Wednesday, October 29, 2008

what a morning!

Mornings are good for me. I got up, turned on the coffee, took my detox, got Ryan up, got Rusty up, and then grabbed a cup of coffee. I went and got back under the covers and turned on the news. I was sitting in bed working on a pet quilt when Rusty comes in and say's "George is on the neighbors roof".

George is one of felmale black cats. George usually goes out at night and then comes home for breakfast. No big deal. Now she is stuck on the neighbors roof? I went to see this for myself. Yep she was on thier roof.

O.K. I opened the garage, stumbled over all the crap and finally found the ladder. I grab the lader and attempt to stumble way back out of the garage when I step on a pitch fork. O.K. now that hurt my foot.

I finally make over to the neighbors house. I get the ladder all set up and I call for the cat. She is coming closer... then she bolts back up the roof. Crap. I have only had one cup of coffee, I am standing in my bathrobe wearing wet socks and this cat wants to run further up the roof?!

I go back home and ask Amber to come help me. She walks over to the neighbors house and by now Ambers cat has followed us. Panther, Ambers cat is a big, mean persian. He gets on the roof and kicks Georges ass and then jumps down. O.K. now at least I know how George got on the roof. She jump on the neighbors fence and then got on thier roof. Amber said "Well I am going to Yoga now"

What? your cat just beat the crap out of George and you are going to leave her up there? Yep. That is what Amber did.

Now my foot is hurting and my feet are wet and cold and I just realized how crazy I must look. So I go and wake Nikki up. I said " Nikki come help me get George off the roof.

Bless Nikkis soul. She walks around to side of the neighbors house and stands on the gas meter and pushes herslf up onto the neighbors fence. George starts to come to Nikki and then at the last moment she bolts back up the roof. Now Nikki is pissed, so she attempts to get on the neighbors roof. Then she knocks thier sitalight dish. George finally got close enough to Nikki that she grabber her and threw her down. Nikki kinda put thier dish back in place.

So, what did you do this morning?

One to another subject. I was feeling so good yesterday and then about 1p.m. I got very nause and lost all of my energy. Back to bed I went.

When Rusty got home I called my mom. I told my mom that I have a list of questions that I want to ask the doctor, and I wanted to know what else I should be asking.

My mom wants me to have another white blood cell count done. In the hospital my white blood cell count was high, but they never put me on an anitibotic. So, my mom think I septic. I have fluid from a cyst leaking into my belly, none of it is draining and my belly is very big now.

I also found out that I have something called a vega nerve? I think that's what it is called. Anyway she told me to go to web md and read about it. Since everything is so compressed in my belly, everything else could be pushing on this nerve causeing me to feel sick.

So I have my list ready for tomorrow. To be honist I know that doctor won't do much of anything. Lets face it. I have no insurence, and no way to pay for another ct scan or and ultra sound. So he will most likely just give me drugs and hope that I feel better.

I call my case worker every week and ask him the status of my claim. I am hoping that by keeping my name in the front of his mind I might get an answer....eventually.

So life moves on. I think I am going to go cook dinner now. Since mornings are good for me, I figure I should start cooking early and then that way iof I do get sick... well my family will be taken care of.

I want to tell the world that I love my husband. Rusty has been a trooper through all of this. Never complaining about me not having dinner done. Never complaining about me having no sex drive, never cxomplaining about driving me places because I don't feel good enough to drive myself. Rusty even stopped bitching about my no plastic bag policy. Rusty even told one sales lady, no bag please! I wanted to cry.


Gerry said...

I have seen other people go through a lot to get a cat down off the roof, but I don't think they could have matched your story. Oh, I do want you to get to the doctor. Yes, you might have a giant cyst on your ovary. Now it is coming home what people do when they have no health insurance. I didn't have any either for years, but we all managed to stay well enough that the occasional problem we could pay for. I am hoping that the way will be cleared for you to something done, but I found out that if you don't have health insurance doctors are a lot more conservative when treating you, and sometimes that is a plus. I would have been minus my uterus a long time ago, as my sisters are who have had insurance all along. My sister and I who didnt have insurance still have ours and I think we are healtier. We have all our bodily functions at an advanced age. I was advised to get a hysterectomy tme and again but by that time I was resisting, as me and operations did not do well, my caesarian nearly killed me, so I was cautious. In the meantime I would try to live as healthy as you know how and slow down a bit, perhaps you are not resting enough so your body is finding a way to force you to rest. I think those without insurance have to live as health conscious as possible, and that takes time and thought. Gerry

Traci said...

Go Nikki! My morning was surprisingly quiet in comparison. Make the doc work on you, or go to the er. They can't refuse you there.

Paula said...

Cats can make you have some funny little episodes. Are you going to pitch some hay with that pitch fork and do you think the neighbors will have a good picture on their TV tonight? I won't tell. lol Hope the doctor gets to the bottom of your problem soon and fixes it.

Indigo said...

I've had one of those days. There is an abandoned shed/house on the property next to mine. All the newly stray cats find their way there and once in awhile get stuck on the roof. It's even more interesting when they don't know you, don't want anything to do with and can't understand why your trying to get them off the roof.

The list idea for the drs. is a good idea. I hope he does do something for you. I can't believe it's taken so long to get your claim in hon. Thankfully Rusty has been so patient and understanding. Your in my thoughts dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Melissa said...

wow...all I can say is ouch, im glad u feel good in the mornings

Missie said...

I think you win the award for most stressful morning today! LOL

Pamela said...

Wow what a morning you did have!! I'm hoping that today you feel better. That nerve is called the Vagal Nerve, and it can make you sick if stimulated. Take care of yourself.
Hugs Pam

a corgi said...

you have a good man with Rusty; a great man!!! I'm glad the doctors gave you an explanation that it was your hormones causing your bloating (I'm reading your entries backwards); at least you know what's going on

I'll continue to pray

(one thing I prayed for with Amber is that she have the Lord's best in a relationship and if this guy was the Lord's best then that was good enough for me, but if not, to let Amber or this guy know to end the relationship; definitely an answer to prayer)

honestly, if you need something done during the day or you don't feel like driving, and if you can stand him, Mr. Caddie is available


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