Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I talked to my mom

Will someone please tell me how to change the font size? I hate this small font! I swear I use to be able to do it, but not anymore.

Anyway, I talked to my mom yesterday and I am getting the picture that she is concerned about me. I guess I just find it hard to believe, but I am trying to be open minded here.

The night I called my mom from the e.r. she mentioned that my sister was in the hospital. So last night I asked my mom how she was doing.

Oh boy did I learn more about my sister then I needed to know. I guess a little over a year ago my sister and the father of hell child got into a fight and she hit him hard enough to bloody his lip. My sister was arrested for assult. Instead of keeping her mouth shut or asking for a public defender she told the judge "Yes, I hit the son of bitch". What the judge did not hear was that hell childs father's was strangling her. Now my sister is a felon. What ever so am I. Then my mom told me that she lost her job and can't work in the health industry with a felon on her record.

So my sister has turned to drinking. Now keep in mind, my sister really does not have a stomch since she had gastro bypass. My sister has beeen drinking so much that her throat started bleeding. They had to give her something like 6 pints of blood and other stuff.

When I asked my mom about the gastro bypass, my mom just said that my sister has trade eating for drinking. We have a long line of drinkers in our family and that is why I won't touch the stuff.

Maybe I should feel sorry for my sister, but I don't. I now know why my mom has been wanting to anchor to me. I guess I am truely the stable one out of my sister and I.

I am still waiting on my birth cirtificate. My mom did say that if does not come by friday, that she will drive to Wis. and get it for me.

Yesterday I went to the commisarrery. I spent $238 and I had $48 in coupons! That should hold us for the month. I might have to go back and pick up some meat and fresh stuff. I think I did good considering we are a family of 5.

Today is clean out day. Our friend Jake is going home this weekend, and we always send our clothes to this other family up in Oragon. I am able to get rid of a lot of stuff since nothing fits me with damn swollen belly. Amber pulled out a ball gown that she has not worn in two years. If Nikki does not want it, then it is going.


Traci said...

Enlightening conversation with your mom. Your sister sounds like a mess. I'm sorry to hear that. Stable is an understatement.

Traci said...

Oh yeah, When you are composing your entry there is a tab at the top with different sized T's click it and it will pull down and then you can adjust your size. I usually use the second to the largest.

Melissa said...

thats sad about ur sister. im glad ur mom has u

a corgi said...

that's sad about your sister; its hard because I know you have somewhat of a strained/interesting relationship with her/your mom

hey, I have some clothes I went through this weekend that you might want to look through; I know you are skinnier than me but it might be something to wear during this swollen time of yours; mostly size 14s, capris, some shorts, a few tops; if you want to look through them, I'll send you know who over with them and you can look through them, take what you want and he can return the rest to me; let me know; your name came up when I was doing this; that's why I thought of you; the Lord could have put your name on my mind :)


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