Friday, October 10, 2008

wake up call.

Well here it is Friday morning. I am on my second cup of coffee and the chili is in the crock pot.

I finally got my medical records and I was reading all the stuff to my mom. I guess she now understand all that is going on. I don't speak doctor, but my mom does.

I did finally order my own birth certificate.

I filed a complaint with the hospital. Not because I had to order the birth certificate myself, but because I was not told the whole story. If I had been told that the hospital would order the birth certificate when THEY got around to it, I would have done it myself. Instead I was told that I would I would have it in seven. Without my birth certificate, I can do nothing. I am just wondering how many other people this lady has screwed over. I will take a stand for all us low in come people just trying to get by.

Earlie this week I took our foster kittens back to the shelter. I then got a call two day's later asking if I would be willing to take to them back because they have a cold. I agreed. So now I have four sick kitten that need med's twice a day. One of the kittens is not doing as well as the other three. She just feels so bad and wants to be held all the time.

Last night I put a lambs wool blanket in our bed. This baby slept between Rusty and I all night. Rusty and I just kept petting her and loving on her. We told her that we would get her through this.

Here I was bitching about my day. When in my house there is a baby that can not take herself the vet's, get her own med's, or go get her comfy blanket to take a nap on. I have it so easy compared to her.

I don't have much planned for today. The usual house work, and I am working on some quilts. I contacted this organization that helps military families in need and I asked them if they would be willing to accept my baby quilts. I have not heard from them, so I am going to pass the quilts out to people in our community. I may also contact our church and see if I can donate the quilts and they can pass them out when they food distribution.

Yesterday a young man stopped by with a bag full of clothes. I would like to say a big thank you to the lady that sent them over. I was able to use about half of the clothes and I passed the rest on to another family that was so happy to have them.


LIZ said...

I love animals especially cats and kittens. I hope all your babies get healthy and strong!!! Hopefully someday I can volunteer to take care of them like you do!!

Have a great day, Liz

Indigo said...

I'm glad your reporting the woman at the hospital, that was just beyond ridiculous. Aww, keeping the little ones in my prayers on the smoke. I would of done the same thing with the one that was sickier than the rest. (Hugs)Indigo

Traci said...

Good for you for getting a complaint filed. Hope the kittens get to feeling better!

Martha said...

You have the best attitude of anyone I have ever known!

a corgi said...

that lady says you are welcome; the young man shared some of your conversation; what a great one you guys had!!!

too bad about the kittens; I would offer to take some to help you, but Mr. Koda would have a fit

I agree with you; file a complaint with the hospital; not sure why you need your birth certificate? to get benefits? is this the military hospital or one of the local ones in town; remember one that shares my life works at such an institution in town

dinner sounds good!

do you guys like cheesecake and cupcakes?


Missie said...

I'm glad you're taking care of those kittens! Have a good weekend.

louise said...

Hope you are ok?? My Harry is desperate for a kitten but I am allergic. Have a nice weekend
Louise x

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