Thursday, October 16, 2008

let the hoop jumping begin

Well Ryan had his appointment with regional center the other day. I just got a call from them and now he has to go back in for a physical, and then at a later time go have blood drawn for yet another genetic test. I swear all of this better be worth it! At least it looks like we might get that free medical for life.

The lady I spoke with was rather short with me. I asked if I could just take Ryan to a doctor at our local clinic and get his physical done there. She said well you have no medical insurance. Yes, that may be true, but I would rather pay $20 then have to drive for an hour and waste $40 in gas. She did not like that answer, and it looks like I will have to drive the hour.....each way!

Do you think they could do the blood test on the same day? Oh no. That would be to easy. We will have to make that drive yet again. So goes life.

I have not really done to much today. I have some bread rising, and that is about all I have gotten done.

Amber called me at 1 a.m. to tell me that she was stranded at a friends house with a flat tire. I told her to put the spare on. Someone did put the spare on, but that was flat as well. So she spent the night at her friends house and went to get a new tire this morning. There were 5 nails in her tire! Amber said that she went through a construction zone yesterday. Yep that will do it. I am just glad that Amber had money in her savings account. I sure as heck was not buying her a new tire.

Nikki has been my case to take drivers ed. I finally just said "Look, I know you have been looking for a job, and as of yet you have not found one. However I am still paying your phone bill. I will not pay for your drivers education class, and then have to add you to our insurance and then have to pay for that. You will have to do what Amber did and get a job, and prove to me that you can handle two bills." Nikki is not happy, but welcome to the real world.

I should go clean up the house and at least make it look like I have done something! Oh the joy's of a stay at home mom.


Lori said...

I know those joys all too well! lol

Gerry said...

A stay at home who gets everything seen about has a full time job, and the working moms just have to let stuff go. I know some poor working moms who need somebody to work for them! Gerry

just me said...

They can never, never make it easy.
Hope it is worth it.

Traci said...

Such fun at your house! Blessings to you!

Melissa said...

dr.s always want to make u jump thru hoops and then charge u an arm and a leg for doing hardly anything

a corgi said...

I want to know where that construction zone was so I'll stay away from it; wow 5 nails!!


Paula said...

Have I told you how much I love all your cat graphics? If I've told you well I'm telling you again. They are sooo cute. Paula

moshell's lilbit of space said...

I know where you are coming from....Lord help us.

LIZ said...

That would be way too easy if they did everything in one day. Hope it all works out.

Take care, Liz

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