Thursday, October 23, 2008

roller coaster ride

Can you believe that Amber just walked in with a plastic bag! I asked what she was thinking. I do not like plastic bags and I do not allow my family to use them. Amber said "well mom it is a good sturdy one, so you can scoop a lot of cat shit into it!" LOl O,K, she got me there.

Yesterday I went to the bank to TRY to activate our new ATM card. I explained to the lady that we tried to call the 1 800 number but that got us no where. The lady took the card and pulled up our account. Here is that conversation.

Lady: I can't active this card because it has James on it.

Me: blank stare. My name was on the card that was lost. Why didn't you send us new card with my name on it?

Lady: blank stare. I am not sure why they sent you a new card with Jame's name on it. All James has to do call this number.

Me: We have called that number several times and it has gotten us no where, can't you just activate the card for us?

Lady: just tell James to hit zero when he calls the number and he will get alive person. Would you like me to order you a card in your name?

Me: no. I do not want to wait another 7 to 10 working days just to get my new card. This whole ordeal has inconvenienced us enough.

So I call Rusty....real name is James..... and tell him what the lady said. So Rusty said fine and that he would deal with it when he got home.

Rusty gets home and calls, and he says o.k. it is all taken care of. Fine.

Then the bank calls us and says that they have to cancel that card because Rusty can't have two ATM cards with his name on it! What? So now the bank is sending us yet another ATM card with my name on it. I swear on all that is holy I was going to strangle someone at the bank.

Today I had the great pleasure of seeing Leeroy put on his dress blues. I love seeing my boys in their blues. Like the marine wife that I am I started telling him all that he needed to get done. The sleeves needed to be taken in, a hem needed to be put in the trouser, the flap on the back needed to be taken in. Then all of his brass looked like crap so that has to done. Oh I have been married to a marine for way to long.

I must admit that I love seeing all of my boys dressed up. I will have to get another picture of me and all my boys. I can't believe the ball is right around the corner.

Today I put the marines to work. I had them move furniture so I could clean the carpets. I had them hang my quilt racks up. One of them is with Amber right now while she is getting an estimate on getting her engine mounts replaced. There is one thing about marine, they may not always be the brightest, but they are good people.

Well, one of the marines just went to get me some lunch, so I need to go.


Melissa said...

i can tell u r proud

Tightening the Corset Again said...

There are definitely good uses for plastic bags - like cat poop - and I do try to reuse them several times. I feel such eco-guilt reading your post!

God bless your Marines! I love a man in uniform!


Traci said...

Scoopin' poop. i don't miss that! No, I love kitties. I don't love litter boxes.

Missie said...

I use plastic bags to not only use for cat poop but dog poop as well! LOL

Chrissie said...

My army guys always treated me with lots of respect. I was just their friend's wife, but they came to me for everything. I use to love it imagine having all these guys bring you presents all the time for good reason. I was in Heaven back then. Hope you get that card thing straighten out that is frustrating.
Take care, Chrissie

a corgi said...

I always like to see a man in a military uniform; they just look so good!

geesh, I forgot and what did I do, I sent stuff over to you in plastic bags, so sorry!! I'll have to remember that in the future

we do use plastic bags, I do recycle them and I try to be responsible, but they are good for cleaning up corgi messes

I was thinking the other day to start getting the cloth bags for grocery shopping; we'll see

sorry about the problem with the ATM card, it is virtually impossible these days to get a simple thing like this fixed without major problems


Indigo said...

I would deflate Amber's argument in a moment. If you get eco friendly cat litter and put it in a paper bag, everything is going to the betterment of the Earth..*winks* what did you expect from your hippy sister.

As for the bank...strangle em...


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