Monday, October 6, 2008

great weekend zero spending

So here I sit. It is Monday morning and I have had a very busy weekend!

It was so nice to spend some time with our friends, and to just catch up on everything. Went down to a little old rustic town called Jullian. Jullian was having thier apple day's and there were pie's everywhere! We walked around the shops and I bought nothing! Yes I am excieted about controlling myself and not buying stuff that we really dont need. I must say that it was very cold down there and we did freeze our asses off, but it was worth it.

We also went to the beach. I made our friends walk the beach and do a beach clean up with me. This time we found a fence! How do you loose a fence? All in all we made a good haul nd got a lot of trash off of our beaches!

While on the beach we also found some bones to something. We think they were to a sea turtle, but we dont know for sure. It was fun looking at the bones and tring to put them back together.

While my friends were Diane, was looking at my fridge and reading my pot poster. Yes I have a pot poster on my fridge. It give all the stat's about pot both good and bad. Anyway, Diane said to me "do you believe in the healing power of herbs?" Without missing a beat I said "both legal and illegal"

That sparked a huge conversation about my female plumbing. Diane had the same problem that I have except they found her's at stage 3. Before you know it we are all in car and heading to the hippy store to get me a regiment of herbs. This is the best I have felt.

I also have a new perspective. I have the right to be scared and I have the right to bitch, but I also have the right to say "mountain get out of my way." And that is what I have chosen to do. I am still going to seek medical treatment, but I now taking a front row seat on my treatment. Like everything else in my life, I am going to do it my way!

Today I need to get this house put back together, but that is fine. I so enjoyed spending the weekend with some dear friends.

****** zero spending*****

I am still on my zero spending diet and here are some up dates. I bought nothing while we were in Jullian. I saw a lot of neat stuff, but decided that I really did not "need" them. While at the chocolate shop in Jullian I so wanted a chocolate covered pretzel. I looked all over the store for Rusty so that I could get some money from him, but then I saw some samples. The samples were free, so I ate them instead.

The beach was free. we took down our own stuff and I use grocery sacks to do the beach clean up. Finding the remains of an animal was very for me.

I am going to go to the store this week and do a major shopping trip. This will really give me an idea of how well my zero spending is going. If we run out of something then, we will do with out it!

I showed my friends the article that I read and they are now going to try it. So we will keep each other accountable.


a corgi said...

I love Julian!! good for you for zero spending!! that is great that you can have fun without spending money!! I'm trying to do the same, LOL

so glad the visit with friends went well!!

totally agree with you about taking charge of your health; just make sure,as I am doing for you, to continue to pray to the Lord for guidance and wisdom about the whole thing!! We'll put it in his capable hands!

(dinner will be delivered between 4:00-4:30 :)


Melissa said...

congrats on the zero spending, i know how hard that can be

Traci said...

Good for you for doing the zero spending thing. I've been at it for a long time now. Gets depressing for me!
I'm glad you got to talk to your friend. She sounds like a good resource.

Pamela said...

Julian is one of my favorite places! I'm glad you all had such a good time. Love your no spending idea. You are more disciplined than I am, that's for sure!

I'm glad you are taking charge of your health like you are. You will breeze right through this! You're one tough cookie. If anyone can do this YOU can!
Hugs Pam

Indigo said...

My sweet hippy sister, I'm in awe of your strength, just your general humanness. Being the front runner in your health is the wisest thing you could do under the circumstances. I too believe in the power of healing herbs. Let me know what you use and learn as you go. Love Ya! Promise i'll stop being so sappy soon. I just want to know your ok.(Hugs)Indigo

Martha said...

Zero spending - now that's a challenge!! Good luck! If anyone can do it I know you can!

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