Friday, October 3, 2008

I am running for office

So I was cleaning up our bedroom and I had the morning news on. I was listening to everyone talk about the debate last night. Screw all of them I am running for office.

1. We produce enough wheat to feed this country for a long time. So why does our bread coast $4 a loaf? I am no longer sending wheat to other countries until we can buy bread for $1 a loaf.

2. We are posting signs at the boarders that say "trespassers will be shot." If my grandparents can come here legally then so can everyone else. You don't have the properer paper work then you get shot.

3. If you are already in this country and you are here illegally then all of your benefits are cut off. I am so sick of seeing hard working Americans paying for some illegal to get food stamps. Hell there are Americans that need food stamps and get get them! It is time to get rid of the leaches.

4. Buy American. I don't care what name is on the product. As long as it is made with products and American labor, then you can buy it. I sick of our jobs going over sea's. We have unemployed people here in America.

5. We will stop sending blankets and food to countries that have had a disaster. We have a disaster right here in own country. Go walk down skid row and look at all the homeless people and homeless families. From now on we will give blankets to our own homeless and food to our local food banks.

6. Our prisons are over flowing and the tax payers are paying for them. They get free health care, food, clothing, and cable t.v. That is bull shit! Why should they get these rights when honest hard working people don't have these luxuries. If you are sentenced to death then you die immediately and I don't mean at the tax payers expense. There are plenty of men with gun's that will be happy to donate their time and ammo to shoot your ass.

7. Speak English. There will be no more English as a second language class, and there will be no more forms handed out in Spanish.

8. America is a "super power" and yet we are ranked last in education. When we have countries like Kenya beating us out.... oh there is something wrong there. Education will be a top priority. Teachers will teach and not just teach for the children to pass a test. I am sick of my children not know basic grammar, or who won what war!

O.K. I am off my soap box. Back to the laundry.


Indigo said...

You got my vote! Amen and amen again! (Hugs)Indigo

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Damn straight......I would vote for you....


Chrissie said...

To bad no one in Washington is willing to say the same thing.
Take care,

B said...

Girl you sooo have my vote.

Missie said...

You have my vote! Enjoy your weekend.

Melissa said...

im new to ur journal but i like it :)

Traci said...

When do you begin your campaign?!

a corgi said...

I'm voting for you!!! all great things that make total sense!!

hey girl!! I'm praying for you!! I thought this was a simple remove the plumbing; I didn't realize they were thinking other more serious things!!!! Lord, I just give you Kelli; we need her Lord; we need her completely healed, but we will trust in you!!! in Jesus we pray.

you remember to call me if you need anything and if the girls need a break, Mr. Teen who is currently unemployed can take you places and you'll go in style in that Cadi!

(and I don't expect a written thank you for Monday's; the joy of helping you is more than enough :)

thanks for following me over to my new home here :)


Pamela said...

I couldn't agree MORE!!!
Hugs Pam

louise said...

i would vote for you if I was American Louise

Martha said...


Nelishia said...

I vote for you. I've been screaming the same thing at the top of my voice. So has DH.



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