Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the ladies would be proud

I got woken up this morning by a cat knocking over a glass of sweet tea. Now that is going to attract some ant's.

So I got up, grabbed a cup of coffee and went and a smoke. Now I have to go clean up the mess that the cat made.

O.k. the tea is on the floor. I need to move all the blankets so I can clean the carpets. Oh screw it. I pulled everything off the bed and into the wash it went. I even washed the remote because it was mixed up in the blankets!

The bed is stripped. Now I need to move the end table, so I can shampoo the carpets. Oh I should go move Rusty's end table as well. Now both of the end table are sitting in the bathroom.

Next is the cat box. No scooping it out today. Everything got dumped. I poured in some bleach and some soap and fill ed the rest with hot water. I even threw in the pooper scooper.

I look around the room. The only thing left is the curtain. So down it came, and it got tossed into a huge pile of laundry.

Now I can clean the carpets. Water and soap and I am ready to go. I even went back over the carpets with a little bit of bleach water. The carpets look so good!

Now I have to put everything back, but you cant put dirty stuff back. So I grabbed the glass cleaner and the furniture polish. Both of our end table were scrubbed down. Man they were dirty!

Next was the bedroom window and the window sill. I can't forget the t.v. and the thing that it sits on. That also got scrubbed down.

Now I have to get the Lysol out and spray down the mattress and the pillows. Now everything is starting to come out of the dryer. Not only did our bedding get washed, but the dogs bedding was also washed!

Now I am to tired to enjoy my nice sparkling room. I guess I can enjoy the smell of clean while I sleep.


Melissa said...

man, tlk about a cleaning spree

Traci said...

You go girl! Myself I got two rooms clean but not deep cleaned! A third room is halfway and I need to finish it!

Nelishia said...

I have a day coming soon just like that. Wow! You're the Mother of all housekeepers. I've just tossed two cats outside permanently and have to take back the room they've been sheltered in, carpet cleaning, drapes, throwing away some furniture, painting. the works.
Thank you for your supportive words in my journal as I know you are the voice of experience, been there, still doing that! You have my utmost respect too.


just me said...

Wow you have been busy, bet everything looks and smells great.

Lori said...

All because the cat spilled some sweet tea! lol

Indigo said...

I get the same way and it most usually starts with something one of the animals did. Cat hair ball, spit up, mad scramble across the table sending something flying...I remember doing this with a toddler in the house, and we're still doing it.....(Hugs) Indigo

a corgi said...

forget Amber coming over, I need your gentle touch cleaning my place; wow girl; slow down a little and don't overdue with the cleaning; neat that you got it all done though; bet it all smells nice


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