of this will make a difference, but we are going to give it our best shot.
Last night I decided to make Rusty some fresh squeezed orange juice. Let me tell you it was the best. I could not stop drinking it. My body just screamed for more. That was when it hit me, I need to go back to juicing. I use to do it all the time, but for whatever reason I stopped. Now that I know my body is just screaming for better nutrients, I need to listen to my body.
Some people do not believe in the healing power of food, but I do. I need to get back to giving my body everything that it is demanding. I am not saying that I am going to heal my tumors, but if I can make my body healthier then I need to do it.
Both of the girl's got jobs yesterday! I am so happy for them. Nikki is going to be working at this mom and pop pizza place and Amber got a job setting window displays. I am so proud of both of them.
Last night I woke up just covered in sweat. I was like what the hell is going on here. Are my hormones out of wack already? Rusty was so sweet. He went and got me a cold wash cloth and placed it on head. I am telling you guy's that I have a good one and I am not going to let him go.
Well, nothing is getting done by me sitting here, so I need to get moving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

don't judge me

So here I sit. I am not feeling well today. I know it is stress related.
Yesterday morning was awesome. I got all my running around done. I got just about everything bought for Thanksgiving. I need to buy a pumpkin pie, and I need to go borrow some chairs.
So yesterday afternoon I sat down to call all of my medical bill people and give them my new insurance number. The second lady I called said "I am sorry but you have a share coast of $1,238.09. You have not paid that this month."
What? I knew I had a share coast, but WHAT! I called my case worker and he confirmed it. My share coast every month is $1,239.09. I then asked my case worker if I file for divorce and moved out would that change anything? The answer was yes, because then I would have no income.
Here is the kicker. The state is counting Ryan's social security. I can't believe they can do that. It is written very clearly that the social security is to be spent on Ryan. Not us. That is Ryan's money!
It is the same with Rusty's veterans benefits.
I asked my girlfriend if I could use her address and then move in with her. Once I file for divorce I will need a place to live. Yes, she said I could stay there.
Is this what my life has boiled down to. In order to get welfare to help pay for much needed medical care, I have to walk away from everything.
Here are the lessons I have learned.
1. do not serve this country in the military. You and your spouse will get screwed.
2. don't ever have an unexpected illness unless you have major medical coverage, and if you don't have medical coverage then you are screwed.
3. do not stay at home and raise your children. It will get you no where. After raising children for 18 years all I have gotten is nothing. I can't even get a job working fast food.
4. don't raise your children to well. Amber would get more money for college is she was a teenage mom or on drugs. I guess I should have let my children be latch key kids and I should have never watched them like hawks.
5. I need to go get thrown in jail. If I get sick while in jail then the city will have to pay for my surgery. Damn it. There I go trying to be a good person again.
6. If I file for divorce and walk away from everything I will get medical coverage. There I go again trying to do the right thing. I should just hop in my car and leave. At least if I am living in my car I could even get food stamps!
Rusty wants me to appeal this judgement. I can have a hearing on this case. I need to look into a few other programs. Maybe there is something out there and I am just not looking hard enough.
All I do know is that my coffee is getting cold, my eyes and stomach hurt and being sick sucks. Maybe this tumor will just grow so big that it popes out.

Monday, November 24, 2008

busy busy busy

Here it is a chilly fall morning in southern California. I will not complain about that. I want chilly weather for Thanksgiving, but after that I want it to warm back up!

Rusty made it home late Saturday night. It was so nice to sleep next to my husband. I do worry about him. Rusty worked all last week and then had to work the weekend and now he is back to work today. I think the man works way to much.

Over the weekend I made out my shopping list. I have a ton of stuff to buy but it is all little stuff. So I have to go hit all the stores today. It looks like we are going to have a good size crowd this year.

I hear people talking about spending the holidays with their family. Rust and I really don't have that option. All of Rusty's family is dead. O.K. he does have a brother in England who has not seen in over 13 years and has not spoken to over 6 years. He does have some aunts and cousins, but they only call when they want something.

As for me. Well I have my mom. She will be spending Thanksgiving with my sister and hell child. I have not spoken to my sister since my dad died and they live all the way in Chicago anyway.

So Rusty and I make our family. We bring in all the marines, feed them, and then after the long weekend we send them home. It works for us.

This morning I told Rusty that I wanted an orange tree. He just looked at me like a deer looks at head lights. Then he said " When I was growing up at El Toro we had an orange tree in our back yard. I was about 17 when I finally realized that you could buy orange juice in a carton. I still don't like orange juice from a carton."

I did not tell Rusty the real reason I want an orange tree. I want to plant a tree to help soak up all the carbon. Then I thought well I should plant a tree that will give us food. So this year while I am pealing oranges I am going to save all the seeds and try growing a tree from seeds.

I had thought about just going out and buying an orange tree, but I am still on my no spending diet. So I am going to take all the orange seeds and plant them myself. I have potting soil in the garage, and I am going to cut down some milk jugs, and use them to start the seeds in. I have never tried to grow a tree before so this will be a huge learning curve for me.

Amber is still looking for a job. I sure hope that she finds one. Amber could use a big boost to her ego. Last night Amber was looking at classes on line and she is so scared to sign up for anything. Amber is scared to fail. Last night Rusty talked to Amber for a little bit, but I don't think it really helped. Rusty told me that he is going to suggest that maybe she go to a trade school. I don't care what Amber does as long as she keeps moving forward and keeps trying. I don't mind failure as long as you get up and try again.

My to do list seems to keep growing so, I need to get my little bum in gear. I have not gotten out of my p.j.'s all weekend, so I am going to try to get dressed today. Can I go shopping in my P.J.'s?

Friday, November 21, 2008

what a night

Last night was a blast. I just loved babysitting. We went for a walk, played in the tub, and then she was down for the night. I forgot how much fun 9 month old babies are.
I had a strange moment last night. I went to put the baby in her crib and there was the blanket I had made for her. I just stared at it, and it took me back to the time when I made that blanket.
Moose, the babies dad, asked me if I would make his daughter a quilt. There was no question that the answer would be yes. At that time I had never Moose's wife, so I knew nothing about her. All I did know was that the baby was born while Moose was sitting on the east coast waiting to go to Iraq.
I guess I never really thought that the quilt would be used. It turns out that the quilt her is favorite, and that Heidi liked it from the very beginning. The quilt is getting very worn, so I will need to make her a new one for her birthday.
I got home about 2 a.m. and my bum is just dragging. I should not be sitting here blogging. I should be cleaning the house, or finishing a quilt. I think instead I am going to go back to bed. I don't feel all that great today and I know it is my body telling me to slow down. I will go lay down when this load of laundry is done washing.
Next week I need to start gathering all the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. One of the reason's I have been pressing myself to get so many quilts done is so we can eat at the table. I will have to clear all of my sewing stuff off the table anyway. Why can't everyone just stand and eat?
Well Life is calling me, so I better get to it until the laundry is done and then I am going to go take a nap.

eco friendly friday

I have been thinking about eco friendly Friday all week. What should I write about this week?
A lot of people have commented saying we do that and they do it because it saves money. Yes, going green does save money.
I am not sure how exactly I became such an eco friendly person, but I am and for the most part that is one of the things Rusty loves about me.
Last night I went down to base to babysit, so the marines could go to the ball. I watched all the guy's get dressed in their uniforms. They always look so handsome. Then Amber and Heidi got dressed. Amber wore the same dress she wore to prom last year, and Heidi borrowed a dress from Nikki.
Now that is recycling at its best. I am not sure why, but the girls go to a lot of formal events, so we are always on the look out for nice used dresses.
Yes, I said used. So many people buy formals and then wear them once and then they sell them for nothing. I swoop in and buy them up. It saves me money and I am keeping something else out of a landfill.
For me it goes further then that. I think about what really goes into the dress or any of our clothing for that matter.
Cotton is grown, it is sprayed with pesticides, and then harvested by big fuel sucking machines. Then the cotton is milled, woven...ect. You get the picture. Most of our clothing is made overseas so it has to be shipped here, and that consumes more energy.
The clothing industry is very hard on our environment and most people sacrifice the planet for fashion. I do think that is wrong on so many levels.
When you think that you need new clothing, try looking at thrift stores or yard sales first. I am always shocked at the amount of nice clothing I find at these two places.
One of the big issues I have is what to do with Ryans shoes. Ryan goes through a pair of sneakers about every two months. I just can't believe how hard he is on shoes. So I went on search for way's to reuse Ryan's old shoes. I was so shocked at all the different ways shoes can be recycled. Niki has a program where it takes all old shoes and grinds them up and then Niki makes all sort's of stuff from the old shoes.
As I sit here this morning in my late father in laws shirt, Rusty's sweat pants and socks that don't match, I have to wonder how much clothing I have saved from the landfills and how much money I have saved.
Please check out the following link. Even if you have desire to ever recycle your shoes it is really neat to see how shoes are recycled.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

why I love my animals

Every year we donate toy's to the toys for tots drive. I told Rusty that this year I was going to tell all the marines to set a side some money, because we were all going to go to toys r us and buy something. I also mentioned that I would like to help out more. Maybe sort toys or something.

Rusty suggested that I call the local Marine recruiter. So I did. There is nothing going on in our area, but he took down my name and number in case something came up. Then I did a search and I found a place about an hour from us. I called the lady and told her that I would be interested in helping in the warehouse.

This lady lit me up! She said "we do not need any more weekend volunteers, all we need are volunteers that can come during the week. I am sure you don't want that!" I hung up on her. First of all don't be rude to me. Second of all days would have worked better for me, and I could have brought the girls along. She will never know that. I was so appalled.

So I sat down at my sewing machine and I sewed a few pet quilts and finished the back for another marine quilt. Screw that lady. The pets don't complain.

Amber came home in tears yesterday. She and two other girls were fired. I did kinda saw this coming down the road. One of the sister stores, of the store she use to work for is closing and the company said that they would be doing some restructuring. Basically all the teenagers got fired.

Amber is worried, and I don't blame her. Her phone bill is due, she has very little in savings and she still has Christmas gifts that she wants to buy. Amber did say that she is glad that she is still driving the children to school because at least that will give her gas money.

I told Amber that I would pay her phone bill. I also suggested that she just hit the ground running today and take any job even if it is seasonal. It is hard out there for these kids. The economy sucks and no one around here is hiring. Oh pray that she finds a job.

Yesterday the girls helped me clean the man gave. We took out four boxes of stuff that Rusty has not gone through since we moved in here. We also took out two grocery sacks full of trash. We brought in this little table and set Amber up her own little computer center. We even cleaned the carpets in here today. I must say that the man cave looks great.

I don't think I am going to pick a room today. Today I need to just do a general clean up around here and then Amber and I have to leave by 3 to get down to base.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it must be in the air.

I am going to assume from reading all of the comments that cleaning is in the air.
Yesterday I cleaned out the kitchen drawers. Why do I need five junk drawers? I found some tools that hubby was looking for. I must have found a million cell phone chargers. The marines always leave them at the house and then forget that they are there and they go buy more. All in all I took out a grocery sack full of trash, and I filled a shoe box full of stuff for the yard sale.
I am still in shock at all the stuff we have. Keep in mind we have moved twice this year, and twice we have done a clean out. I guess the question is how much is to much?
Rusty left this morning. He warned me not to do to much and to take it easy. I told him I would. It will be strange to go to bed and not have him near me, but then again I will be able to watch whatever I want on the t.v. I am sure that the dogs and cats will keep me comfy and warm.
I think today I am going to try to sort out the man cave. I was just looking around and it is gross. I try very hard to not bother Rusty's stuff but this is just out of control. There are papers everywhere, two set's of golf clubs and just crap everywhere.
I do need to leave the house at some point today and go do some shopping. I need to get some batting, so I can finish some quilts. I also need to make a run to the 99 cent store and pick up a few things. As of late I have just been a house rat, and that does not bother me, but now I have to go do all of my running around.
I heard from my case worker yesterday and he ordered me a new card. So far this man has been a great big help to me and has done everything he has said, so I have no reason to doubt him. Now I am waiting on that and then I can start to move forward with my life.
Tomorrow night I get to go babysit! I am so excited! I can't wait to spoil that baby. I love the baby to death, but I also love the fact that I can send her home. Oh note to self. I must go buy her some more cookies.
My dull day is calling me, so I must get moving. I am thinking a nice hot shower will get me moving, but then again it may send me right back to bed. LOL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what are we thinking?

This morning I was talking with Rusty and told him that I am going room by room and doing a clean out. Rusty just shrugged and said "well it needs to be done."
Yesterday I cleaned out this cabinet in my hallway. I found 3 old puzzles, and old chess set, a portable dvd player that I don't think the kids ever used, and just a bunch of crap. My yard sale pile is growing.
Today I am going to tackle the kitchen drawers. I opened one just to see what was in there and I found kite string. Kite string? I don't even own a kite! Watch out kitchen here I come.
Rusty did say that over Thanksgiving weekend he is going to get all the boy's out in the garage and they are clean it out. Oh bless them if this actually happens.
Today Rusty had to go to the v.a. and get all of his pills refilled, and then at some point we will have to go get his truck. Tomorrow Rusty leaves and he wont be home until sometime Sunday. This will give me ample time to do a lot of cleaning, and controlling the remote.
This morning on the news they were testing water globe's. Now if you have not seen these, you are suppose to fill them with water and stick them in your plant's and they will water your plants for up to two weeks. So that got me to thinking. Our back yard is all dirt and we have very limited sprinklers back there, and living here in Southern California we don't get a lot of rain. So my question to Rusty was "can I take old water bottles, punch some holes in the bottom, fill it with water, and put the cap back on." Rusty thought about it for a few seconds and he said that it would probably work. Then all I would have to do is walk around and fill the bottles, and still have some nice flowers in the back yard. I think I have a mission.
Before I can start on the mission I am going to go clean the kitchen. Oh the joy's of my life.

Monday, November 17, 2008

a good day

I am so glad that I am feeling good today, and so far it has been a productive day. I got a pot of chili on, got the carpets cleaned and I even turned into my great grandmother.

Years ago my father and I were sent to Kentucky to pick up the biggest cast iron planter I had ever seen. My mom had sent us to get this thing from her grandmother, because my great grandmother wanted it gone.

I thought it was cool to take a trip with my dad. It was just him and I. We spent a few day's with my great grandmother, and then it was time to load this thing. Guy's came from all over to load this huge pot into the back of our pacer. Do you remember those cars? I think we drove home with only the back wheels touching the ground.

My dad and I had gotten up early on Sunday and we were trying to sneak out of the house with out waking my great grandmother. Oh no she caught us. She told us that we could not leave until she made us breakfast. In no time flat my great grandmother had a nice breakfast sitting before us. I remember thinking that there was no way I could eat all that food.

Today Barry left to go to his new duty station. So over the weekend one of Barry's uncle came in.

Anyway this morning everyone got up and got moving. I told the guy's that they could not leave until I cooked them breakfast. I made sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. (I used buns left over from the weekend) I was told that the food was the bomb.

Then it hit me. I turned into my great grandmother.

I was watching Oprah last Thursday and she is starting a new series called "clean up your house, America"

Last week they talked about going through stuff and getting rid of stuff you have not seen or touched in six months. So I am starting that....again. We have been here for six months and I am finding a ton of stuff I have not seen or touched in that long.

I have only gotten as far as the living room. I found dvd's that the children no longer watch. I found a stack of vhs tapes! We do not even own a vcr. Those have to go into the yard sale pile.

Today I am going to tackle this cabinet in the hallway. We are suppose to keep our towels there but we can't ever seem to get them in there because of all the other crap. I swear this going to turn into a treasure hunt.

I was asked when I am going in for my surgery. Well here is the deal. I got the papers saying that I was approved. I went down to the clinic with papers in hand and asked if I just leave a note for the doctor to please put in my referral. Oh no! That would be to easy. I have to wait until my actual card comes in the mail. Then if it has been longer then 30 day's I have to make yet another appointment to see the doctor, which will take another two weeks. So once I waste mine and the doctors time he can then put in the referral and that will take at least another few before I can even make an appointment! My mother just laughed and said welcome to the insurance game. I am hoping to have surgery in Feb. but who knows.

eco friendly Friday.....late

So.... here it is Monday morning and I have been taking in a lot of information over the weekend. This weekend I heard a lot of discussions about being green. Everyone seems to think that doing the best for the planet is someone else's job. One person even said "I think the government should take control of it."
With Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought I would give everyone some ideas for a green Thanksgiving.
Buy a free range or organic raised turkey. This means that they were not raised in cramped quarters and fed a ton of steroids.
If you must use paper plates this year then look for the ones made from bamboo. Bamboo is a fast growing grass while a tree takes years to grow.
Use cloth napkins and table clothes. If you don't have any cloth napkins you can find them anywhere....even thrift stores and they will pay for themselves.
Buy local. We have a lot of Orange tree's around here, so we will be using a lot of oranges. Not only are they local, but we are not consuming something that has to be shipped in.
If you are going to someone elses home, then make sure you take a reusable dish. Just stick an address label on the bottom of your dish, or find a dish that can be left behind as a gift.
We all need to remember that Thanksgiving is about giving Thanks, so please try one eco friendly thing this Thanksgiving and say thanks for bounty. We were all put on this planet to take care of it.
Here some extra tips that I found:

When running around picking up all your necessities for the big day, make sure you bring along reusable bags. See if you can reduce the amount of waste you produce by buying only as much as you need and choosing products that come in packaging that can be recycled.

Reusable Shopping Bags
Buy locally grown food. It’s a great way to have a green Thanksgiving. Locally grown is generally organic and therefore good for your health and the environment. It requires less fuel to reach local store shelves which saves on fuel. It also contributes more to your local economy by supporting the local farmers and merchants. Foodroutes can help you find local merchants in your area.
Buy organic fruits, vegetable, (apples and potatoes are very high on the pesticide hit list, and retain huge amounts of the chemicals sprayed on them), and grains grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farming also increases soil fertility, prevents erosion, and is more cost-effective for farmers.
If you’re having Turkey as part of your dinner, search the Eat Well Guide. You can find types of meat by production methods, and locations where you can purchase an organic turkey. The “production methods” section allows you to select items labeled 100% vegetarian fed, grass fed, free-range, non-confined, no antibiotics, organic, etc. You can also contact your local grocery store and ask if they carry turkeys labeled “American Humane Certified,” or “USDA Certified Organic.”
Lift a glass of organic or biodynamic wine, (in recycled glasses of course), and give thanks to sustainability. Serve organic wine with “real” corks not plastic or twist off tops. Your eco-friendly Thanksgiving party can help preserve the cork industry.

Protect Our Earth Glasses
If you have to fly for the holidays, purchase carbon credits at Carbon Planet to offset your portion of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by your flight. A typical long-haul flight produces nearly four tons of carbon dioxide.
Plant a Tree as part of the family affair. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming. By planting one tree, in one year, that tree will absorb roughly 26 pounds of carbon dioxide and return enough oxygen to supply a family of four. The Plant-A-Tree-Today (PATT) Foundation was formed with its mission to react to problems caused by the massive and increasing levels of deforestation worldwide. Help raise awareness of environmental issues and the role forests play, take action against climate change, educate children on these issues and to Plant a tree this Thanksgiving.
Keep your thermostat at an acceptable setting, and start a fire in your fireplace to keep warm. If you normally keep your temperature at 74 degrees Fahrenheit, try lowering it two degrees on Thanksgiving. This will conserve extra energy.
Nature always decorates best, especially this time of year as the trees shed their brightly colored leaves. Take a nature walk and gather signs of the season from your local environment to create a simple, beautiful harvest centerpiece. With a little imagination, you can make great eco-friendly Thanksgiving decorations and have a lot of fun in the process. Gather found items such as pinecones, colored leaves, seedpods, branches and colorful berries and leaves. Place your treasures in recycled vases or bowls for a naturally green centerpiece.
Decorate your table with beeswax candles rather than petroleum-derived paraffin candles. The beeswax is not only healthier for you and the planet, but it smells better too! For an extra touch, fill a recycled glass bowl with seasonal grains, (such as corn), and place a pillar, (soy or beeswax), candle in the center.

Early Bird Candle
All flowers remind us of nature’s bounty, but not all flower companies are eco-friendly. Most spray their crops with heavy amounts of pesticides. Order a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece from Organic Bouquet. They’ll give ten percent of your purchase to The Nature Conservancy, and send your flowers in biodegradable, corn-based flower sleeves. Head to your pantry for empty containers such as seltzer bottles, spice jars, wine bottles, cans, etc. to use as vases for your flower arrangements.
Purchase recycled paper products, if you need to have disposable plates and cups. Otherwise, use regular plates and cups that can be washed so you don’t produce any waste.
Try and cook just the right amount of food for your family and friends because nothing is worse than wasted food. However, if you have too much food, send your guests home with a doggie bag. You can also donate leftover food to a local shelter or food bank. Mahalo can help you with this.

Sustainable Agriculture Chardonnay 2006
Whatever else you do on Thanksgiving, make it a time to say thank you to the people in your life who matter most. Many of the best moments in life are those spent with friends and family. As part of your eco-friendly Thanksgiving, give thanks to the many ways the environment sustains and enriches our lives.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So it is Sunday night and I am just trying to stay awake and it is only 6 p.m.! Today has just been a bad day. I love the anti vomit pills because they allow me, but they also put me out.

Thursday night The transmission blew in Rusty's truck. Great.

Friday I went to work with Rusty since they were having a tent sale down at my favorite base. I love watching the marines graduate from boot camp, and I also met so many interesting people. I also found a place to get Rusty's truck fixed. That only set us back $950. ONLY!

Saturday was a good day. I really did not do to much. A married marine that we do not get to see that much came by. I was so thrilled to sit and play with the baby.

Amber was so cute. She tried to tell me how to be with the baby. Amber would say things like "mom you can feed that baby spaghetti" Oh really? Your living proof that my methods work! I can't wait until Thursday night.

Today I have not done much. I scrubbed two bathrooms down, and finished a tie blanket. I have been trying like hell to be productive, but it is not working.

I think I have our Thanksgiving menu planned out. It will be a little less then traditional, but who cares. This year we will smoke the turkey and stuff the cavity with oranges and cranberries. We will have corn, scalloped potatoes, and mashed potatoes, bread pudding, homemade bread with honey butter. I am going to do one pie this year, but I am also going to be doing some fudge and cookies.

I will also clean off the dinning room table, so we can all sit down as a family. Oh that reminds me. I need to hunt down a high chair. Crap! I don't know anyone with babies.

Tomorrow is another day, and I know that it will be better. I just have to stay awake until 9 and then I am crashing for the night.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It is warming up

Well it is early and I am actually up and kinda moving. Rusty will be working in San Diego today and tomorrow, so I got up with Rusty not realizing how early I had gotten up.

I think I have juggled everyone's schedules, and I think I have everything worked out for the ball. I sure there will be a glitch in the system but I expecting that. I just hate rearranging everyone schedules.

So why am I not getting everyone's alerts? If you are writing and I have not commented then shoot me an e mail ask what the heck! I missed a whole week of a corgi's tale.

Yesterday I went and did some running around and today I don't have much I need to do. Our weather is turning warm again, so I would like to get outside and get some stuff done. I need to rearrange the garage, and go through some more boxes. I need to mow and trim the yard, and maybe get some more bulbs planted.

Last week we had such bad wind that it blew over one of our trees. Someone is coming our tomorrow to fix that. I am just glad that we do not have to pay to have that done.

Yesterday Nikki and I looked at the mission trips that are scheduled for this year. Fiji is on there, so she will be going to Fiji this year. Then Nikki noticed a mission trip to Las Vegas, and she is thinking that she would like to do that one as well. so between her trip back east and two mission trips it looks like Nikki will be gone all summer...again! Somehow, someway we will find the money for Nikki to go and do all of these trips. We always do.

Which leads me to my next question. Are Rusty and I crazy for allowing Nikki to travel the world or are we giving her experiences that no one can put a price tag on? I think it is the later of the two.

My day is calling me so I better get busy. Do you think I will wake the children up if I run the carpet cleaner right now? Who cares, the carpets in my room need to be cleaned.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

young people and love

For us last weekend was such a long weekend. The marines arrived here on Friday and did not leave until this morning. Then we had the ball and our lives went on even if the marines did not have to work.

Over this long weekend Rusty and I went in very opposite directions. Both of us working for a common goal, but work at different ends. Last night when Rusty came home he dropped all his stuff on the floor, put on his sweat paints and went to see what new updates were added to this computer game he plays.

Rusty was sitting on the floor looking at one of the marines computers, and that is when I just walked up and sat in his lap. I just wanted to be close to Rusty. I just wanted to smell him and to have him touch me.

Today while I was doing all of my running around I thought about all the different conversations I had with the marines over the weekend. Sad to say that I learned that most of them do not know what love is. I know they are young, but I think they have the wrong idea.

One of the marines thinks he loves this gal in another state. He hung out with her for a month, and she loves to have sex. Hmm.... you have known her for a month and she loves to have sex? Well who is she having sex with while you are here? And why are you driving to the air port to pick up a married chick if you are in love with this other gal?

Another marine can't figure out why she gets plays so much. Hmm...could it be because you put out on the first "date". I found out this morning that this marine drove to have sex with someone else and then could not figure out why she felt so empty and dirty.

One of the marines is getting married in January and I just found out that he was going to call off the wedding because he thought he would have a shot with someone else. What? While you were in Iraq your girl went through boot camp, moved four states away, planned a wedding, and waited on YOU and now you think the grass might be greener.

I don't get it. Do young people not know that there is a difference between love and sex. Do they not realize the damage that they are doing to themselves?

I am no saint, and I am not on a moral high horse, but I just wish these kids would not play a dangerous game. I wish that these kids would look around and see what love is.

Love is so much more then sex. Then again maybe this is something they will have to learn on their own, and not something that can be taught.

what the heck?

So this morning I finally looked at my blog. Who moved all the stuff from my side bar? How do I get it from the bottom of my journal, back to my side bar? Oh it is to early for this. I can't think that much this morning.

I have a very busy day a head of me. I have to go to the bank, pay some bills, go to wal mart, go to the 99cent store. Amber requested Shepperd's pie for dinner, so I most likely make that.

I finally got my insurance papers in the mail, so now I can go see the doctors that I need. I am sure this is going to be so much fun!

All of the boy's left this morning, Amber and Ryan are at school, and Rusty is at work. Nikki is till sleeping, so I am just enjoying the sound of nothing. My home has been so busy with action that I have not been able to even think very much.

I thought that babysitting for this couple would be so easy. What was I thinking that something would be easy. It turns out that Rusty will be out of town, and Amber is going to the ball the same night. Nikki will not sleep if there is not someone here, and someone will have to get Ryan up the next morning. So I told Amber that she is going to have to come home after the ball, so that Nikki will sleep, and that she will have to get Ryan up and off to school the next day. That went over like a ton of bricks. Oh well....

My children are so odd. Nikki does not like to sleep in the house without an adult here. Yet she can travel this world and never think twice about it. I wonder what that is about?

Everyone should look for Amber on the evening news. We heard yesterday that Kim and Haggie from how clean is your house.... well they are coming to America to clean it up. Amber wants me to stop cleaning so they can come to our house. I think Amber is going to stalk these two ladies until she meets them. Is stalking still illegal?

I should have hot water by now, so I need to get my bum in gear and get my day started.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Please note that there are no pictures of Rusty and I! We were both so busy that we forgot to get our picture taken together.

On the day of our ball I went and got 2 inches cut off my hair, and you can't even tell. It took the lady forever to straighten out my curls. That's o.k. Once a year I can use some pampering.

finally....a slow day

So here I sit. I am finally able to slow down.

We had our Marine Corps Birthday ball and that just about drained me! The ball went well and I still have a lot of pictures to edit.

This year I met a lot of older marines and I really enjoyed talking to them and to thier wives. The older generation has so much to offer and so much to teach us.

Amber bought her computer and she is just so happy. Rusty said that it was a good computer and that she did get a good deal on it. I am just proud of Amber for saving her money and paying cash for what she wanted.

I get the great pleasure of babysitting for one of the marines. Yesterday while we were on base I stopped by their house to see them and it hit me that I should offer to babysit for them. They jumped at the chance. So next Thursday I get to go down to base and spoil this little girl. It will be fun.

What made me offer to do this was the fact that no one ever offered to watch our children. So we would go to the ball and then I would have to rush home, or just not go at all. I don't want this couple to feel like they have to rush through the ball, I want them to go and have a good time.

There is a Veterans day parade today, but I am not sure if I want to drag my bum out of the house. I rather enjoy the idea of not having to do anything today. The children are off school, so I am sure that they will spend a great deal of time bugging me.

Last week I ordered the last of my Christmas gifts. Now all I have to do is buy the little things like stocking stuffers. I must say that I am very please that I have managed to save money and still be able to buy Christmas gifts without going into debt. My zero spending diet has really helped with that. I think Rusty would be proud of me if he knew. All Rusty knows is that we have money in the bank and the bill are getting paid.

This Friday I have to go buy our stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. It looks like I will be serving about 25 people this year. Rusty said that he will smoke the turkey again this year, so that will free up my oven for other things. The last few years we have smoked a turkey and we stuff the cavity with oranges and cranberries. It is so good!

Now I am getting hungry.

Friday, November 7, 2008

eco frindly Friday

I have been thinking all week about what to share with everyone for eco friendly Friday.
Lets talk about packing and shipping. With the holidays approaching many people will be shipping gifts. This will lead to a large consumption of boxes, packing material, and wrapping paper. Most of which will end up in our landfill, and that is a valuable resource that we are wasting.
Always look for a good sturdy used box. You can find them just about anywhere. By giving the box another life you are not consuming something that is brand new, and you have kept one more item out of the landfill.
Packing materials can be expensive. So get creative. You can reuse old plastic bags, maybe buy a dish towel and use that as packing material. The towel will also double as a gift. If you are send a gift to a small child why not buy a package of diaper and use that as packing material. My mom did that for me when we lived in Hawaii and I thought it was the best gift ever.
If you order stuff through out the year save all the peanuts and packing paper to reuse at a later date. If you start to get to much then you can always off them on craiglist, or on freecycle. There are always people looking looking for packing material.
Lets not forget that packing peanuts will never break down. If you have them please reuse them and do not purchase them.
Once Christmas is over break down your old boxes and save them to be used again or offer them up to someone who might be moving.
Wrapping paper can get expensive, and I know that children love tearing into the paper, but think outside the box. If you have paper bags at home you can use them to wrap gifts in or make your own gift bag out of them. My dad use to use the comics to wrap gifts. We always knew which gifts were from my dad! By using what you have on hand you will save money on wrapping paper, and you will reused something.
If you are Christmas card type of person, why not pass out as many cards as you can. It might only be a tiny bit of savings but every little bit counts. Sending e cards is also a good way to go because then you will have consumed nothing. Nothing is good!
Here are some more ideas I found on line. As always please let me know of any other ways that you can recycle boxes and packing materials.
Use for gift wrapping ties, scarves and gloves. (Shelley)
Square candy boxes can be used for wrapping gifts, storing art supplies or carrying cross-stitch work. (Shelley)
Save love letters in heart-shaped boxes. (Shelley)
Fill with homemade candy. (Rae)
Make into a Valentine's Day card for next year.
Cut a heart-shaped box so that you have a flat heart. Save and let the kids use it as a template.
Make a Valentine's Day decoration for next year.
Make a Picture Frame.
Cut and use for index cards.
Use a smaller box for storing paperclips, rubber bands, etc.
Use as a decorative change holder for your dresser.
Boxes--Cardboard (those which reams of paper come in)
Use as individual recycling boxes for bedrooms. This will help keep garbage from accumulating on desks and dressers (or in my case the floor).
Use for under-the-bed storage by cutting it to make it shorter.
Make it into a bed for a small pet by cutting an entrance and lining it with a blanket.

Cut into puzzle pieces and let the kids put them together. When the novelty wears off, recycle and grab a new box.
Cut and tape them into the size of folders. Make manilla-type folders or add some extra tape and make pockets.
Cut into any size index cards. Use for flash cards, recipe cards, etc.
Use as gift boxes.
Use as an in-tray on your desk at home for mail, papers to be dealt with, etc.
Use pieces for bookmarks. Write down any ideas that pop into your head while reading.
Make into paper dolls for the kids.
Use for grocery lists. When you place it in the front of the shopping cart, it won't blow away like paper will. (Richard)
Cut a big portion out of a corner of the box and use it as a magazine holder. (Jeffrey and Diane)
Use as a template for making a gift bag. Wrap paper around it as you would a package, leaving the top open. Remove box and punch holes at the top of the two sides for the string handles. Leave the box in if you would like a stronger bag. (Mijesa)

Boxes--Food (Cake, Jell-o, Pudding, etc.)
Open the boxes carefully to remove the contents. Then tape the open side shut, and give them to your kids as cheap building blocks. (Jon's Grandma)
Give boxes to pet mice, gerbils or birds for play. (Lori)

Use to hold odds and ends -- just label. (Dennis)
Use to store small children's toys. (Dennis)
Make into a dollhouse. (Henning)
Use to store recipes.
Tape the lids to the boxes, paint them bright colors, and give them to the kids for building blocks. (Ms. Myriah)
Cut off the tops and use for the storage of small things.
Cut into any size index cards. Use for flash cards, recipe cards, etc.
Cut off the top and use as a gift-wrapping box for t-shirts or other small items.
Cut off the top and store cassette tapes (for those of you who still use these) in them.
Cut the side off of a flowered box, fold in half, and make your own Mother's Day card.
Use to store recipe cards.
Use pieces for bookmarks. Write down any ideas that pop into your head while reading.
Use for storing plastic bags. Place in different rooms of the house for easy access. (Gail)
Give to gerbils, hamsters, etc. as a chew toy. They will shred it and use it for bedding. (G. Rabenold)
Turn into a doll house. CONTACT US: World Environmental Organization • 2020 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, #2001 • Washington, DC 20006 • Phone: 1-800-800-2SUN

bad day with good news

Yesterday was a really bad day. I spent the whole day in bed strung out on pain pills.

However yesterday I also got a call from my case worker who informed me that he lost my file, but has since found it and has approved my medical! Yes, now I can my $10,000 in medical bells and get all of my plumbing removed.

About getting all my plumbing removed. It seems that February is a good time for my family. So we will see if I can hold out that long.

Yesterday I saw that wal mart is having a laptop for $285! I asked Rusty if he thought we could tighten the budget and buy them for the girls. Before Rusty even got home and looked at them I changed my mind.

I said to myself "do the girls really need laptop? who is going to foot the bill if they break?" So I told Amber about the computer and she is going to try to get her hands on one Saturday morning. I also think that Amber will appreciate it more if she has to pay for it. Nikki still does not have a job, so she is not getting one, because then I will be footing the bill if something breaks.

Rusty has been dealing with the aft for the last few days, so you can only imagine the mood that he has been in!

Today I am going to go get together with a fellow quilter and go through her stash of material. It should be a good time. The boys want to go down to the lake and have a bonfire and roast hot dogs. So we will see how that plays out. It should be a good time.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my fridge

I was standing in the kitchen making dinner. Just going about trying to get dinner done before all my hungry boy's show up. On the menu: homemade hamburger helper, fresh strawberries, and greenback.
As I was stirring the meat a piece of paper caught my eye. There it was taped to my fridge, like it has been for six years. Tonight it spoke to me and I had to read it. "Our home is his sanctuary, his refuge and I work very hard to keep it that way." That was said by Alma Powell.
The last time Rusty was in Iraq I read an article on Alma Powell. This lady really impressed me, and I had to write that saying down.
Alma was talking about how she made sure that her husband was safe from all the worries of his day, and how she made it a soft place for him to land. I guess when you are married to the military, especially Colon Powell, you know what you are talking about.
I have tried very hard to live up to that. I just don't ask. I don't ask how a deployment was. I don't ask if they "are o.k." . I just don't ask.
While I love having the boys here I must admit that they sometimes scare me. I have walked in on some of their stories. I have seen some of the pictures. I have heard a conversation start with " hey Rusty do you have flash backs...?"
Maybe I am sticking my head in the sand, but I do not want to hear their stories. I do not want to hear about how many people they have killed. I do not want to hear about war.
Instead, I feel that my job is to give them a safe place. A place where they are not looked at as baby killers. A place where they can have a flash back and still be safe. This is a safe house for those marines.
Don't get me wrong. I know that these are harden vets and I am serious when I say that they will shoot you dead and not think twice about it. I know these guy's will have struggles for the rest of their lives. I do know all of this. I just choose to ignore it.
I once heard a saying that said "war is what young men do and old men talk about."
This statement is true. May God bless our young men and the old men who guide them.

what should I do?

Well. I tried to desmoke the house yesterday. I don't think it worked, but I tried. Yesterday I said "If life is like a box of chocolates, then someone needs to stop crapping in my box."

Yesterday I did manage to get all the carpets cleaned. I got 99% of the laundry done. I even found the energy to go through a few boxes. I did not need any of the stuff so I listed them on craigslist.

Today I feel fine, I just dont want to clean. All I want to do is sit down and sew. Maybe that will motivate me to get done what I need to get done.

Amber and I went and voted yesterday. It was kinda nice to watch my daughter vote for the first time. We agreed on everything except one issue. That one issue is parents right to know. I believe that I have to know if my child (under 18) is having an abortion, and she does not believe that. According to the polls I won.

I got my phone yesterday. Now I have to try to get everyones numbers. I have down load some new ring tones, and I need to find a new background picture. This is all a small price to pay, because without my phone Lewis would never have been able to talk to his parents.

Oh crap I just remembered that I still need to wash my ball dress. That is going to the top of my todo list. I am really looking forward to the ball this year. I was told that there was going to be a wwII vet there this year. I love listening to these old men tell thier stories. O.K. I admit it. I love listening to all olod people. They have so much to teach us.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I set the house on fire

Yep that is right. Last night I set the house on fire.

It was really starting to chilly in the house, so I decided to start a fire and break the chill.

I went to Sams and got some wood, and I stacked it very nicely in the fire place, got some news paper and started a fire.

Then smoke started to come in the house. Holy crap I forgot to open the vent. So I opened the vent and even more smoke came into the house!

I had all the smoke detectors going off. The dogs were going nuts and all the cats ran for the garage. Nikki and I are trying like crazy to fan the smoke detectors but nothing worked.

Berry walked in and grabbed a bucket of water and opened the doors on the fire place. That is when flames shot up the wall.

Oh dear Lord I set the house the house on fire and now it is filled with smoke. There was no real damage and everyone is safe. When Rusty got home he was kinda wondering what had happened, but was scared to ask. So I said "Baby I set the house on fire tonight. How was your day?" Rusty just looked around and said nothing.

Rusty has gotten very wise over the years and has learned to not say anything.

Today I get the great pleasure of washing everything that can fit into a washer. Everything smells like smoke and it just stinks. I have started cleaning the carpets, but I only have one room done.

I will have to stop cleaning at some point and go vote, but other then that I will be desmoking my house today.

Note to self: call a chimney sweep!

Monday, November 3, 2008

A very busy weekend

O.K. Here I sit on a cold Monday morning. This weekend was such a blur. Lets see if I recap this. Put your seat belt on.
Friday Berry called me to tell me that the water pump on my car blew. Great. So Rusty, Lewis and I load up and head down to base. The new water pump was not expensive at all, and the water pump is very easy to get to. This is a job that should not take to long.
It took longer then expected. It six marines 2 hours to replace the water pump. The first mistake we made was allowing so many marines to do one job. The second mistake was someone brought out a case of beer. I thought we were never going to leave base.
We finally go the car fixed and then a group of us stopped Japanese. It was very good and I have not had Japanese in a long time!
We finally get back to the house. Amber had taken Ryan trick or treating for us, so that was a big help.
Everyone started rolling in. So we are all kicking back and enjoying everyones company. Then Amers ex boyfriend Sam and his new girlfriend walk in. Sam is messed up! So they head back to grab a beer.
One of the other gals and I decided that we wanted starbucks. So we went and got some, and we took our time doing it. We get back and some of the marines look worse then Sam did.I go out back and ask everyone to please tell me a story.
Sam got jumped by some Mexican gang members. So when the marines found out about this, they all decided to go jump the Mexican gang. As the story goes on they mention that one of the Mexican gang members pulled a gun. So one of the marines pulled his.
By now my head is hurting. O.K. let me see if I have this straight. My gang of boys jump a Mexican gang and they had gun out. The Mexican gang made one huge mistake. They pulled an empty gun on a guy with a loaded gun, who is a harden vet who would shoot them and walk away.
I guess I can't leave my boy's and my husband unsupervised.
Saturday was our anniversary. We did not do anything special, but we did have sex twice. It was nice to have a sex drive again! I bought Rusty an ice cream maker. So I made him so homemade chocolate ice cream. These new ice cream makers are so quick and easy! According to one of the marines the ice cream was off the chain? I think that means that he liked it.
Sunday Nikki got baptised. I was thrilled to see this! After we got home from church I went and laid down. I was feeling so sick and tired. I got in a little nap and then Nikki walks in and hands me her phone. It was one of the marines was calling to tell me that he was home!
What? That is right he was home and one base. Now I have to get up and get moving because I have to go get my marine.
One problem. I am worn out, and I need to find someone to go to base with me. Rusty has to work on Monday, so he can't go. I call Jake and Berry, but they are getting their hair cut and wont be back for a while. I finally call Sam. Rusty was very glad to hear that Sam was going to go with me.
Rusty was worried about me driving the car because we had not driven it far since the new water pump was in. Rusty also knew I was not feeling good so he wanted someone to go with me so they could drive.
Sam and I finally get to base but we can't find Miles (the marine that just came home). I just started asking around and someone actually knew where he was. So I finally get up to Miles room and he is not answering his door. It is a good thing that I know how to break into the rooms. I get his screen out and I get the window open when Miles comes walking out of the shower.
It was so good to see him. I must admit that he smelled better then the other marines that have come home. We ended up taking Miles out to to get some stuff and then we went to the outback for dinner. I splurged and bought all of us dinner. O.k. I had a salad, some carrot cake and some anti vomit medicine!
So here I am on Monday morning. My feet are cold. I need to go buy some fuzzy slippers. I am so worn out. I so want to just go to bed and sleep a few more hours. But first I need to go order two marine ball cakes, I need to go buy some stuff for dinner, and clean up around here a little bit. Then maybe I can rest.
If there is no rest for the wicked, then I am very wicked!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

my daughters

My daughters are the love of my life.

Today my heart breaks for Amber. Today Amber watched her soldier boy leave for Iraq.

So here Rusty and I being the rock that Amber needs. I know how hard it is to watch someone you care about leave. I know how unfair life can be.

I want better for my daughters. I don't want them do ever date anyone in the military. All the guy will do is break their heart. Every time this country call, they will pack their bags and leave. Then there will be my daughter waiting on him and crying herself to sleep. I want better for my daughter. I don't want them to live the life I have lived.

I must ask myself at what point do I stop trying to protect my children and let them fall. I just hate seeing Amber cry. This part of being a mom sucks.

Last night was the first night that all of the marines got together at the house.
Nikki came in about 11:30 and the first person she saw was Lewis. Nikki ran up to him, jumped on him and gave him a huge hug.
Later on I over heard Nikki explaining to her so called boyfriend why she gave Lewis a hug.
That just ticks me off. Who in the world does this guy think he is? Nikki has not seen Lewis since he got home! Maybe this so called boyfriend needs to find out what it is like to have true friends.
It just ticks me off that Nikki was explaining her actions to this boy. As far as I am concerned she only has to explain herself to Rusty and I.
Today is mine and Rusty anniversary, so I am going to go and do something nice for Rusty.

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