Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here I sit this morning with fires to the north and to the south.

All of my marines are accounted for, so that is a good thing. Yesterday the haze from the fires started to drift over the mountains, so today I am really hoping that the wind changes directions and bl owes the smoke some place else.

I do believe in karma and fate, and yesterday was a prime example of that. I was trying to call one of the marines and I mis dialed the number. So I hung up. Then the dude I called, called me back! So I told him that I had mis dialed and that I was trying to reach one of my marines. The gentlemen on the other end of the phone was retired from the Coast Guard. He was stuck in San Diego and Lives not that far from me! So all night I was calling him and letting him know which roads were open.

I am really enjoying our cooler weather. Yesterday I actually baked some homemade french bread. The house smelled so good, and the oven heated up part of the house nicely.

I feel like there is something that I should be doing today, but I am not sure what it is. Nikki does have class today, but Amber is taking her, so I will just have to pick her up.

What should I make for dinner? I guess whatever falls out of the freezer first is what we will have. I am just really not in the mood to cook tonight.

Oh we just got word that another one of our marines is coming home. It is a twin of one of the marines that is already here. I can't wait to see him. The brothers will be united again.

I am not a twin, so I don't understand the whole twin thing. These two boy's fight like cat's and dog's. Yet they do everything together. Both of them were lost when one left for Iraq before the other one did. I am just a better person because I know these two.

Ryan has been hinting that he wants a new Halloween costume. I hate Halloween, and I am still on my spending diet. So I have enlisted the help of the marines and came up with a costume for Ryan. On of the female marines is going to loan Ryan some Cammie's and boot's. Another marines is gong to paint Ryan's face. Yet another marine is going to take the plates out his body armor so Ryan can wear that and finally Rusty is going to bring home a rubber m16. There it is. Ryan's Halloween costume and it coast me nothing.

Yesterday Rusty cut his finger really bad. I swear it bled forever. I guess it does not help that he is on blood thinners. I cleaned the blood up yesterday, bu today I want to go back and bleach everything down. I just can't believe how much he bled!

Well I should get my day started.


moshell's lilbit of space said...

Just stopping in to say hello...I have been worried about the fires for you and my dad...I need to call him & check up on him.

Have a good day....

natalie said...

dear Kelli
Wow! I finally found you!
how are you?
I love your blog! It is awesome!
I am soooo sorry that he hurt his finger so bad... did he need stitches?
I am still stumbling around here! I am so happy that I got to your blog because I could not find ti at first!
It is beautiful Kelli!
I love the graphics and the music! I am so glad that all of the marines are accounted for and that the kids are ok

Melissa said...

hope u have a nice day

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Stay out of harm's way!

My boys are like those twins... Ryan and Cody cannot STAND to be away from each other. They GRIEVE for each other. It's funny. I didn't intentionally raise them that way but I guess it's a by-product of our situation. Austin doesn't have that connection with either of them, though, and that's sad.

Have a great day, hon!

Lori said...

I didn't know there were wildfires out there. Guess I haven't been paying any attention to the news. That was really great that you could give the wrong number updates about the roads. Glad all your Marines are safe and that the one twin will be reunited soon with the other. I ended up having pork chops for dinner tonight, and it almost was because they fell out of the freezer! lol

Traci said...

I'm glad the fires are not near to you. Hope Rusty's finger is ok! what about Halloween don't you like?

Pamela said...

My car has been just covered in ashes! I hate this! Fires every year..! UGH...it gets old.
Love the idea for Ryan's Halloween costume. Sounds so cute! Take pics and post ok??
Hope you have a good night!
Hugs Pam xoxox

a corgi said...

I just hope it is not like last October with all those fires! sounds like a cute Halloween costume for Ryan; so glad another marine is coming home

too bad about Rusty's finger; ouch!!! must have not been a good day for fingers yesterday; I sprained my ring finger when Koda's leash got wrapped around it and he pulled hard; made typing yesterday not fun, but better today

hoping all is going reasonably well for you :)


jenifer said...
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