Monday, October 20, 2008

I hate my kitchen

O.K. so I was going to sit here and complain about how dirty my kitchen is. Then I found this tag.

Screw it I am still going to complain. I swear I am the only one who knows where the trash and recycling bin are. Am I the only one who knows how to load dishes? Last night someone ran the dish washer, but when I went to empty it I was shocked to find it only half full. People! Look around. I think everyone else is blind. GRRRRR

Yesterday was a bad day. I started to get some really bad pain. I took my pain pills before they got to bad, but I did not get much sleep last, so today my butt is dragging.

We did not really do to much this weekend. Which is good since all I wanted to do was chill. It was nice to just lay around and do nothing.

I need to take advantage of my down time, because next week is going to be crazy. Ryan has a doctors appointment, I have a doctors appointment, the kittens will need to go back to the shelter. Oh crap is next week Halloween?

I have decided to be the Grinch that stole Halloween. I am not even going to pass out candy this year. I can't stand to hear the door bell ring and the dogs will bark non stop. So I am just going to skip Halloween this year.

Tonight I am going to make spaghetti for dinner. That is quick and easy. I think I forgot to mention that we will have two marines living with us this week, so I will need to really stretch my food budget. Then again I could make them go buy Chinese one night? Hmmm now that is an idea.

I wonder if I can train the marines to clean the kitchen? Oh I should just stop complaining and go it. Then I am going to go lay down and rest.


a corgi said...

(((Kelly))) our church is having a huge carnival on Halloween; everything is free and there's a pumpkin patch with rides right by our church that will be free that night; hang out there if you want with us; I know what you mean; Koda thinks every time the doorbell rings someone is bringing him a treat.

that is so sweet of you to have the marines staying with you for a week; I bet they will help around the house if you ask them

I had to laugh; we have the same sickness here at our house (no one knows where the recycling bin is; but I am having son unstack dishes, he's trying to earn some money to do something this weekend so I'm giving him all my chores, LOL)

((((Kelly; sorry you are in so much pain; praying for you))))


Paula said...

Hope your pain is better. I think that must be universal kids and men don't know where the trash can and recycle bins are.

Stuart said...

yeah we men should all b e taken out and shot........... we are useless, thoughtless etc......


Traci said...

Ilove the tag but yeah you get to gripe. You live with nearly grown people. AND some grown. They need to pitch in!

Melissa said...

droppin in

LIZ said...


Missie said...

My kids will take out one cup or bowl at a time as needed from the dishwasher rather than put it all away! LOL

Chrissie said...

That is a cute tag and yeah we forget when we complain about things like that. I'm like you though I just wish someone knew how to help every once in awhile. It's a little easier now because it's just me and Jay. Man when Lauren lived here I had piles of laundry and dishes. I was happy to see that go. My best friend told me the other day she had the dishwasher full and ran it. Came home and it was running again, but there was dirty dishes everywhere she asked what was in there and they said it was full so we ran it. She said it was all clean did you even look before you turned it on AGAIN. So nobody knows how to unload just keep running it over and over again.
Take care, Chrissie

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