Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What about the rest of us?

As most of you know I grew up outside Chicago. I went to an inner city school. I had teachers that were just there because they were waiting on retirement. Oh sure I had a few good teachers, but for the most part I spent three years just trying to remember what the gang colors were and trying to remember not to wear those colors.

My parents had no choice but to send me to this school. They were working people that were just trying to keep a roof over our head and food on the table.

Not much has changed for my children. I did home schooled my children for a while, and that was fine, but I got burned out. My only other option was to place my children in the public school.

Amber did o.k. She was never into sport's, nor was she the popular one. Amber was one of those students that just got lost in the shuffle.

Ryan is in a special education class and some would say that he is doing great. I however would like to see a more drastic improvement, but I can't hold my breath that long. I am stuck with what the school system provides.

Then there is Nikki. Nikki is my all around American child. Very popular, plays sports, and excels in classes and needs to be pushed to do more. Nikki is now home schooled through a charter school and doing very well.

We are just the average American family just trying to get by, but wanting nothing but the best for our children.

Yet tonight I caught part of the presidential debate and they were talking about education.

I asked myself what do they REALLY know about our educational system. They have the money to buy the best education for their children. I bet none of their children ever went to an inner city school.

So why is that? I know that money talks and with money you can buy anything, even a good education.

There is a prep school not to far from us. All of their students go on to ivy league colleges. I do not have an extra $2,000 a month to send Nikki there, so I am stuck with what the state provides.

Just once I would like to see SOMEONE make some real changes in the way the system works.

I want to see the drug dealers taken off campus and not allowed back. I want the pregnant girls to be sent to another school, because being pregnant should not be a fashion statement. I want to see teachers rewarded for a job well done and fired for when they fail to teach. I want an education to be more important then sports.

Rich or poor we all want the best for our children, however the poor in America can't afford to buy the best education, so we are stuck with what we have.

Tonight I can only hope that SOMEONE will figure something out. America use to be a super power, but I am beginning to question the next generation.

My only hope is that someone does figure something out soon and MAYBE then all of us can have the best education for all of our children.

That is my hope. And hope does float.


Missie said...

I so agree with on you on the school issues. I also agree with teen pregnancies. All it is to those girls, most of them anyway, is a fashion statement.

Pamela said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the education. It's a nightmare! We've struggled to send our son to a private school all of these years. It's not easy. But, it's been worth it. I don't have any idea how we'll get him through college.
I agree with you on the pregnant girls too. When I was young, they were sent to a different school. It wasn't a good thing to be pregnant like it is now. Times sure have changed.
Have a good day.

Lori said...

The education situation is so bad for the average American.

Gerry said...

An education in a poor district almost just has to be an education in a way of life. My youngest two talk about their experiences in the ghetto even though their high school was a magnet school for the computer, so the powers that be saw to it that a very good computer teacher was in charge. My son Dan said he taught him all he knows about the computer. Their high school also had the winningest coach in the state when it came to basketball, so my son got another education in sports. But other than that I would say that some teachers were only indifferent. I went to a high school in the poor district in a big city and I found that the teaching was 'dumbed down' so that it was over simplified and really boring. I would say tell your kids to make the most of what they are offered. Those willing and able to spend have always gotten a better education. I think after school is over, the example of the parents is what counts the most anyway! Gerry

Traci said...

When are you running for office?! I'll vote for you!

Melissa said...

I notice working at a elementry that most of these teachers dont care about the kids,the way they treat them is horrible and the kids are not learning anything because the scores are so low. These are not dumb kids, they are smart but if the teachers aren't teaching how are they to learn? I remember when I was in high school how the teachers were alot of them didnt even teach, just threw u a book and tell u to answer questions in the back of the book. I just dont know, its really sad.

Indigo said...

Paul works as a Teacher's aid to troubled teens and a few with disabilities. He's constantly reminding the troubled ones, it's on you to make something of yourself. He encourages them and talks to the teachers to see what can be done to stimilate them and make them want to learn. I've often thought he's found his calling, he makes a difference. Then I realize he's just a teacher's aid, barely making any money. He's doing this because he cares. My next thought is why the hell is it the teachers themselves are not going out of the way to try to pick these kids up. He comes home so frusterated because a teacher didn't try that day and simply sat in the class, looking as if they wanted to be anywhere but there.

So yeah, in a heartbeat something needs to change. There is no sense having the policy no child left behind, when your pushing them forward with no skills and education. (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

well there goes what I was going to do an entry about tonight

the public education system does leave lots of room for improvement; I like when they talk about school vouchers; that I think would have been a good plan


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